The Ingredient Your Skincare Routine Has Been Missing: Willow Bark Extract

The Ingredient Your Skincare Routine Has Been Missing: Willow Bark Extract


We know how tough it can be to curate the perfect skincare routine. Not to mention, how confusing it can be to read long ingredient lists while deciphering exactly what they do, and what their benefits are. It goes without saying that with all the options out there, figuring out what your beauty regimen really needs can be quite the challenge. Let’s just say, we’ve done the legwork on this one and we don’t want to leave you hanging when it comes to picking the best natural options out there for your cute face. And when we find a gem that does everything from fighting breakouts to preventing wrinkles, we just must give you the lowdown on it. Whether you have the *perfect* beauty regimen on lock or are looking to spruce up a bland self-care ritual, we want to fill you in on the one ingredient your skincare routine has been missing: none other than willow bark extract.

What exactly is willow bark extract, anyway?

Well girlfriend, if you’ve ever wished for a magic ingredient that could scare away breakouts while alleviating skin irritation – your wish has finally come true (now for your two other wishes, let’s go with world peace and mascara that never ever clumps, #amirite?).

Willow bark extract is derived from the willow tree and has been historically used to soothe irritated skin. Skincare junkies everywhere flock to this natural ingredient for its ability to soothe redness, keep skin clear, and for its antibacterial properties. With regular use, it does a stellar job of killing bacteria and can help clear nasty dirt away from pores. What’s more, using products with willow bark extract can help calm down acne because of this ingredient’s seriously impressive anti-inflammatory abilities.  

We should also mention that willow bark extract isn’t just for acne-prone or oily-skinned girls. If you’re looking for ingredients that will help fight signs of aging, this one’s also for you, sis. Willow bark extract is highly rich in antioxidants, tannins, and various minerals that help your skin rejuvenate itself. Meaning, you’ll be reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles while preventing them from appearing in the first place. Not to mention, with regular use in your beauty routine, your complexion will be looking more even and *way* more youthful thanks to this skincare star. 

Why do I need willow bark extract in my skincare routine?

If the ode to willow bark extract we gave you above wasn’t already enough to convince you to incorporate a little bit of this magical ingredient into your skincare routine, we’ve got more where that came from, sis. Here is why you (yes, you!) need willow bark extract in your skincare routine, pronto.

The reason why everyone can benefit from this natural ingredient is because it quite literally tackles all of the most common skincare concerns out there. Whether it be acne flareups or anti-aging defence, willow bark extract can help with it all.

Additionally, the polyphenols in willow bark extract are powerful to say the least. These bad boys can help your skin fight free radicals and stay plump & hydrated. And finally, we need to mention that this ingredient has also been shown to help with improving skin’s pigmentation. This means that with regular use, willow bark extract can even out your skin tone and get rid of dark spots that typically make skin appear less youthful and healthy. I mean, is there really anything someone could ask for? We didn’t think so, either.  

That all sounds great, but is willow bark extract safe to use on my sensitive skin?

If you’ve been riding with us for a while, you know that we cannot get behind ingredients that are not safe for sensitive skin. We only love skincare gems that everyone can use, and willow bark extract is no exception.

In fact, willow bark extract is often characterized as a gentler form of salicylic acid. You know, that wondrous ingredient that is idolized for its acne fighting properties and its ability to keep oily skin at bay. Despite these advantages, salicylic acid is also known to be a little harsh for some. Willow bark extract on the other hand is a more natural alternative that will never make your skin sting or feel irritated. It will however, still give you those killer skincare benefits you want.

On top of that, willow bark extract has been known for its efficacy at exfoliating and treating dry skin. And any dry skin girl knows that this type of texture often comes along with minor to major sensitivity. Not only will this ingredient help get rid of dry patches, it will also work to bring moisture back into your skin, too. Essentially, what all of this means is that you can be sure that using willow bark extract for any of your skincare concerns will be ultra-safe, and ultra-soothing. Yes, even for you, sensitive beauty.

What BBE gems contain this glorious natural ingredient?

