How to Get the Perfect Self Tan – Even During Winter!

How to Get the Perfect Self Tan – Even During Winter!


If the sudden switch in weather has you wishing you were on an island (Fiji, Tahiti – any of these would do at this point), we feel you, babe. And although there are a *ton* of things we are going to deeply miss about summer (bye, long warm nights), a tan certainly isn’t one of them. You see, no matter what the season, we don’t believe in baking out in the sun’s harmful rays. We do, however, believe in looking tanned and glowing no matter what the temperature is outside. Having the right products is one thing. But the tips to go along with them is what will make you graduate from being a rookie to a self tanning pro. Trust us, girlfriend. You’ll want to send this one to all of your friends. Here is everything you ever needed to know about how to get the perfect self tan – even during winter!

Applying Self Tanner

Prepping your skin is everything, no matter what the season.

Let’s be honest. The number one fear when it comes to giving yourself an at-home self tan is looking streaky and orange. And honestly, we totally sympathize with those concerns. So many self tanners do not apply evenly, are hard to blend out, and just have the wrong color pigmentation. That being said, we sorta changed the game when it comes to self tanning products. However, prepping your skin before you use these gems is still absolutely essential for your tan to be a glowing success.

Applying body scrub

In comes the stellar line-up of BBE body scrubs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a coffee bean-loving babe or more of a lavender citrus goddess. Any of these body exfoliators will get rid of dry flakes. Thus, ensuring that your skin is ready for your self tanner application. And if you want to get your complexion glowing, opt for BBE’s facial scrub that will take care of prepping the skin on your cute face, too. Getting rid of dry flakes means that your self tanner will go on smoothy and that you’ll avoid those blotchy, undesirable results everyone screeches at.

Applying facial scrub

We should also mention that not all exfoliators are created equal. Some of these guys can dry out your skin after using them, which is counterproductive to what you want, pre-self tan. BBE’s body scrubs get rid of dryness while infusing moisture back into your skin. Meaning, you’ll be completely self-tanner-ready when you hop out of the shower.

In the winter months, consider using a body wash that is infused with hydrating oils pre and post-self tanner application.

So you’ve got the exfoliating part down packed. Not to mention, you’re now pretty obsessed with the results that BBE scrubs deliver. We can’t blame ya, babe. However, if you want to get and preserve the perfect self tan even during winter, this next tip is vital.

Forget using body washes that strip your skin of the moisture it needs. Not only will this feel uncomfortable during the dry winter months, but it will also diminish how long your self tan lasts. Instead, opt for a body wash that is packed with nourishing essential oils. You know, something like BBE’s options, right here.

Lavender Citrus Body Wash

The right tools are always essential to getting the perfect self tan.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the 4th of July or Boxing Day, gorgeous. The right tools are always crucial to getting the self tan of your dreams – at home!

Think of these as investment pieces on your journey to becoming a pro self tanner. Hey, it’s the little things that will separate you from being an uneven-looking oompa loompa and a glowing tanned queen. Plus, you don’t have to wish you had a partner when you have a self tanner back applicator, #amirite? Nope. With one of these babies, you can get even results all over like the independent babe you are. In addition to that, using mitts to apply self tanner to the rest of your body and face will prevent the dreaded orange palms aftermath everyone dreads. On top of that, it will ensure that your products are evenly applied and perfectly blended.

Self Tanner Applicator Kit

Winter is the time to build your self tan.

If there’s one pro-tip you should take away from this How to Get the Perfect Self Tan – Even During Winter blog, it’s this next one. We all know that winter is a time where your skin might feel dryer. Therefore, layering up on self tanner can be an easy way to nourish your skin and keep your glow game strong.

But babe, not so fast. Not all self tanners are formulated with nourishing essential oils and ingredients that actually make your skin healthier. So before you go frantically looking for a cheap flight to Bora Bora (ps. there is no such thing), check out BBE’s lineup of luscious and moisturizing self tanners that will make winter seem a little less glum. Oh and, that are completely easy to re-apply and build as much as your heart desires!

