Stress Relief & Lavender – Benefits and Uses for this Powerful Plant!

Stress Relief & Lavender – Benefits and Uses for this Powerful Plant!


When we think lavender, we think of total zen. We know this powerful plant is almost always synonymous with stress relief, but we wanted to go a step further and find out what else it’s capable of! If you’ve been riding with us for a while, you know BBE loves to include lavender oils in several of our tried and truly natural products. So if you’ve ever wondered what else lavender is good for, or if you’re skeptical of how stress-relieving this fragrant plant really is, keep reading as we uncover it all for you. Stress Relief & Lavender – Benefits and Uses for this Powerful Plant!

We did a little digging, and we love what our research uncovered. Lavender was used for a myriad of things in ancient times (you know, way back in the day). Many cultures across the world have long believed that lavender could purify your body and mind. Lavender oil was (and still is) often used to treat anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and so many other common issues we humans still deal with today.

Image of a lavender plant laying on a white towel.

Benefit #1: Lavender is an Aromatherapy, Stress Relieving Star

Let’s start with what so many of us already know lavender is great for, and that is using it to unwind with aromatherapy.

For real, this is the most stressful time of the year for so many of you, so welcome a bit of lavender into your life to make it just a *little* more bearable.

Believe it or not, studies have revealed that the fragrance that stems from lavender oil can totally promote calmness. Which of course can consequently, relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Lavender is also shown to calm down your nervous system, improve symptoms of restlessness, and just give you an overall feeling of that peaceful wellness we all crave.

You can add a few drops of pure lavender oil to your next Epson salt bath to reap all these benefits. Or alternatively, you can opt for something just a bit more luxurious if you’re in that #treatyourself mood. Our non-toxic bath bombs are a serious must-have for anyone who needs to chill out. And c’mon, that is most of us these days!

Image of the BBE bath bomb set, including the lavender bath bomb.

Here’s the deal, our lavender bath bomb not only has all of those glorious essential oils we just mentioned. It is also filled with detoxifying clays and butters that will make your skin enviably smooth. And all that aromatherapy goodness we started this section off with? Well, just trust us when we tell you this. Throwing one of these babies into a warm bath will instantly turn your bathroom into an aromatic oasis. So just think about it, unwinding and nourishing your skin at the same time? We think the choice is clear (add to cart, girl!).

The Benefits of Lavender Can Help You Catch Some Zzz’s

If you struggle with getting to sleep every night, we know how much this royally sucks.

Seriously, is there anything worse than lying awake at night thinking about the comeback you coulda had to that argument that happened 4 years ago? We think not. But luckily, the benefits and uses of lavender go beyond stress relief, and this powerful plant can totally help you get that beauty sleep you so deserve.

We love hitting you with the fun facts, so here’s another. In Germany, lavender tea was approved as an effective supplement to help treat sleep issues and stomach irritation.

In fact, it acts as a great alternative for patients who do not want to rely on taking traditional pharmaceuticals, and who you know, want to try the natural route to sleeping bliss.

Image of a small jar of lavender essential oil

A soothing lavender bath bomb bath before you hit the hay will certainly help get you to sleep. But if you really want to take it up a notch, try having a cup of lavender tea while you’re unwinding as well. Brewing up your own lavender is seriously easy.

DIY not your style? No sweat, there are several already made and ready to steep options on the market that will do the trick.

Calm Your Senses… and Your Breakouts with the Benefits of Lavender

There is nothing that can throw all that calmness you just created down the tubes like a good old acne breakout.

Seriously, what’s the use of being all zen and calm if a pimple is then going to mess that right up? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can so avoid this with (you guessed it) – lavender.

Not only is lavender magically relaxing for your senses, but it can also have the same effects on your skin. This is because lavender oil has some serious antibacterial properties. Less bacteria on the skin = less breakouts. And while you can use pure lavender oil (mixed with a carrier oil) to wash that pretty face of yours, we have just the thing if you’re not into all the making and mixing.