We’re glad you asked, honey. Around here, we are serious fans of the goodness that comes with using a little willow bark extract. So much so, that we’ve included this skincare hero into a variety of our favorite beauty products. From nourishing serums to must-have moisturizers, you’re sure to find a product you’ll look forward to using every day and that will give you your daily dose of willow bark extract. Check out our faves below that you can easily incorporate into your everyday skincare regimen, like right n-o-w.  

Vitamin C Cream

The Hyperactive Anti-Aging® Vitamin C Cream

We know what you’re thinking. How can a Vitamin C cream get me the willow bark extract I want in my routine, too? Well sis, we packed our Hyperactive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Cream with none other than skin-changing willow bark extract so that everyone could get the most out of this gem. Not only will this baby make your skin glow glow glow thanks to its abundance of Vitamin C. It will also help fight those pesky breakouts while keeping you looking *way* youthful. Oh and of course, it’s a *super* easy way to get your daily dose of willow bark goodness. Use this moisturizer on the daily for a plump, radiant, and acne-free complexion. We recommend applying it after you’ve cleansed and toned, regularly.

The Hyperactive Anti-Aging® Vitamin C Serum

The only thing better than using BBE’s Hyperactive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Cream, is using its sister serum underneath it first! The Hyperactive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum will leave your skin feeling seriously dreamy. Loaded with Vitamins C & E, ferulic acid, and of course, willow bark extract – this lightweight formula will get your skin into the best shape of its life. No for real, that’s the best way we can put it when it comes to this superstar serum. We recommend applying a few drops to squeaky clean skin (post cleansing and toning) and following up with the Hyperactive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Cream afterwards for glowing results. Trust us girl, used together, these brightening powerhouses will transform your complexion in no time.

The Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Night Cream

If you go to bed dreaming about hydrated, plump, healthy skin – this baby will help you actually wake up to it. BBE’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Night Cream is what we like to call a hydrating superstar. And while (you guessed it) hyaluronic acid is the star of the show in this one, we also added some of that must-have willow bark extract into this formula, too. Meaning, not only will your skin feel oh so moisturized, but your pores will also look tight and fabulous. What’s more, you can count on this formula to always keep breakouts at bay. You can use this bad boy as you would any other cream in your nighttime routine, that is on clean skin and post-serum!


The Anti-Aging Hydration Cream

The OG of all BBE moisturizers, this skincare must-have packs the star of the show (willow bark extract, duh) along with soothing aloe vera, hydrating jojoba oil, and cooling cucumber extract. You know, all the classic natural ingredients we’ve all grown to know and love. Always safe for sensitive skin, and the perfect addition to any skincare routine, this is one product you should always have in your bathroom vanity. And let’s just say, if there was ever a hydrating cream that could appeal to all skin types – this gem would be it.  Apply a small amount of this cream morning and/or night to clean skin and watch the texture of your skin improve, real quick.

Ready to incorporate some stellar willow bark extract into your skincare routine?

After reading this blog post on the many benefits of willow bark extract, how could you not be? What we love most about this natural ingredient is how effective it is at helping with almost any skincare concern and how it is suitable for any skin type to use. Whether you’re an oily-skinned who is concerned about breakouts or are focused on trying to minimize signs of aging, willow bark extract can help you achieve so many of those glowing skin goals. And because of its versatility, we recommend getting this natural ingredient into your skincare routine on a regular basis.

Opt for one of the BBE gems that we mentioned above and you’ll be well on your way to reaping all the benefits willow bark extract has to offer that cute face of yours. Not to mention, you’ll be upping your self-care routine in a *major* way.

We want to hear all about your results – drop us a line, at any time.

If you’re a willow bark loving type, we want to hear all about how this standout natural ingredient has upped your skincare game. And if you’re new to the whole willow bark game, we’re here to guide you right through it. Whether you want to know which product is right for you or want to chat more about any of your beauty needs, BBE is here for ya. As your besties in all things natural beauty, we live to give you the best skincare knowledge and advice you need to know about. After all, you so deserve it!

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