The Self Tanner Lotion

Woman holding self tanner lotion

Beauty junkies have called this gem an amazing body moisturizer where the self tan part is just a plus. This bad boy is loaded with hydrating coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and argan oil that all act as serious hydrators for your skin. During the winter months, we recommend re-applying this self tanner lotion every 2-3 days to keep your skin glowing and silky smooth.

The Self Tanning Water Bronzing Face & Body Mists

Self tanner bronzing face mist

Two words, babe: hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is a hydrating and anti-aging powerhouse. It will quite literally infuse your pores with the moisture they crave during the dry and cold winter months. What’s more, this mist is *way* easy to apply and to build up. Not to mention, the self tan results from this gem are quick and will have you glowing in just a few spritzes.

The Self Tanner Mousse

Self tanner mousse

Formulated with nourishing grape seed oil, this is another self tanner you can count on for hydrating your skin during the winter season. Grape seed oil is known for its hydrating and anti-aging properties. Which is of course why we infused our self tanning mousse with it. We definitely recommend applying this formula with a handy self tanning mitt for the smoothest-looking results.

Want to preserve your glow in the middle of winter? Check out these tips below.

Alright, babe. You’ve exfoliated, you’ve applied your self tanner (with all of the tools), and you’ve done your thing! Now, you have this fabulous glow that you’re worried about losing the minute you step out into that cold winter air. We get it. But there’s a reason why we always call ourselves your besties in beauty. It’s because we have all of the tea on how to fix your biggest beauty conundrums. And losing your self tan too quickly? Well, that’s certainly one of them.

Moisturize, moisturize, then moisturize some more.

After you’ve used the right nourishing body wash, you’ll want to *always* follow up your shower or bath with a moisturizer that will lock in all of that hydration. When it comes to your cute face, we recommend using the BBE Anti-Aging Cream. This fave is loaded with jojoba seed oil and aloe vera that work wonders for hydrating and protecting the skin. These ingredients help to keep skin soft and supple and will help your tan last a little longer.

Woman applying face moisturizer

Avoid excessively exfoliating or scrubbing your skin until you’re ready for another self tan application.

Here’s the thing, sis. We love exfoliating as much as the next babe. I mean, who can really resist those silky smooth results that come with a good body scrub? But the truth is that if you apply self tanner today and get to scrubbing tomorrow, your results will definitely fade – and quick!

Save that glorious exfoliating routine for the days where you plan on re-applying your self tanner. You can lightly scrub your skin with a loofah the rest of the time to keep your skin feeling clean and smooth. Just be sure to do so gently!

Woman using body loofah

The same goes for waxing, shaving, and other types of hair removal.

As in, do so before you apply your self tanner. Almost all forms of hair removal involve taking off a small surface layer of your skin. This will (you guessed it) also affect your self tan. A good rule of thumb is to do all things hair removal on the same day that you perform your exfoliating and prep routine. This way, you’ll be sure that you’re not compromising your self tan results in the days after application.

Ready to be a glowing goddess, no matter what the season?

Woman holding self tanner bottle

Even if you’re feeling like a real-life popsicle the minute you step out your door, you can still *look* like you’ve just stepped off that beach in Tahiti. You know, the one that we mentioned at the beginning of this How to Get the Perfect Self Tan – Even During Winter blog.

With the right products that prioritize hydrating your skin, you’ve got this self tanner thing on lock, babe. Not to mention, you can make those glowing results last much longer by simply following the pro-tips above. We are serious when it comes to the self tanner game. No, seriously. There is plenty more where this article came from. From everything you ever wanted to know about sunless tanning to the problems every self tanning girl knows, we’ve got the total lowdown on this highly popular beauty topic, babe.

No matter what the season, we’re here to help you keep your glow game healthy and strong.

Self-love & Self Tanner,

Carey <3

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