How to Care for Dry Skin & Hair All Winter Long

How to Care for Dry Skin & Hair All Winter Long


Despite the gorgeous knits and prime excuses to stay in and curl up with a warm cup of something delicious, winter can also be the culprit that wreaks serious havoc on your skin. Between the change in weather and diminished sunlight, we totally get why some babes have trouble becoming fans of this season. If you find yourself dealing with itchy or flakey skin as soon as the colder weather comes around, you’re not alone babe. And if the winter months often leave your hair looking like a dry mess, we’ve also been there! This *so* does not have to be the case, though. Nope, not with a few choice BBE products and some tweaks to your beauty routine. Keep reading to find out all that you need to know about how to care for dry skin & hair, all winter long.

First thing’s first: how to care for the dry skin on your cute face.

When it comes to season changes, think of your skincare products the same way you would your wardrobe. You wouldn’t wear a tiny tank when it’s freezing out, and this is kind of the same concept, babe. Don’t worry if we lost you there, because we’re about to break this theory down further.

Woman washing her face

Dry and cold weather can certainly have an effect on your skin. And while a lightweight lotion may have been unreal during the hot and humid summer months, it likely won’t cut it when temperatures drop. The consistency of your skincare products plays a huge role during season changes, on top of your skin type. Now, we have a whole article on that if you’re intrigued. But for the sake of this How to Care for Dry Skin & Hair All Winter Long blog, we’ll stick to the tips and tricks that are unique to this season.

But hey, if you want to brush up on *all* of the details, go for it! This blog post will still be here when you’re finished – we promise!

If you experience dryness in the winter, consider reaching for a cream instead.

Reaching for a richer face cream during the colder months might be just the ticket to reviving your parched skin. And babe, in the cream department – BBE has you c-o-v-e-r-e-d.

Vitamin c cream

Nourish your skin while protecting it from harsh environmental stressors with a cream that is antioxidant packed. BBE’s Hyperactive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Face Cream does just that and feels totally refreshing when applied. And, if the thought of using a cream for you is synonymous with the words “greasy” or “thick”, let us reassure you girlfriend. The right cream should sink into your skin effortlessly and layer easily with your other skincare essentials.

Woman applying face cream

BBE’s Anti-Aging Hydration Cream is another stellar option for the winter season. We loaded this bad boy with hydrating jojoba seed oil, argan oil, and coconut oil. Let’s just say, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against these guys. And after you’ve got your go-to skincare products for your face on lock, don’t forget the precious skin around your eyes.

Woman holding eye cream

No matter what season it is, using an eye cream is essential! Using something extra special around this delicate area of the skin will not only keep your skin hydrated. It will also have your peepers looking bright-eyed and rested. You know, no matter how hard it was to wake up on a cold, not so sunny winter morning.

Want to say goodbye to dry, itchy, and irritated winter skin? Start with your shower routine.

We know how comforting it can be to hop into a steaming hot shower when the weather outside is chilly. Or, how good a warm bath can be. Emphasis on the *warm* though, girlfriend. We love a hot shower or bath as much as the next babe, but the temperature of your water can actually have a huge impact on your skin’s hydration levels. So before we get into the must-have products you’ll want in your shower routine this winter, we have to briefly touch on this too.

Piping hot water can do some serious damage to the keratin cells that live on the most outer layer of your skin. To keep it simple, disrupting these cells prevents them from locking in moisture. That being said, your best bet for having healthy and hydrated skin is to start in the shower, babe! Take it down a few notches when it comes to the water temperature, despite how good that steam can feel on a cold day. Alright, now that that’s out of the way…

Back scrubber hanging in shower

The products you’ll want on your side this winter…

No matter how perfect your shower temperature is, you won’t relieve dry skin without the right products. Lucky for you babe, BBE has everything from the nourishing body wash you’ll need to the bath time tools you’ll only wish you knew about sooner.

Opt for a body wash that is loaded with hydrating essential oils. You know, one that won’t strip your already dry skin of the natural oils that you need to stay soft and silky. BBE’s Lavender Citrus Body Wash will cleanse your skin the gentle way. What’s more, we added Vitamin C into this favorite to keep your skin glowing and resistant. Using a body wash that contains this powerful antioxidant will keep your skin’s natural moisture barrier strong. Not to mention, you’ll smell pretty amazing, too.

