The Clean Beauty Product Everyone and Their Mama is Buzzing About: BBE's Self Tanner

The Clean Beauty Product Everyone and Their Mama is Buzzing About: BBE's Self Tanner


There’s nothing quite like creating something you truly believe in, and watching the world around you completely love it too. Here at Beauty by Earth, all of our products are made with you and the planet’s health in mind, without ever compromising on results. And while the feedback you give us on everything from our cleansers to our facial oils warms our hearts, there has been no hype like what we’ve seen surrounding our tried & true, easy to use, packed with nourishing ingredients… self tanner. If you haven’t heard about this must-have yet, 1) where have you been, babe? And 2) you’ll want to keep reading. This is the clean beauty product everyone and their mama is buzzing about: BBE’s Self Tanner.

Image of BBE's new clean self tanner mousse.

ELLE calls us the crowd favorite. No really, we’re blushing.

“No plane ticket, no sun damage, no problem”. We can definitely get behind that motto!

Screenshot of the ELLE magazine article featuring BBE's clean self tanner.

ELLE magazine gave us some serious props for our glowing list of ingredients that makes our self tanner more than just a way to get bronze. It’s also an amazing overall body moisturizer, that over 6000 amazon reviews can vouch for. We only pick the best of the best organic superstars for your skin, babe. And we love that this beauty authority recognizes that!

BuzzFeed crowned us the natural self tanner “a whole lot of people swear by”.

“This Beauty by Earth natural tanning lotion can give you a pretty bronze glow just in time to rock your cutest romper.” That it can, babe!

Image of before and after results on a woman's legs after using BBE's clean self tanner.

When BuzzFeed featured us and raved about the skin nourishing ingredients in our self tanner, we’ll admit that we were pretty stoked. What’s more, they shared some of our favorite before and after pics. And you already know, those totally make our hearts sing. On top of that, they included some of our favorite Amazon reviews proving that the hype surrounding this clean beauty product is real.

We made the NY Strategist’s list of “The Best Self Tanners on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers”.

Hyperenthusiastic reviewers? Babe, that’s you! And THANK YOU!

Image of BBE's best rated clean self tanner.

As said by the Strategist, “Almost 11,000 reviewers give this self-tanner five stars, and over 1,000 of them rave about the natural ingredients and the natural-looking glow.” Geez, we knew there were a *ton* of BBE lovers out there, but when you put it this way – we are (ecstatically) overwhelmed!

Moreover, the Strategist included some of our fave reviews. “Another reviewer confirms the quality results, writing, “The bronze color is very natural looking. I am very fair, and it looks really good. I actually look naturally tan with this stuff.” Aw, shucks!

Refinery29 gave us some seriously glowing reviews.

We have to say that we were honoured to be mentioned alongside some of the best self tanning products in the game in this one.

Image of the article from Refinery29 on 18 self tanners with seriously glowing reviews.

Refinery 29 picked us as their favorite vegan self tanner. They also loved our line up of organic ingredients that do not irritate sensitive skin. “Botanical ingredients like organic aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, and green tea extract make it extra gentle on skin.” That’s right. And we wouldn’t have it any other way, gorgeous.

And Rolling Stone gave us kudos on our self tanner formula that rocks for babes with sensitive skin.

Can someone pinch us? Being featured in Rolling Stone def made our childhood-selves *way*proud. Who would have thought we’d end up here?!

Image of the BBE clean self tanner featured in Rolling Stone

Their lineup of “6 Self Tanners for Your Face to Get a Better, More Natural Glow” had us at the top of their list. And when they broke down the ingredients to look for when self tanning with eczema or acne prone skin, we were more than glad to help! “Beauty By Earth’s self tanner facial lotion is vegan and certified cruelty-free. It’s formulated for sensitive skin and includes organic aloe vera, which is a soothing anti-inflammatory ingredient, plus shea butter for softness, and anti-aging ingredients.”

Beauty experts gave our self tanner reviews that gave us all the proud mom vibes (you’re doing amazing, sweetie!)

Here’s the thing. We love reading *all* of your reviews. Whether they are on Amazon, on your social media pages, or on beauty blogs! We live to hear your feedback, and it truly makes us love what we do and create even more!

