How to Turn Your House into a Spa

How to Turn Your House into a Spa


Just because you're stuck at home given the current situation doesn't mean you can't pamper yourself! In fact, now is the perfect time to invest in treatments amid all the stress and stir-crazed antics. Don't worry, it's incredibly easy to transform your bathroom into a salon-to-the-stars—especially with the help of natural products. Extend the self-care love to your fam for a fun night of bonding, all the silly mask selfies, and, most importantly, distraction. Here's how to turn your house into a spa.


First, you'll want to clear the clutter out of your bathroom and any other space being used. Groan, I know, but hey, at least you're getting some cleaning out of the way! It'll make your spa that much more relaxing. Bring in some ambiance with the help of string lights, candles, blankets, etc.

Another great way to get in the right headspace is to practice yoga or meditation as a family. Calm down those restless kiddos, take some much-needed breaths, and get a little movement in. The meditation app, Headspace, has made a large portion of their library free.


What's a spa without its complimentary hors d'oeuvres and beverages?These can simply be any snacks or drinks you have around, or, if you're looking to get extra fancy, here are some cute ideas. (Once again, Pinterest for the win!)

Spa Water

Simple—but refreshing! Fruit-infused water doesn't take a ton of effort, but the results would hint otherwise. It's also a great way to get fussy kids to drink more water.

Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board

Ah, charcuterie boards. So pretty, so sophisticated. Who says they're only reserved for hoity-toity cocktail parties? Lay out your family's favorite snacks and graze freely as you do your spa activities.

(Don't forget treats for your furry friends! Family spa means the entire family, don't ya know.)

DIY Facials

Facials are always a blast—especially for kids. Who doesn't love an excuse to get a little messy? If you're looking to turn your house into a spa, this is the quintessential activity.

Step 1: Steam

You don't need some fancy facial steamer to add this step. Just hop on over to your kitchen, grab a pot filled with water, and heat it up on the stovetop. (A microwave works, too!) Then, once it's steaming, remove it from the heat. After waiting for it to cool slightly, hover your face a good distance away from the pot with a towel over your head for that steam to give your pores some love.

Step 2: Mask

The crème de la crème of any at-home spa experience. After steaming your face, pick up the Beauty by Earth Hydrating Face Mask. With clean hands, apply evenly to your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead using gentle circular motions. If you need some help, reach out to someone else in your fam. Wait 15 to 30 minutes for the mask to fully set. (Now is the perfect time to take some pics, do your best alien impersonation, dance around, or whatever you're so inclined to do.) Then, rinse off well with warm water.

Step 3: Moisturize

Follow up the mask with just a touch of our moisturizer. Or, if mom or dad need something a tad more intensive, the Beauty by Earth Anti-Aging Cream is just the remedy.


You're likely no stranger to bath-time, however, you can elevate your average soak to a spa-grade thermal pool with just a few items—perfect in your mission to transform your house into a spa. Everyone can get clean while indulging in some lovely scents and suds.

The most important element here is a bath bomb. Not only are they fizzy and fun, but they're chock full of assorted essential oils, salts, and butters. Have a bouquet of flowers on their last legs? Sprinkle in a couple of petals for an added ounce of frill. Here's a playlist to help you get in the relaxation zone, if you're into that sort of thing.

Noticing your pets getting a bit funky as they cuddle up on you in quarantine? While I'm sure they appreciate all the extra love nowadays, it's difficult to reciprocate when they've just spent the afternoon rolling in the flowerbeds. So, extend the spa love to them as well! While most pooches don't adore baths, it does call for some fun post-wash zoomies.


I know the average person is no masseuse, but it's no matter, all you need is a little kneading. Start a massage train with your bunch to work out the kinks from sordid text-neck/tension from working or schooling remotely. We aren't promising no-tickles, though. Beware.


Has it been a minute since you've last gotten your nails done? Don't worry, you can become your own nail technician in a snap. You'll only need a couple of things from around the house and a partner to lend you a hand. (Pun intended.)

Grab a bowl of warm water large enough to fit your hands. Let your fingers soak for about 10 minutes before clipping fingernails, handling cuticles, etc. Throw in a quick hand massage with a little hand cream for extra relaxation. Then, paint whatever color you desire.

So, there you have it. You can make your at-home spa grandiose, or, you can always keep it low-key and do one or two activities. In any case, it's sure to create some fantastic family memories, especially in such an uncertain period. Try to take advantage of this extra time together while you have the chance!

Have some fun! (And face masks.)


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