New Product Causing Breakouts? Your Skin Could Just be Purging

New Product Causing Breakouts? Your Skin Could Just be Purging


Payday rolls around and you've decided to finally treat yourself to that one skincare product on your mind. After a few uses, though, you're noticing spots starting to make their debut across your complexion. Hold up! Before you go tossing it with a curse under breath about the waste of money, consider the possibility that your skin is purging. There's a reason why that new product is causing breakouts and it's a good one.

What is Purging?

The active ingredients in new products can sometimes spike cell turnover. This process can lead to a brief increase in blemishes, a.k.a. "skin purging." It's just kicking out all those blocked up pores and spots lingering below the surface. So, it’s not raising chaos. It's exposing problem areas and restoring order.

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Still, we all know from experience that not all breakouts are the same. Some are just incompatible with our skin type. So how do you know when skin purging is the true breakout culprit? By getting to know the differences between purging and reactions/incompatibility.

Purging Vs Breakouts

Got your hands on some new skincare goodies but can't quite seem to nail down the reaction you're having? Here's an easy guide to refer to.

Your skin might be purging if:

  • You're breaking out in the places you normally do.
  • The pimple's lifespan is shorter than average.
  • Existing clogged pores have matured into pimples. (Their lifecycle has been sped up)

Your skin might be breaking out or reacting negatively if:

  • You're seeing pimples in areas you don't normally break out.
  • A rash or irritation has developed.
  • The spots are itchy and inflamed.
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How to Deal with New Products Causing Breakouts

Purging can be frustrating, but it's only temporary. The best thing you can do is ride it out with your regular routine, continuing to use wholesome, clean products. Picking at the blemishes or using spot treatments could just exacerbate the issue. However, if you haven't seen the spots clear up 4-6 weeks after beginning a new product, it might be time to move on.

Out with the old, in with the new.


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