Heartfelt Stories of Valor on Veteran's Day

Heartfelt Stories of Valor on Veteran's Day


At BBE, we greatly value and appreciate the sacrifices made by our veterans. To honor their service, we reached out to our customers and asked them to share their stories about the veterans in their lives for the chance to win a $150 for themselves and their Vet. The response was overwhelming, and we are grateful to everyone who took the time to share their heartfelt stories. We had such a hard time choosing a winning nomination, we decided to give all of the nominees a small gift card as a token of our appreciation. Here are just a few of the incredible stories we received:

Winning Entry:  Veteran Lorie Jakobitz, Nominated by Carrie C.

"I would like to nominate Lorie Jakobitz.  She is an Army vet and fought in Afghanistan.  She’s someone I’ve looked up to since high school.  She was a fellow athlete and track star.  I was a freshman when she was a senior.  When most upper class men treated us freshman poorly, she took me under her wing.  She was a friend and always cheered me on. 
She now suffers from PTSD because of her time in the military.  She has a service dog that helps her with the severe anxiety she experiences.  She’s selfless, she’s an incredible wife and mom of two boys.  She volunteers at her local fire department, at her local library, she  volunteers at the nursing home where she helps teach dance for the elderly.  She is giving and caring and deserves the world.  
Much love,
Carrie C."

Veteran Scott Losack

"Like most veterans, they are the most forgiving, sacrificial, loving honorable people. Scott Losack takes it next step further.  He has all the glory to God and honor his country at the same time. At all times he does what is right, and gives his time, money, and talents to others every day. He  Even started a business that helps others including veterans with their financial literacy and credit scores.   
He embodies what every military soldier should strive for- honor, respect, love, and kindness. 
Thank you, Scott Losack for giving so much for so many years! 

Veteran Lieutenant C. Leffingwell

I nominate my Nephew, C. Leffingwell. He is a Marine Lieutenant and is the best Human I have ever met.  He has a beautiful family a beautiful Wife and Little Princess Daughter and a Loving dog that is part of the family. He wakes up everyday serving and protecting our amazing g Country but his Family and Friends as well. He gladly moves his family all across the country with a smile on his face and keeps God first on his life and service.  God always comes first and he leads by example.  His friends, family, and especially Aunt CeCe could not be more Proud and Thankful for the Man he has become.
I used to change his diapers and to see him full circle in his uniform is the Proudest thing I have ever viewed.  Thank you C. Leffingwell for you giving amazing Heart and for keeping us all safe and sound! We sleep good every night because of you and all of our service men and Women! I could not be a more Proud Aunt and this was an easy nomination for me! I Love You C and will forever be rooting you on ! 
All my Love
Aunt CeCe"

Unnamed Veteran

unnamed veteran

"Picture this….1969, a skinny 18 year old has just graduated high school. He’s just received his draft number and knows it’s only a matter of time. He enlists in the army. He ends up in Vietnam as a helicopter machine gunner. Their helicopter is shot down 3 times and miraculously survives without a scratch. This is only one of numerous stories. He considers himself one of the lucky ones and manages to come home unscathed or so he thought.
-Pam A."

Veteran Katie Sparks

"I would like to nominate someone I went to school with 10+ years ago - Katie Sparks! I personally joined the military right after graduating high school and served 4 years in the Army. After the military, I went to college and became a stay at home mom! I always love seeing what my old classmates are up to and I was so proud to see my classmate, Katie, join the air force! She made the decision shortly after she got married, which is a huge sacrifice. During her service, she has furthered her education to multiple degrees and is a new mom all while serving her country. She is an inspiration to myself and many other women that you can accomplish your dreams no matter what!
- Kelsee K."

Veteran Captain Noel Byers

"I would like to nominate my sister, Captain Noel Byers.
Noel has been serving in the army for over 10 years. She is inspiring in so many ways, and excels in leadership, as a woman in a very male dominated field. She leads with passion, integrity and empathy. Noel cares deeply for her work, and for protecting our country, she is AMAZING. Everyone around Noel respects her, and she has shown time and time again, that she will give her all to protect those she loves. I am so proud to not only call her my sister, but so proud of how she continues to excel as a part of the US Army.

Kind Regards,
Alissa P."


Veteran John

Veterans Day - John

Veteran John
"This my husband, John, who is a Vietnam veteran. He was drafted at 19 years old and spent time in combat. He was with the 101st Airborne and served his country with honor. We have been together for over 30 years.

- Marianne W."


Veteran Rose Bogaard

"I would like to nominate my sister in law, Rose Bogaard. She fought for our country in the Navy. I’m so thankful for her and her sacrifice. While there she met my husband’s brother Josh (in the Marine’s). They both have sacrificed so much for our country, served their years and I appreciate them so much. They’ve met so many of their friends, made memories (good and bad), but the biggest thing I appreciate most is being our heroes. They now are raising five beautiful children (my nephews and niece!) and I cannot be more proud! 
Sydney B."

Veteran Lewie Thompson

"My Dad! Lewie Thompson. He was in Vietnam when I was born.

- Wendy M."


So Thankful to our Veterans

These are just a few of the many incredible stories we received from our customers. Each story is a testament to the bravery, sacrifice, and resilience of our veterans. We are grateful for their service and honored to share their stories. If you have a story about a veteran in your life, we would love to hear it in the comments below. Together, let's continue to honor and support our veterans.

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