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Q&A with Veronica, owner of the Cookie Crave


When it comes to vegan-friendly foods, it's easy to assume "yummy" exited alongside the dairy. Thankfully, cookie lover and local bakery creator/owner Veronica is proving all our assumptions wrong. Part small business entrepreneur, part baking maestro, full-time mamma, Veronica knows what it means to be a #girlboss. In this week's installment of "Beauty by You," we'll be discussing everything from delicious recipes to self-care for the very busy small business owner! Jump in with us as she gives us the deets on The Cookie Crave — her vegan-friendly, nut-free gourmet cookie bakery out of our very own Denton, TX.

BBE: Why cookies?

Veronica: "I have always loved sweets, cookies being my weakness, and have always had a passion for baking."

BBE: Why did you choose to open up shop in Denton? How long have you been in business?

Veronica: "I moved to Texas in 2016 with my employer who is located in Denton. I saw the opportunity for small business owners here and was inspired to start the company starting with doing farmers markets and school events.

This year in January I started really wanting to open the bakery after looking in several locations I kept coming back to Denton, my job is there And I live just outside of Denton and love the area."

BBE: We noticed that you don't have nuts in your cookies. Any other special things we should know about these delicious treats?

Veronica: "I started the nut-free cookies business because I am deathly allergic to nuts and could not eat out often especially with sweets due to cross-contamination. I also started our Vegan selection due to my son's gluten and dairy intolerances. Our vegan cookies are gluten, dairy, soy, and nut-free."

BBE: What's the most challenging part about being a small business owner?

Veronica: "Being a small business owner is more challenging and stressful then any job ever and I have worked for large corporations in corporate America for over a decade. Your juggling everything and can’t overlook any details while worrying about your business and trying to make it successful."

BBE: Any tricks or tips you'd share with someone looking to open their first business?

Veronica: "It is a lot of work so be sure you dedicate the time needed. It defines you, not an 8-hour job. There will be a lot you don’t know and several times you will doubt your self and want to give up. I feel like you have to have a purpose and a good support system it will only help in my opinion."

BBE: What's your best selling treat?

Veronica: "Our best selling item from the Nut-Free selection is white chocolate snickerdoodle cookies and the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. From the Vegan selection, it is also the snickerdoodle cookies."

BBE: In the month of September, we're talking about body positivity and self-care. How do you take care of yourself after a long day?

Veronica: "I need to get better at this part being a working single mom of a 4-year-old with a full-time job and the owner of The Cookie Crave I neglect myself often.

I think you need to think about what makes you happy and make time for it. If there is something you're wanting to do like lose weight, be healthier, or get more sleep, to do it for yourself. And if that isn’t enough, find your why and do it for that. So you can be around longer for your why, and for me, that’s my son."

BBE: How has the pandemic changed your business? Have you pivoted in your strategy?

Veronica: "The pandemic has definitely put a strain on the business. First, we opened right at the beginning of Covid and have been struggling like many other small businesses. In efforts to try to stay open, we are now with all delivery platforms. We also offer free daily delivery after the store closes."

BBE: Anything else you'd love to share?

Veronica: "My goal or purpose really was to bring a great tasting cookie to people in Denton. Also, I want to help those with allergies like me and my son to be able to come and get cookies worry-free.

Ready to Eat Some Tasty Treats?

Hop on over to the Cookie Crave in Denton, TX. Veronica is always baking up a delicious reason to leave the house. Not ready to venture out? Try uber eats and get $7 off your first delivered order.

Until then, heres to some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and a cold glass of oat milk!


PS: You can follow the delicious doings of the Cookie Crave on Facebook or Instagram.

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