When Luxe Luminous dedicated an in-depth review to our self tanner, we were pretty excited. “In this review, we will focus on how easy it is to apply, safety, organic and natural ingredients, moisturizing properties, compatibility with all skin types, impressive results, packaging, and available accessories.” For real, this review hit all of the notable aspects of our self tanner that we want our BBE babes to enjoy.

Image of the BBE facial self tanner in a tropical setting.

And the bottom line? “If you are looking for an effective, natural, and organic self-tanner, then the Beauty by Earth Self Tanner is the product for you.” Why, thank you babe!

Happy Tans also raved about us, confirming, “The Beauty by Earth Organic Self Tanner is your best bet for a glowing, risk-free tan.” Moreover, their final verdict wasn’t too shabby either. “We love the natural look Beauty by Earth produces. The smell is light, beautiful, and long-lasting. The fact that it's made of natural ingredients is good news for people with sensitive skin.”

When PureWow put out its guide on the best self tanners that won’t make you orange – you know we were invited to the party.

You know us, babe. We pride ourselves on offering you clean self tanning options that will never leave you resembling an oompa loompa. No offense to oompa loompas, we just can’t behind looking like one of them.

So when PureWow featured us on a list of self tanners *specifically* offering non-orange results, we were over the moon. “With a whopping nearly 9,000 reviews on Amazon, this top selling tanner has a cleaner formula than most (mostly organic ingredients like organic shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice, witch hazel extract and jojoba seed oil to name a few) and a “thick texture that goes on slightly white so you can see where you’ve put it.”

Thanks PureWow! Especially for recognizing the standout ingredients in the clean beauty product everyone and their mama is buzzing about: BBE’s self tanner!

InStyle called BBE's self tanner “well worth the investment”, and we couldn’t be more flattered!

Babe, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t feel bad about treating yourself to – it’s got to be a clean self tanner that will help you glow on the regular! And if InStyle agrees, you know it’s legit!

Image of the featured InStyle article that praises BBE's clean self tanner.

“Thousands of Amazon customers seem to have found their favorite self tanner in this option by Beauty by Earth. Not only is it the number one best-selling self tanner at the mega-retailer, but it has also racked up more than 4,200 customer reviews and an impressive 4.3-star rating to boot.”

What can we say? We’re glowing, overachieving goddesses around here – thank you, InStyle!

US magazine dubbed it “the best overall self tanner” on their list of 7 Best Clean Beauty, Organic, Non-Toxic Self-Tanners on Amazon.

Who would have thought that while getting our regular paparazzi fix, we would have stumbled across this rave review. But hey, we weren't kidding when we told you that BBE's self tanner was the clean beauty product everyone and their mama is buzzing about!

US magazine recognized our passion for safe, clean, and organically based beauty products, and we loved every minute of it. “Beauty by Earth is all about natural, organic ingredients and kicking chemical-filled tanners to the curb!” Yasss! That is right, baby!

Image of two of BBE's clean self tanner alongside a coconut.

And last but not least, the local love for our best-selling self tanner *really* got us in our feelings.

Simply put, we love all of the love. And through it all, there is nothing quite like local love, if we do say so ourselves.

Image of local media outlets that have raved about BBE's clean self tanner.

The amount of hype and adoration these local media channels have given us recently is humbling to say the least. And, we so appreciate all of it. Moreover, we love the emphasis they put on our commitment to using no nasties. And, the overall sustainability of our products for this beautiful planet earth.

“The woman-founded, woman-empowered company believes in sustainable products made in the USA. Best of all, you’ll never see the “dirty dozen” (chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, petroleum, and gluten) among their ingredients.” Now if that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, we don’t know what will!

The hype is real, babe.

And we couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed to have all of this recognition swirling around the world! What’s more, knowing how much you love our self tanner makes us want to create more natural products. You know, ones you can rant and rave about to your heart’s content, babe.

Image of BBE's new clean self tanner mousse.

So if you haven’t tried the clean beauty product everyone and their mama is buzzing about, what are you waiting for? Click add to cart on BBE’s best selling, clean self tanner, and get on this glowing bandwagon. You’ll be bronzed and glad you did.

With love & *so much* gratitude,

Carey <3

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