Hilarious stories and memes of thanksgivings gone wrong

Hilarious stories and memes of thanksgivings gone wrong


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, but it's also a time when things can go wrong. From burnt turkeys to awkward family gatherings, it can be a time of some of the funniest stories (and future memes). We hope you enjoy this round-up of hilarious stories and memes of thanksgivings gone wrong.


Ah, the Hilarious Burned Turkeys

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, but sometimes that turkey can get a little too well done. Check out these stories and memes about burnt turkeys that will have you laughing (and maybe not wanting to cook your own bird this year).


"So they asked my kid how he celebrates Thanksgiving. He said, “we make tamales, Nana makes cheesecake, and mommy burns the turkey!” 🤦🏻‍♀️😂"




When Things Just Don't Go as Planned on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, but sometimes things just don't go as planned. From last-minute menu changes to unfortunate moments with your SUV in neutral, here are some of the funniest stories and memes about Thanksgiving gone wrong.




When Thanksgiving ingredient swaps go terribly (and hilariously) wrong

"My grandma accidentally poured dish soap on the turkey instead of oil… might have been one of the funniest but most upsetting things I’ve ever seen."

— Gjlynch22


"As a kid, I visited my great-grandma on Thanksgiving, on her porch. She had 2 pecan pies cooling. I saw 2 little squirrels come through the drainage holes and pick off pecans, and eat them. I pointed it out, and my great-grandma just said, 'Shh. Don't tell. I'll put new ones on.'"



When the turkey catches on fire

Frying a turkey can be a great way to add some extra flavor to pair with your mashed potatoes to your Thanksgiving feast, but it can also go seriously wrong. Check out these funny thanksgiving memes and stories about turkeys too hot to handle (and maybe you won't be wanting to try frying your own bird this year).



When your funny holiday prank takes an unexpected turn

When your funny holiday prank takes an unexpected turn



When your family makes everything a bit awkward at Thanksgiving

"One Thanksgiving my kid was trying to get my aunt to help him make a plate and she goes "Have your dad help you" pointing at me. My kid has never known me as their "dad" so I tell him "You go right back over there and tell your grandfather I said to help you"." -Brandi Bryant


"For those of you who are alone on Thanksgiving, for 50 I'll call you and ask you why you're not married yet and when you're getting a raise." 

Letting the turkey chill in the sink

When kids overshare their Thanksgiving traditions

"I was teaching first grade, and it was around Thanksgiving so we were in our sharing circle telling what our families did for the holiday. One kid, Christopher, said, “On Thanksgiving, my father sits on the toilet for hours.” Sharing circle ended in hysterics that day."


When you're trying to be healthy on Thanksgiving


This is my auntie on thanksgiving. I made a broccoli salad for yall thats trying to be healthy


When Your Family Is a Little Too Close for Comfort

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, but sometimes that can be a little too much. From awkward conversations to uncomfortable situations, here are some of the funniest stories and memes about families that are just a little too close for comfort.


When your kids nail it

"I just pulled into my mother's driveway with my kid for a Thanksgiving visit. I said “ok yay! Let’s go visit Nan!” And she goes “yayyy!! Time for me to have fun and you to get frustrated!” 


Ah, the complex Mother/Daughter/Granddaughter dynamics"

- @Kevinsmom1985

When your daughter is just a little too thankful this year

"My daughter's preschool is having their Thanksgiving Feast today. Before we ate, her teacher went around to every kid with a microphone and asked them what they were thankful for. 

When it was her turn, my daughter said "Jack."

He's a boy in her class.

I am in so much trouble."


 kids on Thanksgiving pretending to drink their milk like wine


When "Happy thanksgiving" doesn't mean the same thing to everyone in the class. . .

"I asked a kid in my class who’s from Mexico if he was gonna go back home for thanksgiving break, he said, “Thanksgiving is for people who came over on the Mayflower, my family flew Delta.”"



"I sat in on my daughters 1st grade music class. The music teacher asked them to share what they’re grateful for ahead of Thanksgiving. 

Every single kid said they’re thankful for family and friends. Except for Sam. Sam is thankful for pizza and money.  

Sam is my kind of people!"


 When Thanksgiving is drastically different from your dog's point of view

Thanksgiving from a dogs point of view

When your favorite thanksgiving dish isn't your friends' fave.

"Yesterday a kid in my class said she didn't like mac and cheese and the fam wasn't making it for Thanksgiving. I couldn't start class for a full 3 minutes. I had to stop a riot. They had hate in their hearts. I had to talk them off the ledge."



When your dog REALLY wants to be part of the Thanksgiving day festivities

Dogs are always excited to be part of the Thanksgiving festivities, and sometimes they can get a little too excited. From knocking over the turkey, to eating all the stuffing, to ransacking the kids' table, and getting into the pumpkin pie, pets can get into a LOT of trouble during thanksgiving. Check out these funny pet memes and stories about pets who really want to be included in the Thanksgiving feasting.

dog with sign that says I ate the raw thanksgiving chicken and I have no regrets 

"We felt bad for my dog having to watch us eat Thanksgiving dinner from the window outside so we took our food upstairs.. A few minutes later I saw this out the window"

 dog peeking in at dinner from the tree outside the window

"Our dog and the smaller dog we’re fostering are pestering my mom all morning while she’s making the turkey. To distract them while we eat, she gives them each a chew bone (not from the turkey). We’re ten minutes into dinner when the foster dog steals the other dog’s bone and gets a nip to the ear for it.


Suddenly, the house is a murder scene. Blood splatters the walls as he shakes his head constantly, bothered by the steadily-dripping ear. He’s small and we keep trying to catch him, but he’s diving under the table and behind furniture, all the while dripping blood across the house. I finally grab hold of him and try to apply pressure with my hands, a napkin, a towel- we try to tape a bandage to his ear, to no avail. I’m covered in blood, the house is a macabre Jackson Pollack painting, and my mom runs to the store to get “whatever they have to stop bleeding.”


We put the foster dog in a crate to try to contain the blood and start to clean up the floor. It’s then we realize my mom’s then-boyfriend is still at the head of the table, calmly eating his Thanksgiving dinner."


 I thought no pie meant eat entire pie - dog meme

Dogs with thanksgiving signs asking you to be vegan

thanksgiving - bringing out the best in family dysfunction since 1863

 We're pretty sure it was more like 1621, but who's counting?

When everything goes wrong on Turkey Day


 when your wife says lets do thanksgiving like in the 70s

When kids hear the wrong thing while moms are making the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie

There's a lot that goes on in the kitchen prepping for that coveted Thanksgiving meal and sometimes kids can hear things that they're not supposed to. Most often, they just don't understand what they're hearing. While a bit stressful for kids, these mishearings can lead to some truly funny thanksgiving moments.




when youre sitting at the kids table to avoid politics

When your relatives insist on playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving.

I cary a stone to throw at anyone I hear singing Christmas songs before thanksgiving. I call it my jingle bell rock.

When your turkey sense tells you something's up and you just know it. . . 

somethings up - the farmer just unfriended me on facebook meme

When your mom tells you not to eat any of the deviled eggs... 

when your mom tells you not to eat any of the food because its for thanksgiving guests

When all else fails, just make the turkey, please . . .

"A few years ago, my parents were teaching Sunday school and one of the 4-year-olds wasn’t doing the Thanksgiving project. My dad asked him why and he said, “I’m unsure of myself.” My dad said, “Look, kid, we’re all unsure of ourselves. Now, make a turkey, please.” 😂"



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