How to Treat Period Cramps and Menstrual Cycles Naturally

How to Treat Period Cramps and Menstrual Cycles Naturally


Ever wondered how to treat period cramps and manage your menstrual cycle naturally and safely? Then this one's for you! I didn't always think a lot about the products I used when I was on my period. I'd just pick up whatever was available at the drugstore and get on my way. But then I started researching more about what went into the skincare and beauty products I used. When I did, I realized I needed to be just as choosy with my hygiene products as I was everything else. Since then I've completely changed how I've dealt with my menstrual cycle. And I haven't been the only one. Here's what I've learned about how to treat period cramps and menstrual cycles naturally.

How to Treat Period Cramps and Deal With Your Menstrual Cycle - Naturally!

If there's one thing I've learned through my research into this topic, it's that sanitary pads and tampons can have just as much of a negative impact on your body as the products you eat or put on your skin. The vaginal area has a high number of blood vessels, and the skin is very thin, making it extremely easy for chemicals to enter the body. And when you're dealing with conventional sanitary products, that's a problem. Unlike most skincare and beauty products, tampon and sanitary pad manufacturers aren't under any requirement to let you know what they put into the things they make. What we do know is that many pads and some tampons contain plastic chemicals. These chemicals, such as BP and BPS, can disrupt embryonic development and even have links to heart disease and cancer. Organic cotton pads, menstrual cups, and other natural alternatives greatly reduce the impact on your health and on the environment. Another issue I know a lot of us deal with is menstrual cramps. I used to reach for pain medication whenever my cramps flared up. However, as I started to learn more about the side effects they can cause I began to look for natural alternatives. Heating pads have always worked well for me to soothe away cramps in the moment. Making changes in what I eat and drink around my period has also made cramps a less common problem. Approaching your cycle naturally can be a broad topic, but SunKissAlba (one of our favorite YouTubers) has taken it on beautifully in one of her most recent videos. If you have any interest at all in learning how to treat period cramps naturally, you'll find what you need in this video. She's also included information on a ton of fantastic natural alternatives to conventional sanitary products. Absolutely worth checking out. It's unfortunate that information about how to naturally approach your menstrual cycle isn't easier to find. It's something that many of us deal with on a monthly basis. The consequences of using toxic conventional products month after month can really add up. I hope you'll join me in continuing to find natural ways to manage period symptoms. How do you treat period cramps and manage your cycle naturally? Let me know in the comments below!

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