The Danger of Aluminum Ingredients in Skincare Products

The Danger of Aluminum Ingredients in Skincare Products


If you’re a clean beauty junkie, chances are you’ve heard about the negative effects aluminum can have in your products. For years now, babes everywhere have been concerned about the toxicity that is found in this questionable ingredient. What’s more, research has shown that harmful short and long-term effects are associated with the use of aluminum in topically applied products. From skin irritation to nerve damage, this is one nasty culprit you’ll want to avoid at all costs. We’ve broken down everything you’d ever want to know on this topic and by the end of this blog post, you’ll be all brushed up on the Danger of Aluminum Ingredients in Skincare Products.

What is aluminum and why should I consider avoiding?

We’re not talking about the aluminum foil you wrap up those leftovers in, babe. Nope – aluminum goes way beyond your bottom drawer in the kitchen. And honestly, we really wish it didn’t.

For the sake of this blog post though, we’re referring to the aluminum that is often found in antiperspirants. You know, the one they use to help you sweat less by clogging your pores. Umm, talk about an undesirable outcome. I mean, you might want to sweat less during that wicked Peloton session, but is it really worth clogging your pores over? We didn’t think so, either.

Beyond the pore-blocking fiasco, we should also mention that aluminum is a common element that can be found all around us. And even though it is popularly known as a culprit in antiperspirant, it can actually be found in a variety of everyday items. From toothpaste to food additives, this is one ingredient you’ll be annoyed to know can creep up almost anywhere.  Yeah, now might be a good time to start using less of that foil… #amirite?

How do I check for aluminum in my products?

Not to get too technical on you, but aluminum can come in the form of what are called “compounds”. This means that this element is often paired off with other active ingredients in your products. For example, if you use traditional antiperspirant, we bet that you’ll find something along the lines of “aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex GLY” on the back of it. We know, it’s a mouthful. And on top of that, it’s totally unnecessary to keeping you smelling fresh all day long. But we’ll get into that a little later, so stay tuned gorgeous.  

Here’s the deal: the short and long-term side effects of using aluminum are no joke, sis.

Those who are adamantly against the use of aluminum claim that preventing perspiration can mean that you are not sweating out cancer-causing toxins. However, more research is needed on to confirm this and your kidneys and liver are actually what eliminates these unwanted toxins from your body. Despite these facts, some research has shown that the use of aluminum in large amounts can indeed be harmful. Experts have uncovered that exposing yourself to too much aluminum can cause hormone imbalances which in turn affects your overall health. We covered the many dangers of hormone imbalances in our blog post on parabens, so if you want to brush up on what some of those effects are – click here, babe.

Now if you’re wondering about short-term side effects of aluminum use, here’s what you need to know. Skin issues from acne to dry irritation can all be not so cute results from using this undesirable ingredient. This doesn’t mean every babe will experience these issues, however if you find yourself with itchy armpits after applying that antiperspirant – it could definitely be due to the aluminum in it. Moreover, if a specific foundation seems to be always breaking you out, aluminum could also be to thank (or curse) for those blemishes. All and all, this is one ingredient that is often attributed to irritation, and nobody has time for that. Certainly not you, girlfriend.

The bottom line…

Here's how the aluminum cookie crumbles, babe. Alright that sounds gross, but you get where we’re going with this. Even though further evidence is needed to solidify the notion that aluminum use can lead to more serious long-term health effects such as cancer and other diseases like Alzheimer’s, the truth is this. There is no reason to even risk these types of terrible side effects when there are natural alternatives out there that quite honestly, work even better than those aluminum-infused nasties.

So if you think you have to apply aluminum-packed products to smell fresh as a daisy, think again. There is a *ton* of natural alternatives to the everyday products you might be using right now. Just stick with this post on the Danger of Aluminum Ingredients in Skincare Products to discover them, gorgeous.

What beauty products typically contain this nasty ingredient?

As we noted at the begging of this blog on the Danger of Aluminum Ingredients in Skincare Products, this element is mostly known for its role in antiperspirant. It is typically not found in deodorants, because these guys do not cause you to not sweat. Instead, deodorant just neutralizes any unwanted smells which honestly – we totally appreciate.

As we’ve briefly mentioned, you should also know that aluminum derivatives can be found in cosmetics. We’re talking lipstick, blush, and almost any other product you use on the regular to get glammed up. Tragic, we know. The reason companies include this nasty ingredient in makeup can range from preventing color bleeding to using it as a thickening agent. Luckily though, so many brands have jumped on the natural bandwagon in favor of ditching this nasty ingredient. This means that finding safe alternatives to your go-to makeup items is *way* easier than it once was.

If at this point you’re ready to give your makeup bag a complete revamp, we feel that. Start your cosmetic spring cleaning off right and check out this list of EWG approved brands that prioritize safe ingredients. And hey, who wouldn’t love curating a new clean cosmetic collection? We’ve got you, babe.

How can I avoid using this substance in my favorite products?

Babe, now comes our favorite part of this whole post on the Danger of Aluminum Ingredients in Skincare Products. Let’s just say, avoiding aluminum in your favorite beauty and skincare items is just as easy as muting your ex’ IG story. Check this out.

The skincare and beauty suggestions we have under our belt will only make you wonder why you didn’t make the switch to safer products sooner! Clean, effective, and a breeze to use: here are what we consider aluminum-free must-haves that you should click add to cart on, right now.

BBE’s aluminum-free deodorant

Aluminum, who? With powerful yet safe magnesium alone, you (and your armpits) can happily say adios to that pore-clogging ingredient. Magnesium on the other hand combats funk without ever blocking your precious pores. We made this bad boy in a variety of scents every babe can fall in love with. From lavender to vanilla coconut, you’ll be smelling like a dream sans harsh side effects. You’re welcome.

BBE’s tinted sunscreens

Did you know that so many makeup brands use aluminum in their foundation formulas? It’s the #truth babe. Applying a bit of liquid gold to your face everyday might seem harmless, but in the long run you already know what the risks are. So ditch traditional foundation and opt for something safe, easy to use, and that is above all nasty ingredient free. Not to mention, that will protect that cute face of yours from the sun while you’re at it. BBE’s tinted sunscreens go on smooth, last all day, and look *super* natural on the skin. We recommend using one over top of your go-to moisturizer before you run out the door every morning.

BBE’s moisturizing lippies

Lipstick is yet another makeup item that is packed with aluminum to enrich its color. And while we know how tempting it can be to sport the perfect-colored pout, the negative side effects just aren’t worth it in our books. Instead, opt for a nourishing lip balm from BBE that will bring out the natural color of your lips. Oh and, that will leave them feeling baby smooth thanks to nourishing jojoba and sunflower seed oil. See, babe? No aluminum needed to look your best on the regular.

Around here, we’ve been over aluminum, honey.

And now, so are you! I mean, now that you know all about the danger of aluminum ingredients in skincare products, how could you not be ready to move on to bigger, better, and safer things? And with all the unreal beauty and skincare alternatives out there, you can get excited about ditching aluminum once and for all.

Finally babe, we cannot say this enough. You don’t have to compromise your health for the sake of anything beauty related – aluminum included. That’s our promise to you and the reason why we are so obsessively natural. If you’ve made the switch to aluminum-free products, we want to hear all about your journey below. And if you need more tips on how to make the transition, drop us a line any time.

Love & (aluminum-free) Lip Balm,

Carey <3

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