Lavender citrus body wash

Here’s the thing. The only way to make using this body wash even dreamier, is to use an exfoliating back scrubber or loofah to apply it. So many babes have no idea that using the right shower tools can not only make them feel squeaky clean, but can also help to reduce dry skin. Regular exfoliation is a major key to getting rid of dry flakes and using one of these tools is the easiest way to do so. So the next time you hop in the shower, do so with a loofah in hand and ruba-dub-dub, babe. Did we really just say that? Yeah, we did.

Add a few key products to your beauty routine to make your skin silky smooth, no matter what the season.

So you’ve switched up your facial products, and you’ve got your winter shower routine on lock. But somehow, you feel like something is still missing to make your skin feel as luscious and smooth as it did in the summer. Babe, chill. There is so much more we have to share with you in this blog on How to Care for Dry Skin & Hair All Winter Long.

Add a nourishing facial serum to your winter skincare routine.

Face serums

For extra hydration, consider applying a serum before you go straight to a moisturizing cream. BBE’s Anti-Aging Facial Serum provides an extra layer of hydrating goodness, without ever making your skin feel oily. Additionally, this gem has primrose oil in it which does wonders for severe dry skin conditions like eczema. All and all, you can’t go wrong by adding this little wonder to your winter skincare regimen.

Facial oils for smooth, hydrated skin.

Want to wake up hydrated and glowing? A facial oil is just what you need! This type of hydrator will infuse your skin with that extra bit of moisture it craves during the cold winter months. If your moisturizing routine just isn’t cutting it, we highly recommend adding a few drops of facial oil to your skin as the last step of your skincare routine. Or, if you find yourself dealing with your foundation looking dry this time of year, simply add a drop or two of facial oil to it. Your makeup will look dewy and fresh all day long, regardless of that dry and cold weather outside.

Glowing and radiant oil

The body scrub that will get rid of dry skin and infuse it with hydration.

If the thought of using a body scrub on your dry and irritated skin makes you cringe, we’re here to change that babe. Not all scrubs are created equal. And sensitive, flakey skin can definitely vouch for that!

BBE’s body scrubs are made with nourishing essential oils, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial agents that quite honestly do it all. From getting rid of those dry skin cells to infusing your skin with the much-needed hydration it requires during the winter – these scrubs should be part of your routine (all year long!). We recommend using any of our scrubs once a week to start. After that, you can gradually work your way up to 3-4 times a week. Trust us babe, dry body skin does not stand a chance against this exfoliating powerhouse.

Woman applying body scrub

And for your poor, dry hair strands – BBE has just the ticket!

Unfortunately, dryness doesn’t just affect our skin during the winter. Cold temperatures can also make your once soft and bouncy hair a real, well… dry mess. But don’t fret, babe. By now, you know we wouldn’t bring you a beauty dilemma without a beauty solution.

If your locks are lacking hydration as a result of the season change, look no further than aloe vera. A weekly aloe vera mask can totally change the texture of your hair, and have it looking frizz-free. All you need is some of BBE’s aloe vera gel, and a little bit of chill time. Apply a generous amount to dry locks and let it sink in to work its magic. We recommend keeping it on for as long as possible (i.e. overnight). However, even a quick 30-minute aloe session can make a difference.

Woman applying Aloe Vera

Rinse out your hair in the shower and shampoo & condition as you normally would. Make this a regular part of your beauty routine, and dry strands will be a thing of the past – no matter what the season!

Winter won’t be messing with your skincare game anymore, baby.

We hope you picked up a few tips and tricks on how to care for your dry skin & hair that you can use all winter long, babe. We truly think that if you have comfortable, hydrated skin (and hair!) you’ll be way more open to all of what this wonderful season has to offer.

Let us know down below how your beauty routine changes throughout the seasons. Or, how you get through making the switch from beach goddess to snowed-in ice queen.

Warm hugs & body scrubs,

Carey <3

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