How Coronavirus Has Changed Our Shower Routines

How Coronavirus Has Changed Our Shower Routines


Due to quarantine, our routines have changed considerably. We work differently, eat differently, and even sleep differently. As it turns out, the effects have also found their way into our bathrooms—causing our shower routines to take on a new form. Whether or not this was a conscious decision, we can't say. But, hey, at least we're giving our bods some much needed TLC. A coronavirus-time shower routine entails a hearty scrub, cleanse, and nourishment.

Antibacterial is Everything

Properly washing your hands is vital right now, but what about the rest of your body? Using a body wash that's antibacterial can ensure you're covering all your bases, especially if you're having to leave your home for work or to purchase groceries. Our peppermint tea tree body wash helps fend off germs while helping other conditions like acne or psoriasis. It's also incredibly invigorating, so if you're in need of a pick-me-up after a restless night, hop in the shower and get tingly. (Leave a comment if you're also fighting the toss-and-turn or some super weird dreams nowadays.)

All the Exfoliation

I know I often skip out on exfoliating for lack of time or energy. But, being at home, it's been easier to take a second to slough off the old for the new, as eloquent as that sounds. The best way to exfoliate pre-showering is with a dry brush. Our small, rounded brush is perfect to get specific places while massaging cellulite at the same time. On the other hand, the long-handled brush makes it easy to exfoliate areas like the back that can get neglected.

Once you're in the shower, combine your body wash with a konjac sponge and back scrubber for an even deeper scrub.

If you prefer an all-in-one hydrating scrub, we recommend trying out our Organic Fair Trade Peppermint Tea Tree Body Scrub.

Next some tips? Check out our blog post on exfoliation for more.

More Time for Treatments

A coronavirus shower routine equals more time to go in on the treatments—and that's totally ok! In fact, it's almost necessary. With all the stress and uncertainty, your body is working overtime to keep you functioning. Pay it forward by investing in some body love. Finish up your routine trying out a hydrating body butter post shower, like this OSEA Algea Body Butter.

How have you changed up your skincare routine? Feel free to share down below.

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