The Best, Affordable Natural Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

The Best, Affordable Natural Skincare Routine for Dry Skin


Do you have a natural skincare routine for dry skin? Well, why not? Dry skin is an especially persistent problem this time of year. If you're like me, that dry, itchy, flaky skin is not something you want sticking around. But does that mean you have to resort to chemical-laden conventional moisturizers? No. Definitely not. So here's what I do to keep dry skin from rearing its ugly head. This natural skincare routine for dry skin has everything your skin needs to stay moisturized, supple, and looking perfect. Enjoy!

My 100% Natural Skincare Routine for Dry Skin (or: The Three Rules of Well Moisturized Skin)

Rule 1: Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize The world around you is bent on stripping moisture away from your skin. Dry winter air? Yup. Howling winds? Yup. A nice, hot shower? You betcha. It's no wonder dry skin is such a common problem. But there's a flip side - to avoid dry skin, you just need to add back the moisture that's been taken away. Regular moisturizing is a pillar of any natural skincare routine for dry skin. Here's everything I do to make my moisturizing routine unbeatable.
  • Find the right moisturizer - The last time I walked into a department store I took a look at their cosmetics counter. Turns out if I wanted to waste $200, I could buy a tiny jar of designer moisturizing cream. What a deal! NOT. Of course, the big box stores aren't any better. Shelf after shelf of mediocre products. And with such a huge selection of lotions containing a dizzying amount of irritating and potentially harmful chemicals, it's no wonder that choosing a moisturizer can be overwhelming. My advice? Stick to moisturizes that use natural ingredients. Shea butter, almond oil, and aloe vera will give your skin the moisture it needs without irritation.
  • Moisturize right out of the shower - Once you choose a moisturizer for your body, it's time to create your routine. My biggest tip here? Apply your moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower. Long, hot showers may feel amazing, but they're torture on your skin. Do what you can to keep your shower lukewarm, and give your skin back some of the hydration it lost by applying a generous amount of moisturizer after drying off.
  • Moisturize throughout your day - Day to day life is tough on skin, so I like to look at my moisturizing routine as an all-day affair. About to step out on a blustery day? Apply a bit of moisturizer. Just washed your hands? Moisturize afterwards to prevent dryness and cracking. Keep a bottle of lotion next to your soap in the bathroom. I also like to keep a small tube of my favorite moisturizer on me at all times in case I end up needing a little extra in the moment.
  • Supercharge your moisturizer - Wanna take a moisturizer from good to great? Supercharge it with extra nourishing ingredients. My favorite is Argan oil. Not only does this rich oil give your skin a little extra moisture, it can also help reduce the signs of aging. Add in a few drops whenever you moisturize and you'll definitely notice the difference. I love this pure, unrefined Argan Oil by Beauty By Earth.
  • Use a facial toner - My facial toner is an irreplaceable part of my dry skincare routine. Not only do toners refresh skin, they also help your moisturizer absorb into your skin more thoroughly. Added bonus - they're so easy to use. Just spritz on a layer after you moisturize and you're ready to go.
  • Use a moisturizer with SPF - Want a moisturizer that does double duty? Find one that blocks out the sun while it moisturizes. SPF moisturizers are easy to find and use and can make a world of difference in your skin's health and aging. I use a SPF moisturizer for my face year-round, even if it's cloudy or I'm not planning to go outside much that day.
  • Use a gentle makeup remover - How well do you know your makeup remover? If you're using a conventional formulation, there's a good chance it contains ingredients that dry out your skin every time you use it. Switch to a gentle, natural makeup remover so you don't undo all the good you've done from the rest of your natural skincare routine for dry skin.
  • Try a moisturizing mask - Take a little time out for you and your skin with a moisturizing facial mask. Apply your favorite natural mask once a week to replace moisture and enjoy smoother, softer skin. I'm not gonna lie - the half hour I spend each week kicking back with a glass of wine and a face mask is my favorite part of my skincare routine.
Rule Number 2. Watch Your Lifestyle Moisturizing is crucial to healthy, comfortable skin, but it's not the only step. In fact, I'd say that one of the biggest parts of my natural skincare routine for dry skin is to not let my skin dry out in the first place. While you're never going to have 100% success in this endeavor, making lifestyle changes to reduce stress on your skin is a vital part of any skincare routine.
  • Minimize hot showers - I know, I know, you've heard this one before. But it's so true! I love a nice, steamy shower as much as the next girl, but all that hot water is incredibly tough on skin. Turn the heat down a notch, or consider reducing the time you spend in the shower by switching to a dry shampoo. Trust me - your skin will thank you.
  • Drinks TONS of water - Staying hydrated is crucial for your health in so many different ways, including keeping your skin happy and moisturized. Carry a bottle of water around with you to remind yourself to keep drinking. Water a little too blah for you? I love adding flavor drops to make my water a little livelier.
  • Eat lots of water based fruit and vegetables - Chugging water isn't the only way to give your skin the hydration it needs. Pack your diet with water-based fruits and vegetables to get a little (or a lot) of extra water. Bonus: these vitamin rich foods will help nourish your skin in other ways. Try cooking water-based vegetables in olive oil for additional fatty acids, which help your skin cells retain hydration. Skin-healthy and delicious - my kind of snack.
  • Use a humidifier - Dry winter air making your skin miserable? Simulate summer by running a humidifier in your home. It'll make the air a little friendlier to your skin, as well as help keep you and your family healthier.
  • Scrub gently - You never want to get too rough with your skin when washing or drying, but it's especially important to be gentle when you're dealing with dry skin. Go easy when washing, and pat yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing.
  • Be picky about which clothes you wear - Itchy, irritating clothes can make dry skin worse. Skip the wool, polyester, and any other fabric that makes you want to scratch. Instead, choose gentler options. If you really don't want to give up your favorite sweater, try wearing a cotton or silk layer underneath. It'll add both warmth and comfort.

