How to Celebrate National BF Day: 2022 Edition

How to Celebrate National BF Day: 2022 Edition


You might not know it yet babe, but October 3rd is National BF Day. And if you’re wondering exactly what this day entails, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post. National BF Day was created for girlfriends everywhere to celebrate their boyfriends and to show them just how special they are. You know, just in case they didn’t know already. But hey, in our books, any excuse to celebrate love and healthy relationships is good to us! So if you’re stumped on how to spend this cute and romantic day, don’t fret. We’ve brainstormed several ways you can celebrate both big and small! Keep reading for a bunch of dreamy (yet practical!) ideas on how to celebrate National BF Day.

Plan a date night meal he will love.

Whether it’s cooking his favorite dish or taking him out to his restaurant of choice, you can’t go wrong with a little dinner (or lunch, or bunch – whatever he prefers!).

For National BF Day this year, take your boyfriend somewhere you know he loves to eat. Or, make dinner at home for an even more intimate and memorable vibe. If you’re not much of a Martha in the kitchen or are in need of some recipe inspo, check out these swoon worthy meals below. Any of them will help you kill it for National BF Day!

Rigatoni with sausage and kale

This pasta dish will make his heart (and stomach) *way* happy. Not only is it easy to whip up quickly, but the added kale in this recipe makes it a healthier alternative to regular pasta-based meals. Want to make it vegetarian friendly? Simply ditch the sausage and double up on that delicious & nutritious kale!  


If you thought Ratatouille was just a cute Disney movie, think again babe! This healthy and romantic French dish is perfect for date night. What’s more, it’s a tasty way to get some veggies into your meal. We love this recipe as a side or even incorporated into a main dish. If you’re going for the latter, just choose your protein of choice to serve with it!

Paprika Chicken

Healthy, simple, and seriously flavorful – this is one recipe he’ll want you to make again and again long after National BF Day has passed! This smoked paprika chicken recipe is protein packed and can be served alongside anything from rice to salad. Oh and, the leftovers you’ll have make an amazing next day lunch.

Don’t forget dessert with this deep dish chocolate chip cookie recipe!

Seriously, we are drooling just thinking of this next treat. To finish off your lavish date night dinner, check out this delectable dessert recipe that is a total classic. I mean, why bake regular old chocolate chip cookies when you can make them deep dish instead? Look at you, cooking up a storm as girlfriend of the year!

Shine bright this National BF Day by getting him tickets to see one of his fave sports teams or musicians.

If your boyfriend has a sports team or band that he loves, you’ll get major points for this one babe. You can tag along if you wish or let him hit up the show with some of his friends! You know, so you can stay in with yours and enjoy a few drinks and a hydrating face mask instead.

Send him a quick text or love note to show him just how much you appreciate him.

Sometimes, a small note of appreciation is the best way to show anyone you care. So what could be better than sending your boyfriend a few kind words in honor of National BF Day? And in a technology obsessed world, a handwritten love note just hits different. But hey, if you must show your love via text – that’s cool, too. Whatever mechanism you choose, telling him just how much you appreciate him won’t go unnoticed.

Set up the ultimate movie night for National BF Day with all his favorite flicks.

If you want to keep it simple yet fab this National BF Day, planning the ultimate at home movie night is the way to do it. We’re talking all his favorite flicks and all his favorite snacks, of course. Grab a few blankets, light a few candles, and get cozy! We recommend filling the living room coffee table with his go-to eats and enjoying a comfortable night in – just the two of you.

Gift him something he’s had his eye on for a while.

We know buying a gift can seem pretty generic. And, it’s definitely not necessary to show someone how much you appreciate them. But if you’ve been watching your BF eye the latest gadget on Amazon for a while or couldn’t help but notice how much he loved those sneakers at the mall, National BF Day is the perfect time to treat him to something you know he wants! Present it in some eco-friendly gift wrapping options and watch him enjoy!

This National BF Day, spend some quality time, just the two of you.

Alright, we know this one seems obviously simple. But if you stop and think about just how busy we all are these days, spending quality time with your man in honor of National BF Day is actually a luxury (and a genius idea!). Whether you choose to go for a walk together or talk about your future goals, make a point to spend some quality time together that goes beyond watching Netflix. And if you’re stumped about how to get the quality time ball rolling, we’ve got you sis. We love this list of conversation topics to have with your partner below.

This National BF Day, bring back cocktail hour with your favorite guy.

Carve out a little time to spend together alone by bringing back cocktail hour for National BF Day. Make your boyfriend’s drink of choice and use this time to chat, reconnect, and just enjoy each other’s company. Trust us, you might want to make this a weekly tradition long after National BF Day is over!

Have fun doing some of his most loved hobbies, together.

Learning about your partner is an amazing way to keep your relationship both exciting and strong. And who would have thought you could learn so much by watching them engage in some of their favorite hobbies? How intense is that competitive streak? How patient are they with teaching you a new skill? These are all important things you can learn by simply participating in an activity they love to do over and over again. So hit up the golf course or see what all that fuss is about with that video game he obsesses over. Hey, it’s National BF Day after all, babe!

Get him started on his very own skincare routine.

He might not get it right away but trust us he will thank you in the long run, girlfriend. In honor of your beloved BF this year, why not get him a few skincare products that will have him looking forward to his shower routine e-v-e-r-y day. We recommend these must-have essentials below. 

  • A charcoal face bar for clean and soft pores. Loaded with acne-fighting sunflower seed oil and moisturizing coconut oil, this is one product he’ll want to have in the shower at all times.
  • An oil control moisturizer that will never feel heavy or annoying to apply. Your BF will love how refreshing the peppermint in this moisturizer feels. Not only does it sink right into the skin, but it also helps with breakouts and skin elasticity!
  • A lip scrub (that he didn’t know he needed until now, believe us!). Everyone suffers from dry lips at some point babe, and your BF is no exception! Adding a nourishing lip scrub to his routine will ensure he never has to deal with a chapped pout again.
  • A facial sunscreen… because everyone needs one of those, babe. We bet your BF isn’t applying his recommended dose of SPF every day before he jets out the door. Gift him one of BBE’s lightweight options that won’t feel heavy or like a chore to put on in the A.M.

And if you need more inspo for this gift idea or guidance on how to get your BF started on a skincare routine, you know we’ve got you covered! Just click here and check out BBE’s blog for quite literally everything you’ve ever wanted to know about natural skincare.

Honor him this National BF Day by posting a sweet pic of you two to social media.

This next idea isn’t for everyone, but if your love language is public displays of affection… you just might love it. Why not post a cute pic of your loved one in honor of National BF Day? Adding a few sweet words as a caption sure doesn’t hurt and will be a memory you can look back on throughout the year ahead!

Hit the open road and take a spontaneous road trip.

There’s nothing like hopping in the car, putting on some music and taking a drive with your BF. Oh and, picking up ice cream along the way (duh). If you can’t take a big trip this year, planning (or spontaneously taking) a road trip is a great way to do something romantic and different. Check out a town nearby or an area he’s always been curious about. You’ll discover new things together and create memories for years to come. Plus, car talks are always the best talks, #amirite?

And if you don’t have a BF… don’t sweat it, girlfriend.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate being single and fabulous, either alone or with your closest girls! And honestly, we’ve definitely covered how to do just that in a few of our past blogs. But if you are in love and want to highlight all the things you adore about your partner, we think one of the options above will be *perfect* for your National BF Day celebration.

Let us know down below how you’re celebrating National BF Day this year. And of course, know that as always, BBE loves ya!

Carey <3

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