Self Tanner on Darker Complexions

Self Tanner on Darker Complexions


We know what you’re thinking.. “Isn’t self tanner only good for pale, in serious need of sun, skin tones”? Well, the short answer is no! And while we agree that, for some of us, applying a coat before bed can have you waking up looking much less pasty, the reality is that self tanner does so much more than just darkening your skin tone. If you were blessed with a beautiful, deep and dark complexion, self tanner may not be high on your list of beauty product priorities. However, after reading this blog, you might just change your mind about this glowing essential, girlfriend. We’re going to let you in on a few hidden self tanner secrets that work wonders on darker complexions.

Blur and camouflage imperfections on any skin tone.

One of the reasons beauty junkies everywhere flock to self tanner, goes way beyond getting a darker skin tone. It’s also because it does a killer job of blurring out imperfections on the skin. The appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone can all be improved with this magical product. All you need is a quick pre-bedtime application! You'll have stunning results by the time you wake up. And this of course goes for darker complexions, too!

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Many babes with darker complexions also reach for self tanner to get that real life filter effect. And if you use the right product (a.k.a. one from BBE’s lineup of organic self tanners), you can forget having a weird looking cast or orange tint to your skin. Nope, not around here. Just even, more radiant looking skin for the win.

So the next time you’re getting ready to pull out your beloved little black dress or plan on showing off your gams, add in a little something extra to your look. Consider using self tanner to make your skin look *flawless*, no matter the shade of your complexion!

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With the help of self tanner, all complexions can get that little extra glow.

No matter your skin tone, applying self tanner will give you a gorgeous glow. One that looks fab all on its own, or under your favorite makeup. What’s more, using a product that also nourishes your skin at the same time will guarantee to make your already stunning complexion look even better.

BBE’s facial self tanner is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that make *all* skin types look and feel their best. From soothing aloe vera to cranberry extract, we made this bad boy with the health of your skin in mind. What’s more, this bestseller can help cover up acne scars, eczema, veins, and can even out the look of any hyperpigmentation. And as if that list of benefits wasn’t enough, our facial self tanner was formulated to blend easily into the skin and dries within seconds. Making it *way* easy for even rookie self tanners to use.

So forget thinking that self tanner is a product designed to only darken your skin. The right self tanner can do so much more than that! Instead, think of it as an easy and safe way to have your skin looking vacation fresh in a cinch, sans expensive plane ticket or harmful UV rays.

Image of the BBE self tanner, alongside a smiling woman with a beautiful dark complexion.

Sun kissed skin is for everyone.

That UV-free, safe tan we constantly rave about? Well babe, it’s for everyone. Darker complexion beauties who love that fresh off the beach look can use self tanner to mimic those glowing effects, all year ‘round.

If we’ve convinced you to give it a shot, *snaps for us* and for you, gorgeous! And if you’re slightly obsessed with the effects self tanner has on your skin? Well, 1) we totally feel you, and 2) consider these next few tips to make your glow last.

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Whether it’s the skin on your face or on your body, keeping it hydrated will ensure longer lasting self tan results. We especially love the BBE anti-aging cream to keep our glow game strong.
  2. Shower with lukewarm water, you know, instead of *steaming hot* water. This will help your tan fade less quickly.
  3. If you need to wax or shave, do so before your self tan application. This is because waxing and shaving can (you guessed it) strip off the look of your tan sooner than you want to.

Image of the BBE anti-aging cream, perfect for extending the self tan on any complexion.

A fresher complexion, no matter your skin tone.

If you’re a beautiful dark skinned babe and have used a self tanner to elevate your glow game, let us know down below! We love how a good self tan makes us feel instantly refreshed and ready to conquer the day (or night!). Not to mention, how it gives us that extra pep in our glam step, e-v-e-r-y time!

Carey <3

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