How to Recycle and Upcycle Your Beauty Packaging

How to Recycle and Upcycle Your Beauty Packaging


Are you a sucker for packaging? You know, like when browsing online or in-store, do you picture how good that new hand soap will look on your bathroom counter before hitting the add-to-cart button? We’ll admit it: we sure do. The way we gravitate towards beauty and skin products in gorgeous bottles or pots is actually, well… a real weakness for some of us! However, what happens when all of the goodness inside that pretty wrapping is gone? If it pains you to get rid of product packaging, we hear you. More importantly though, if you worry about what this waste does to the environment, we’ve got a blog for that. So forget throwing away that beautiful glass jar your moisturizer came in, and keep reading to find out how to recycle and upcycle your beauty packaging.

upcycle Beauty by Earth containers

Turn an empty body scrub jar into a lip balm carrier

Losing track of those lip balms? Finished out that luxurious body scrub? Keep your lip balms in check (and in one place) by reusing your body scrub jar to collect the small things!

Use an empty Gua Sha box to hold small items

Bobby pins, Q-Tips, Lego pieces – you name it! What do all of these tiny items have in common? Well, they’re super easy to lose and a small upcycled beauty package can actually be their perfect home!

upcycled gua sha container packaging

Use an empty jar as a plant holder

If you're tired of the plant holders you see everywhere, you're going to love this next hack for recycling and upcycling your beauty packaging or jars. Check out how simple it is to make unique homes for your plants! All you need is that jar that you were totally going to chuck in the garbage.


Recycle your empty face wash or bottle container as a desk accessory!

Recycle an empty toner spray as a water sprayer for plants

In case you haven't noticed throughout this "How to Recycle and Upcycle Your Beauty Packaging" article, we love our plants. However, some plant moms out there forget that traditional watering isn't always enough. Your beautiful orchids and zebra plants need to also be sprayed! But don't head to amazon to find a spray bottle just yet. Instead, look a little closer into your beauty cabinet for this next hack. Your favorite toner's empty bottle is all you need!

reuse spray bottles for watering succulents

Upcycle your cute empty skincare jars for pills while traveling

If you're the type of babe who always comes prepared, you'll appreciate this easy way to upcycle some of your beauty packaging. Instead of having multiple pill bottles in your makeup bag, simply clean out your jar of choice and insert away. Of course, be sure you use this hack for pills that are already clearly labeled and that can be distinguished from one another.


Use your empty jars for products when traveling instead of purchasing travel size items

Let’s face it. Purchasing travel size beauty products is annoying and not so economical. If you have a few cute empty jars on hand though, there is no reason to. You can easily transfer product from your regular size items into these little guys when traveling. What's more, you'll be sure you're using all of your fave products while you're away! You know, instead of settling for whatever comes in travel size at the drugstore.

Upcycle your favorite empty perfume bottles into chic vases

Perfume bottles can be some seriously gorgeous gems. So beautiful in fact that it hurts to throw them out after that last spritz. So why not keep your fave fragrance bottle and use it as a vase?

Image of a recycled Dior perfume bottle being used as a vase, with colorful flowers in it.

Last but not least, if you can’t upcycle, check if the company has a recycling program

You might be surprised to learn how many of your favorite beauty companies have recycling programs. In fact, several product brands outside of the beauty world are now developing these types of programs to show their commitment to the environment. We recommend doing a little research on your go-to items. Discover what your preferred brands do for the environment, and find out if there’s more you could be doing with those empties. Especially the ones you find yourself constantly repurchasing!

We hope you found some helpful ideas in this “How to Recycle and Upcycle Your Beauty Packaging” blog. How do you upcycle and recycle product packaging? We want to hear all about your environment saving ideas, pronto babe! Until next time, keep up all of the small yet amazing things you do to protect this beautiful planet of ours. The environment and we here at BBE, appreciate ya <3.


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