Unlock Glowing Skin & a Healthier Bod with the Benefits of Sweating

Unlock Glowing Skin & a Healthier Bod with the Benefits of Sweating


Everyone knows that a good workout can get you feeling all types of good. I mean, exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. And hey, Elle Woods did say that happy people don’t kill their husbands (they just don’t). But have you ever wondered exactly how good getting your sweat on is for your health? From glowing skin to detox advantages, there are so many reasons why you won’t want to skip that next hot yoga class, sis. Keep reading to learn all about how you can up your beauty and health game with the numerous benefits of sweating.

Want glowing skin? Increase your blood circulation with a good sweat sesh.

Ever noticed how rosy and healthy your cheeks look after a quick morning run? That’s because getting some exercise in does wonders for your blood circulation. Not only is this great for your overall body health – it sure doesn’t hurt your complexion, either. Increasing your blood flow will make your face look just a little extra flushed and a lot extra cuter.

Moreover, there’s even more behind the goodness you see in the mirror after that early morning workout. Contrary to popular belief, getting your sweat on helps your skin purge away pollutants and dirt. However, many assume that sweating will clog their pores and cause dreaded breakouts. The truth is though, that your sweat is made up of 99% water and therefore isn’t the reason behind that annoying pimple post-spin class. If you find yourself worrying about irritating your skin due to sweating, you’ll want to catch up on this next paragraph, pronto.

To keep your skin in check, have these essentials on deck pre and post workout.

We know how nerve-racking it can be to think you’re clogging your pores as you wipe the sweat off your face during that Peloton ride. But hey, keeping your skin clean pre and post-workout will ensure that no dirt is being trapped inside those precious pores of yours. In fact, we even curated a whole post-workout skincare routine to this effect that you can dive into, right here.

But if you want the Coles Notes version of our recommendations, here are the skincare essentials we think you should always have in your gym bag.

Foaming Face Wash & Shower Gel

Foaming Face Wash - {{variant_title}} - Beauty by Earth

Performing a quick face cleanse post-workout is the easiest way to ensure dirt is not getting into your open pores (oh ps. Sweating and heat does cause your pores to open up, meaning you should pay special attention to them after you’ve finished up your workout routine).

BBE’s foaming face wash is loaded with ingredients that naturally kill bacteria and that keep your face looking squeaky clean. Lather up, then follow up with our oil control moisturizer and you’ve got yourself the perfect après-spin beauty regimen.

As for the skin on your body? Don’t neglect it, girlfriend. BBE makes a shower gel for the rest of you, too. Avoid dreaded body breakouts with this post-workout skin hero and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

BODY WASH SHOWER GEL- Peppermint Tea Tree and Vanilla Coconut

Pro-tip: want to be extra sure your pores are sealed tight and ready for that lightweight moisturizer? Spritz a little of BBE’s rose water facial toner to calm any redness you developed from giving it your all at the gym.

Want to step up your next juice cleanse? Sweating can help you amp up the effects of a full-body detox.

Experts say that sweating isn’t really an effective way to detoxify your body. This is because when your body sweats it releases normal substances like water, potassium, and sodium chloride. Instead, focusing on things like your nutrition and your water intake will help speed up your body’s (already natural) way of renewing itself.

That being said, we have to admit one thing. Any yogi will tell you that there is an undeniable feeling of renewal and cleansing after you’ve just finished sweating your butt off in a vinyasa class. And any runner will tell you that getting in that 5k on the daily makes their shower that much more rewarding. Take what you will from that, but it is difficult to deny the benefits that sweating has on both our body’s ability to feel stronger, healthier, and that much better at bouncing back from stress.

And before we sign off, here is the sweat-your-heart-out essential we can’t live without… 

Dear, if you’re going to kill it at that next Pilates session without any worry in the world about keeping it fresh – you’re going to need one of these babies in your gym bag, STAT.

BBE’s magnesium deodorants aren’t only going to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy. They’re also free of all the nasty ingredients those other guys use in conventional deodorants. Opt for a fresh citrus scent or some invigorating wild mint to keep yourself smelling and feeling fresh to death during any intense workout.

Ready to get a little um, sweaty? 

Doing so once a day is just what the doctor ordered. And if you find yourself needing a little motivation to get going, we’ve got you covered in that department, too. Dive deep into our blog or drop us a line at any time. For real. We are your besties in all things beauty, and we want you to get only the dreamiest, healthiest results – always.

Carey <3  

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