How to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Cabinet

How to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Cabinet


The big Spring-clean. The time when your neighbors clean out their garages and you finally part with those clothes that have been sitting at the back of your closet for years. Spring-cleaning might be a tough task, but it’s definitely a much-needed one. And hey, no matter how much it sucks to go through every nook and cranny of the house, it sure does feel great when it’s over #amirite? However, what about your beauty cabinet? Have you ever thought about the endless amounts of skincare and makeup that also need your clean streak? Our vanities tend to house a ton of products that can end up not only collecting dust but also not being so great for our health. If you want the lowdown on how to Spring-clean your beauty cabinet this year, keep reading gorgeous.

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If you want to Spring-clean like a pro… empty your cabinets first.

First thing’s first, we recommend completely emptying out your cabinet of choice so that you have a fresh slate to work with. This is a great time for you to disinfect your shelves, and get rid of any dust or messes that may have accumulated.

Spring Clean your beauty cabinet

We love these natural options for cleaning out your *actual* beauty cabinet:

  1. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner. The scent options are bomb, and you can use this guy on your entire bathroom.
  2. All Clean Natural Sanitizing Wipes. These are an essential cleaning pal to have in any home. Use these babies to wipe down your shelves and counter tops, super easily.
  3. Puracy Disinfecting Spray. Finish off your cleaning spree with some fresh smelling, natural disinfecting spray.
  4. Reusable Cleaning Cloths. Last but not least, ditch the paper towel once and for all with these convenient and eco-friendly cleaning cloths. Just toss them in the wash when you’re done!

In addition to all of that, it’s much easier to get organized when you’re starting from an empty space than attempting to just move products around. In fact, you might want to clean your whole bathroom while you’re at it so you can really focus in on the task at hand here. We are not playing around with this Spring-clean thing, babe!

Freshly Spring-Cleaned bathroom.

QC the heck out of your products.

Once that’s done, it’s time for the (semi) fun part. You’re now ready to go through each product and do what we like to call: a little QC. You know, quality control.

Go through your products and check their expiration dates. What’s past the suggested date of use you should part with. We know it may seem harmless to use products that are maybe a little older, but hear us out. Using expired skincare items can cause irritation, and bacterial infections. What’s more, products tend to become less effective past their expiration dates. This means you’re not only putting your precious skin at risk, but you’re doing so for no good reason!

Cleansers, moisturizers, even body lotions are at the top of the list of products we often let go bad but still use. Sometimes, without realizing! Replace old items with some natural goodness, and keep it moving beautiful!

Image of an expiration date on the bottom of a white bottle.

And while you’re at it, chuck the stuff you didn’t know was bad until now.

While we’re on the topic of ingredients that aren’t so cute for your skin, we should also mention the following.

Take this Spring-clean opportunity to vet the products you use on a daily basis. And by vet, we mean assess whether you should really be using them in the first place. If you haven’t thought of it until now, making the switch to natural skincare is something you should totally consider. Just have a look at these nasty ingredients that are found in so many common items, and you’ll be convinced – believe us.

With that being said, consider taking your beauty cabinet Spring-clean to the next level and revamping your product line-up altogether. Because for real, what is the good of having a sparkling clean cabinet if the products you’re using simply aren’t?

But girlfriend, do you even like all these products?!

Once you’ve let go of all those gone bad items, you’re ready for the next step.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are all guilty of hoarding one too many blushes or one too many toners. But I need this one, it claims to shrink my pores and solve all of my life problems. Ok, but does it actually? That is the question you really need to ask yourself, babe.

If your beauty cabinet is filled to the brim with products you don’t often use, or don’t see giving you results – you need to get rid of them. Think about it, they will either expire or sit there taking up valuable real estate in your beauty cabinet.

Image of old, used makeup in need of some Spring cleaning.

Consider gifting products you’re not so crazy about to your friends or family. We’re talking about that moisturizer that didn’t break you out or irritate you, but that just doesn’t do it for you anymore. Or that cleanser you find is a little too drying for your sensitive skin. We bet your oily skinned bestie would surely appreciate it.

