Summer Trends: 2023

Summer Trends: 2023


Summer is finally here! And with that, new skincare, beauty routines, and closet essentials are here too. You can forget searching the web for all that is new and cute, though. BBE has lined up everything from must-have sweats that you need for lounging with your girls, to the best hair and skin products for the season. Grab a drink, sit back, relax, and get ready to brush up on some of the best Summer Trends 2023 has to offer.

Summer trend #1: SPF Everything!

Preaching "SUNSCREEN!" isn't a new trend, per se, but 2023 takes the SPF obsession to a whole new level. No low-key love here. We're talking Blue Light SPF, SPF moisturizers, milks, tinted sunscreens, sunsticks, and light-weight mineral sunscreen sprays.  

spf everything

This summer, grab an SPF that travels well—like a sunscreen stick—or is easily applied. This will give you the greatest flexibility while enjoying some fun in the sun.  

Summer trend #2: Eco-friendly Everything!

Eco-friendliness is definitely in this season and with more people taking better care of their planet, brands like Beauty by Earth are helping to lead the charge. From natural, organic ingredients to recyclable packaging and reusable items, it’s never been easier (or cooler!) to do your part for the environment. 

 Wanna help us clean up the oceans? Learn more about our clean up project here.

Summer trend #3: Glow Up!

The glow-up is real! Get ready to show off that skin with a beautiful self tanner. While we're all about protecting our skin from sun damage (see trend number 1 above👆), a natural glow looks good on pretty much everyone. Maybe that's why it's trending as one of this year's hottest looks.  



Wearing less foundation, contour, blush, concealer (you know, all of the things) means your gorgeous natural skin can shine through. Oh and let’s not forget, it also means you can head out the door about ten times faster.

Glow UP - summer trends

Think mascara, brows, lip balm – and you’re out. And if that sounded scary, we get it. Throwing on some quick bronzer or concealer to brighten up your eyes is totally permitted, friend. We love a few spritzes of facial bronzing mist to give your face a natural glow without the fuss of makeup. Read more about self tanning summer tips here.

Glow Up

Summer Trend #4: The "Old Money on Holiday" Aesthetic

You don't have to look far before seeing this year's obsession with the "old money on holiday" look. Call it "stealth wealth", "quiet luxury", Paltrow's "trial style" or what have you, this trend mimics the style of the super rich. We're talking $5,000 polos rich. The Old Money aesthetic opts for muted, neutral palates, structured silhouettes, and understated jewelry and bags. Recent obsession with this trend may be laid at the feet of rising star HBO's show "Succession", where cast members famously tout haute riche looks complete with ludicrous price tags.

Stealth Wealth shown off on HBO's hit show, Succession

"The textiles and cuts are impeccable, the colors are neutral, and the finishes are subtle and logo-free,” Amanda Mull writes for the Atlantic. “Luxury knitwear brands such as Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli figure prominently in conceptions of stealth wealth, as does suiting from Zegna and Tom Ford, and high-end minimalism from The Row and Max Mara … these, supposedly, are clothes for people without anything to prove.”


This rising trend has even led to fashion-forward mothers going viral. Best of all, you can easily incorporate this trend into your own style. 

Old Money Aesthetic

To achieve this look, give your hair a faux blow out (blow dry hair + finish out with some sea salt hair texturizer), apply a peachy blush, and finish with a subtle lipstick or tinted lip balm. Top it off with some light bronzer and a natural lip color. The key here is keeping the makeup subtle and letting your clothes do all the talking — think billowy blouses and wide-legged trousers.

Summer Trends #5: Cornrows & Air Dried Locks 

Cornrows - Summer Trends 2023

This summer, the beauty world is all about embracing natural, effortless looks. It's all about authentic, genuine beauty. And nothing speaks louder to this trend than the resurfacing of cornrows.

Known for their intricate and eye-catching patterns, cornrows are a distinctive style of hair braiding that involves tightly braiding the hair to the scalp in straight rows. From celebrities to influencers, many are embracing this hairstyle as a nod to cultural heritage, a statement of style, and a practical way to manage hair during the hot summer months.

Better still, cornrows are uniquely ideal for summer. Not only do they require minimal upkeep—making them perfect for the season's heat and humidity—but they also protect hair from damage (think sun and wind). This stylish protective hairstyle allows you to express your individuality and creativity, with the ability to customize the thickness, direction, and pattern of the rows. Coupled with their cultural significance and the broader movement towards embracing and celebrating diverse beauty, it's easy to see why cornrows are one of the hottest hair trends this summer.

Cornrows - Summer Hair Trends 2023

For best results, apply a generous amount of Aloe Vera Gel to hair in-between cornrow stylings. Apply the aloe like a hair mask, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then thoroughly wash with cool water. This treatment will help repair damage, hydrate thristy locks, and give your cornrows picture-perfect performance.


Likewise, air-dried hair similar says "authentic beauty" without trying too hard. Instead of hours spent with hairdryers, straighteners, or curling irons, people are choosing to let their locks dry naturally, allowing their unique hair texture to take center stage.

Air-dried Hair

This trend is not only a win for convenience but also a major boon for hair health, as it eliminates the damage caused by excessive heat styling.

Air-dried hair has emerged as one of the hottest trends because it complements the wave of authenticity and individualism sweeping through the beauty and fashion world. Everyone from runway models to social media influencers are rocking their natural hair textures, showing off everything from beachy waves to voluminous curls. We love to finish off air-dried hair with a few spritzes of Sea Salt Hair Texturizer Spray to give it a bit of wave and body.

This trend is all about celebrating natural beauty and minimizing damage. Honestly, air-dried hair isn't just a trend; it's a holistic approach to haircare. 


Summer Trends #6: Minimalist or Floral Nails

Ladies, grab your nail files and your favorite polishes, because Summer 2023 is all about one thing: Minimalist and Flower Nails. We're talking less is more meets Monet's garden scapes on your fingertips. This trend offers a delicious cocktail of sophistication with a dash of whimsical bloom. And believe us, this is a combo to die for! 

Summer Trends - Nails

 magine your nails as a blank canvas with an abstract art just waiting to take shape. And don't even get us started on the neutral hues that are giving us major heart eyes.

floral nails
Then, just when you think you've got this minimalistic vibe down pat, we're throwing in some flower power. From dainty daisies to bold roses, floral accents are the unexpected summer fling your nails didn't know they needed. Sprinkling these tiny blooms on your nails? It's like adding the perfect emoji to a text message - it just makes everything better. Just make sure you start with the right canvas—well hydrated, healthy nails!

flower nails

What are some trends you’re loving this summer? Let us know down below! And if you’re not usually into trends, what’s one beauty or style trick you think is timeless?

Kindness is always in style,


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