Product Spotlight: Bakuchiol Serum

Product Spotlight: Bakuchiol Serum


Looking for a natural alternative to retinol? Look no further than Beauty by Earth's Bakuchiol Serum! This silky serum helps improve skin's brightness, tone, and texture while minimizing pores and diminishing fine lines. It's perfect for helping you achieve firmer, plump-looking skin using some of nature's best ingredients! In this post, we're taking a deep dive into all the best parts of our bakuchiol serum.


What's Inside Our Bakuchiol Serum?


Bakuchiol is a natural plant-based alternative to retinol and has been shown to help soften fine lines and wrinkles, improve tone and texture, and even skin pigmentation making your skin appear more radiant and youthful. Unlike retinol, bakuchiol overflows with antioxidants, (you know these babies as your skin's bouncers, keeping free radicals at bay). It's most frequently used in skin care to reduce the visible signs of aging. Its antibacterial properties make it also an effective defense against acne and breakouts, perfect for those with a more uneven skin tone. Because of its gentler effect on the skin, many people prefer using bakuchiol skincare products instead of harsher, retinol-based ones.

Wanna know more? We have a whole blog post centered around this sensational ingredient. Give it a read and find yourself falling more & more in love. 

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Castor Seed Oil

Castor seed oil can help prevent aging, acne breakouts, and reduce puffiness all while hydrating and nourishing the skin. It carries antibacterial properties which help to treat acne as well as it is a natural moisturizer working wonders for your skin!


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In this moisturizing serum, niacinamide acts as the lead hydrator that leaves your skin looking bright, plump, and glowy. How does it work? It helps your skin produce more ceramides which hydrate and support your skin barrier. You'll notice tightened pores, even skin tone, improved elasticity and overall skin texture. No more thin skin!

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The perfect way to help your skin heal, Aloe Vera is bursting with antioxidants and enzymes. The gel-like substance helps combat inflammation and repair damaged skin cells while soothing irritated or dry patches on the body's surface. It's also hydrating and can improve skin elasticity!

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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (or sodium hyaluronate) is a wonderful hydrator that helps your skin soak up moisture like sponges do. As we age, the amount of this naturally occurring substance produced by our bodies tends to decrease which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles as well as dryness on the surface layer. Adding pure hyaluronic acid back into skincare products will keep those problems at bay! It also reduces redness or irritation when applied topically so you'll have healthier-looking skin.

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Bilberry Fruit Extract

This fruit is antioxidant rich with soothing properties and anti-inflammatory agents helping to alleviate redness or irritation on the skins surface, similar benefits to aloe. It also helps maintain your skins elasticity and moisture to the skin which helps tremendously in preventing signs of aging for more youthful looking skin.

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Who is Bakuchiol Right For?

Bakuchiol is perfect for those looking to reduce the visible signs of aging, brighten skin tone, or diminish the appearance of pores! If you're struggling with breakouts, bakuchiol can also help to soothe and calm blemishes. Whether you're in your 20s and just starting to think about preventative skincare or you're in your 50s and looking for a natural retinol alternative, bakuchiol is a great option for all skin types—including sensitive skin types, oily skin, dry skin, and everything in between!

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Bakuchiol is also right for those who have experienced skin sensitivity, rashes, or other negative effects from retinol products. If you find that retinol-based products are too harsh for your skin, bakuchiol might be the perfect alternative.

Bakuchiol Serum: How It Fits in Your Skin Care Routine

Bakuchiol serum has twice daily use, but we recommend using it at night since that's when our skin does the most repair work. (That's why they call it beauty sleep!) Just add a few drops of serum to your fingertips and apply evenly before reaching for your favorite moisturizer. Then, hit the hay and you'll be on your way to radiant skin. If you've never used bakuchiol before, start by using it every other day and gradually increase usage as tolerated.

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If you have any bakuchiol leftover on your hands after applying it to your face, don't waste it! Use it on your neck and chest for an extra boost of anti-aging power. Just make sure to avoid the area around your eyes, as bakuchiol can cause irritation if applied directly to the delicate skin there.

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Have you tried bakuchiol before? What are your thoughts on this plant based retinol alternative? Let us know in the comments below! And, be sure to check out our full bakuchiol products line. There's a stellar bakuchiol moisturizer and toner in the line-up, too! Why not save and get the whole trio while you're at it?

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