Rule Number 3. Don't Neglect Your Lips!

Woman applying Beauty By Earth lip balm

I'm going to talk about the lip portion of my natural skincare routine for dry skin in a different section because it's very different from what I do for the rest of my body. Give this routine a try for luscious lips.

  • If needed, exfoliate - When your lips get dry and chapped, it can be incredibly hard not to pick at them. Trust me - picking only makes the problem worse. If your lips are flaky, start out with a little gentle exfoliation. Find a natural lip exfoliator, or make one of your own by mixing a little brown sugar with just enough almond oil to hold it together. Rub gently on your lips and rinse to get rid of irritating, flaky skin.
  • Use the right lip balm - And make it a good one. Cheap, conventional chapsticks contain ingredients that can actually dry your lips out more (it's how they keep you buying tube after tube). Switch to a beeswax based balm. Beeswax is a natural way to keep your lips' moisture in while blocking the environment out. This one is my absolute favorite, and as an added bonus, comes in many different flavors, so pick your favorite!
  • Apply often - To get the most out of your lip balm, apply it often and with enthusiasm. I put mine on in the morning before I leave the house, at night before I take off my makeup, and before I go to bed. I also keep a tube on me at all times in case my lips start feeling dry (or for when I'm bored and want a little bit of flavor).
  • Add in a little sun protection - What's better than a natural lip balm? A natural lip balm that protects your lips from the sun. UV rays can dry out and age your lips all year round. Choose an SPF balm to reduce its impact while moisturizing your lips.
  • Apply lip balm before other makeup - Love lipstick? You don't have to give it up for healthy lips. If you can, find a moisturizing lipstick in a shade you love. If you like the look of matte lipstick too much to give it up, apply a layer of lip balm before adding color.
  • Bundle up - Put as many barriers as possible between your lips and winter air. Lip balms are the best place to start, but you can also use clothing for an extra layer of protection. I like to pull my scarf up over my mouth when the air is cold and dry to keep my lips from taking too much abuse.

What's Your Natural Skincare Routine for Dry Skin?

So those are my rules for happy, well moisturized skin. What are yours? Share your favorite tricks, tips, or routines in the comments below. Stay gorgeous!

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