Skincare for Wearing Masks and Other PPE Wear

Skincare for Wearing Masks and Other PPE Wear


Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is vital for keeping essential workers facing the worse of COVID-19 safe. This includes face masks, which have been recommended for non-essential individuals as well. Having a mask or other equipment in contact with your face can raise concerns with irritation, blemishes, and more. Make sure you're taking care of your skin while also taking care of your health by following this skincare for PPE wear guide.

PPE Wear Guidelines

Wash Your Face Before and After

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While you should already be washing your face twice a day, it's even more important after you've been wearing a mask. Material touching your face for prolonged periods can harbor sweat, dirt, or other bacteria. (Just like your pillow!) So, make sure you're cleansing the skin. We recommend our Peppermint Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash for its antibacterial qualities.

Avoid Wearing Makeup

There's no reason to wear makeup in areas your PPE wear is touching since it's covered, so take a break from it! Foundation, concealer, powder, and other products will sit on your pores without any breathability, and could potentially lead to breakouts.

Assortment of makeup on counter

Opt for Lighter Products

Now is the time to invest in products for your morning routine that absorb well. (As opposed to sitting on top of your skin.) Instead of using an oil or heavier cream for the day, switch to things with a lighter consistency like our oil-control moisturizer.

Beauty by earth oil control moisturizer

Facial Massage for Tight Equipment

Massage can relieve some of the tension caused by tightly fitted goggles or masks. At the end of the day after cleansing, follow the creases the equipment made on your face with your fingers, gently rubbing in circular motions. To get even deeper, use a jade or rose quartz roller.

Beauty by earth rose quartz roller

Ensure You're Properly Sanitizing/Cleaning Your PPE Wear

If you aren't cleaning your masks and other PPE wear effectively, you could be exposing yourself to bacteria, not to mention the virus. This goes for both your overall health and skin state. Advanced PPE wear meant for healthcare professionals typically follow their own sanitizing protocols, with more information found here. If you are a civilian using a cloth mask, the CDC says a washing machine will suffice. Protective wear only meant for one use should be disposed of as instructed.

Skincare for PPE wear is important to maintain a healthy complexion given the circumstances. So, ensure you're setting aside the time to give your largest organ some love.

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