Additionally, you can also donate makeup and skincare products to various organizations near you. Call it a “2 birds with 1 stone” scenario. You get to declutter your life while making someone else’s just a little bit brighter.

Stop neglecting these babies: include your makeup brushes in your beauty cabinet Spring-clean!

Ok, raise your hand if you think washing your makeup brushes is a pain in the you know what.

It’s a pain in the wrist guys, seriously! Whisking around those brushes to get all of that gunk out? Not so fun and really annoying to do on a regular basis, we agree. Therefore, it’s no wonder why so many of us procrastinate to do this daunting task. Wrist pain aside though, we can’t deny how important it is to include your makeup brushes in your beauty cabinet Spring-clean. Bacteria easily builds up on these guys, so you need to prioritize disinfecting them.

If you want to make your life easier, invest in one of these cute rubber pads that will help speed up your brush cleansing process. It’s super easy to keep this tool clean, and you can keep reusing it for months before you feel it’s time to replace it.

Cleaning makeup brushes

As for the actual cleaning product you use for your brushes, look no further than what you use for your face! Of course, we prefer going the natural route. We should also mention, that if you use oil based makeup remover this trick won’t work as well and could leave a residue on your brushes. So opt for a natural makeup remover and simply add a teaspoon of it to a bowl full of warm water. Whisk your dirty brush around and rinse out in the sink. This is also the part where having a rubber mat for that tedious whisking comes in handy.

Finally, just lay your brushes flat to dry and by morning you’ll be ready to glam up with fresh, naturally clean tools!

And while you’re at it, Spring-clean your skin and hair tools.

Our lonely hair tools often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning out our beauty cabinets. And if we’re being honest here, it’s a total shame that they get left out of your upkeep rituals!

Your hair brushes, straightener, curling irons, you name it – all get full of bacteria that you need to take care of babe. It’s incredibly easy to keep your hair tools fresh and clean, so don’t stress about it! We recommend these small tips to not only Spring-clean these items, but keep them safe to use all year long.

  1. Remove excess hair from your brushes after each use. This will help keep bacteria from building up, and reduce dust and other particles from making themselves at home.
  2. Once every few weeks, soak your hairbrushes in some warm water and gentle cleansing shampoo. This only takes a few minutes, and your brushes will be much cleaner as a result. Once you’re done soaking them, leave them to dry overnight. By morning, they’ll be ready to use again.
  3. Use a warm, damp cloth to clean your hair ironing tools. Hair product builds up on your straightener and curler, which is again a prime spot for unwanted bacteria to reside. And using a bacteria-filled tool on your freshly clean hair? We know you’re not down for that.
Image of two hands washing a hair brush under a water tap.

As for your beloved derma roller, jade or rose quartz rollers? These definitely deserve an honorable mention in your beauty cabinet Spring-clean routine. Clean these bad boys with a natural, gentle foaming cleanser.

In fact, doing this after each use is the best way to ensure that you’re using clean tools on your skin. Additionally, it will guarantee that you’re not adding germs and bacteria on to that clean face of yours.

Is your beauty cabinet feeling so fresh and so clean?

After all of your hard work, we’re convinced that your beauty cabinet is feeling *way* Spring-clean! Keep in mind that it is best to go through your products a few times a year, and not just when it’s Spring. The best way to keep your beauty cabinet at its finest at all times, is to keep on top of products you’re not reaching for as much. Moreover, assess whether a new product is really working for you after you’ve given it the few weeks it recommends for expected results. Certain items not doing much for you? Let them go and make space for something better.

What are your Spring cleaning tips? And how do you keep your vanity looking fresh all year long? Let us know below! Alternatively, let us know what a mission it was to clean out that beauty cabinet once and for all! Whatever you wanna share babe, as always, we love to hear from you <3.

Stay clean, babes! 💕


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