Image of the BBE foaming lavender citrus face wash.

No word of exaggeration here, our foaming face wash with lavender citrus is oh so gentle and truly effective. This foaming wonder is lightweight yet moisturizing. What's more, is that it delivers that magical lavender aroma that we know you’re now craving if you’ve gotten this far into this article.

All you need is a pump or two to be well on your way to squeaky clean, breakout-free skin with of course – the help of our superstar ingredient: lavender.

Stress Got More Than Your Face Breaking Out?

We want you to know that body acne is very common, girlfriend. No joke! And although it technically does happen the same way it does on your face, (you know, due to excess oil and bacteria), there are several other factors that can cause you to break out on your body. Working out, too tight clothing or excessive sweating can all contribute to those annoying little bumps.

The good thing is, the same way you can care for the stress-prone skin on your face with the benefits and uses of lavender, you can use this powerful plant to help clear the skin on your body as well.

Our lavender citrus body wash is a staple in so many of our BBE babes’ shower routines, and for good reason. This body wash smells dreamy and fresh, and is the perfect way to wash away the day and unwind. We formulated this baby with moisturizing coconut oil, and soothing aloe vera. Oh right, and a killer line up of complementary essential oils to our prized lavender.

So go on, add this bad boy to your shower cleansing routine for clear and healthy skin. Blessed and rarely deal with body breakouts? This BBE essential is great for all skin types – we promise!

Image of the BBE lavender citrus body wash

Not Acne Prone?

First of all, good for you girl. But don’t dismiss the benefits of using lavender based body or face wash just yet! You can still reap some noteworthy effects from this powerful plant, you’ll see.

Lavender based face washes are actually great for all skin types, especially our sensitive babes. This is why we include this essential oil in more than a few of our fave products. If you’re not into foaming face washes, it's cool. Or maybe you're just in the mood to try something a little different. With of course, this lavender superstar we keep going on about! Sound about right? Check this out.

Image of two hands holding a BBE face wash bar full of suds

We created a lavender citrus face bar that will make washing your face a delight. For real, this little guy will leave even the most fussy of skin moisturized, and happy. That’s because we included a few other stars in this one. You see, you don't only get that lavender goodness in this facial bar. You also get to enjoy coconut oil, ylang ylang, and rosemary who all come out to compliment each other in this favorite of ours. And we think it will definitely become a favorite of yours too.

Last but certainly not least on our list of benefits …

All that antibacterial info we sprung on you up there? Well, it makes us love lavender for more than just getting our skin squeaky clean. We absolutely love using this powerful plant to keep us fresh, all day long through whatever life throws our way.

You now already know how soothing and refreshing lavender is for the skin. And let’s just say, the skin on your armpits is no exception! Using lavender as part of a natural deodorant routine has so many benefits. Not to mention, will keep you smelling like a field of well, lavender!

Image of BBE natural deodorant

Interested in using lavender this way? Or always wanted to try out a safe and natural alternative to traditional deodorant? Check out our aluminum-free lavender deodorant. Forget all that toxic junk in your regular deodorant, and let this exceptional plant do all the dirty work. Believe us babe, you’ll only wonder why you didn’t sooner.

And just before we sign off…

We really hope you consider using lavender for stress relief this holiday season (or at any other point in time!), and that you picked up a few benefits and uses for this powerful plant along the way. Here at BBE, we know how beneficial it is to incorporate mighty yet natural essential oils into your beauty routine. Not to mention, we absolutely dig the effects these tiny powerhouses have on our bodies, inside and out.

Whether you diffuse your favorite scent throughout your home or apply these topically, we want to know about your go-to ways of incorporating lavender into your life! Is this deliciously calming plant new to you? Let us know how you plan to experience its benefits below! We love hearing from you, and as always if you need a little further inspiration: drop us a line babe! Until then, we can’t wait to catch you in our next blog. Stay zen, stay happy, and stay natural. BBE loves ya <3.

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