How to Grow a Full Beard Naturally

How to Grow a Full Beard Naturally


Beard bros, it's time to stop slapping on the toxic stuff. Yes, trying to grow out your facial hair can be a pain—especially if you tend to have patchy areas. Thankfully, there are some natural alternatives that are just as effective in giving you the texture and quality you seek. Here's how to grow a full beard without all the chemicals and additives.

Argan Oil for Beard Growth

Argan oil is truly the hair follicle's best friend. It's full of fatty acids and Vitamin E, among other nutrients, which help moisturize and restore your hair. Running oil through your beard regularly will tame frizz, encourage growth, and maintain shape. It's a no-nonsense beard oil. Just one ingredient to grow a full beard.

argan oil

Aloe Vera for Relief & Conditioning

If you hadn't heard, aloe isn't only for soothing burns. It's deeply nourishing and has scalp-positive enzymes—which is why it's often used in treating hair loss. If you deal with dandruff or itchy facial hair, this is the natural product to add to your beard regimen. Aloe Vera also conditions upon application, leading to a softer, better-looking beard.

Natural Dry Shampoo for a Full Beard

Beards collect sweat too, man. (As well as a bunch of other stuff.) All of that extra junk can seriously weigh your beard down. Beauty by Earth's dry shampoo will absorb all that oil and sweat while boosting the volume of your beard. It's a much better alternative than over-washing it, which could potentially strip the hair of its natural oils and inhibit growth.

Beauty by earth dry shampoo

Growing a full beard is entirely possible with natural products, so why waste your time with the extra lotions or pomades? Or, if you haven't thought of taking care of your beard until now, you'll find adding this trio in will make things look better, feel better, and stay better. You'll get more bang for your buck, too, as the products can be used for other purposes, such as skincare.

Your best beard awaits.


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