Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas

Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas


It’s that cozy, familiar time of year again. The one where you get to soak up all of the fall vibes and give thanks for all that you have to be grateful for (because babe, there’s so much to be grateful for). We love how this holiday brings family and friends together. Not to mention, what a prime occasion it is to have a decadent homecooked meal. Thanksgiving brings us waves of positivity and around here, we think it’s another opportunity to think about the planet and how we can act in more environmentally conscious ways. From making the most scrumptious dinner to bringing the perfect hostess gift, we’ve got a *ton* of eco-friendly Thanksgiving ideas just for you, gorgeous. We’re talking decorations, food, gifts, and more!

This Thanksgiving, choose to shop locally.



Not only is the dreamy fall weather alone a great excuse to get out and explore your town, but it’s also a reason to visit local shops and to be more eco-friendly.

Whether you’re looking for the best food ingredients or unique table settings, consider hitting up your local heroes this Thanksgiving. Supporting local businesses is crucial right now, and you’ll end up finding gems you never would at those big box stores. Additionally, keeping your Thanksgiving shopping local means that you’ll be reducing your overall environmental impact. Less driving and less pollution, baby. And when it comes to local food shopping, you’ll be getting fresher more organic produce!

Save energy by creating a moody ambiance.

This next idea on our list of eco-friendly Thanksgiving ideas is the easiest way to create a chill vibe for your guests and to save on energy.

If you thought candlelit dinners were only for romantic occasions, think again babe! A candle-filled table can shift your dinner mood from chaotic to relaxing in a cinch. What’s more, it’s a perfect way to avoid harsh lighting and to preserve a bit of electricity.

Every bit of effort counts, so we love this idea for how easy it is to incorporate into your plans and for how it elevates those Thanksgiving décor vibes. Need some inspo? Check out these dim-lit tables below.

Nail your Thanksgiving dinner this year with some new twists on old classics.

There are some things you just shouldn’t mess with. You know, things like grandma’s secret cranberry sauce recipe. Other things, however, can be even better with your own personal touch on them.

Whether you craft your own signature Thanksgiving cocktail, or trade-in the classic turkey dinner for a vegan lasagna – adding your own twist on what this holiday entails can be totally refreshing. In fact, opting for more plant-based dishes instead of a traditional Thanksgiving feast is an easy way to stay eco-friendly during the holidays.

Plant-based foods benefit the environment in a variety of ways. Studies show that shifting away from animal-based foods can add to the global food supply chain without expanding croplands. What’s more, making this switch can also reduce carbon emissions and waste that often ends up in landfills. If you want to learn more about the benefits of cutting down on meat and opting for greens instead, click here.

Eco-friendly table décor that will be all over your guest’s Instagram pages by the end of the night.



If you want décor and arrangements that will blow away your dinner guests, look no further than… nature!

For real, babe. There is no reason to spend money on plastic or disposable decorations. Especially not when the color of fall leaves alone is enough to spruce up any Thanksgiving table. So head out the door, and start collecting what is likely already at your doorstep!


You can also use pumpkins in a variety of sizes that you can then use to cook or bake with. And hey, if decorating a table with pumpkins is wrong – we don’t want to be right! Add a few branches or leaves to the mix and let your creative juices flow. An easy way to add another personalized touch to your table that will make your guests feel *super* special, is adding a small name card to their plate.

You deserve some gorgeous Thanksgiving place settings… because they’re *way* better than disposable ones.

If you needed an excuse to treat yourself to some new dinnerware, girl we’ve got you. We sort of have a slight obsession with all things kitchen-related, so this one was right up our alley.

Plus, this idea is totally eco-friendly. If you tend to go out and purchase disposable place settings every year to spruce up your Thanksgiving table, this ones for you. Invest in a festive holiday dinnerware set that you can re-use every single year. Less waste, less of those flimsy disposable guys, and another easy way to make your Thanksgiving meal that much more special.

There are some seriously cute options out there, so we had to share a few with you. Check out these must-have sets for your next Thanksgiving party.

Invite your guests to bring their fave holiday dessert.

Trust us, you’ll be tired by the time you get the main meal out on the table babe. So why not ask your guests to bring a small dessert to lighten your load and be a little more environmentally friendly.

Of course, we encourage you to instruct your pals to only use reusable plates and to bake in moderation! If you really want to step it up a notch, get family and friends to bring no-waste desserts. Meaning, nothing goes to the garbage and nothing (duh) goes to waste. A.k.a. hold off on any fancy non-edible décor on top of those cupcakes, girlfriend.

… And, invite them to bring their own reusable containers so they don’t leave empty-handed.

Ever notice how sending people home with your reusable containers equals never getting them back? Yeah, we did too, which is why we came up with this next gem on our list of eco-friendly Thanksgiving ideas.

This year, invite your guests to bring their own reusable containers! This is the perfect way to minimize food waste, send your friends and family home stuffed, and keep your Tupperware collection intact.

We totally get that Thanksgiving dinner often equals a feast. And hey, it’s one that we look forward to each and every year. I mean, what other holiday brings about the glorious excuse to make homemade stuffing? We love all of the classic holiday dishes, however, we don’t love waste. All of that extra food ends up in landfills and results in the emission of harmful gasses. As you can probably already guess, that sure isn’t our style. Especially on a holiday that is all about expressing gratitude and showing the world around us a little grace.

And just in case your guests forget to bring their takeaway containers, here are a few of our faves below that can definitely help to save the day.

These reusable bags are perfect for those extra dinner rolls.

Every babe should have a set of these affordable multi-sized containers in her life. And at $5.99 a set, you won’t be totally heartbroken if you lose one of them to your sister (again).

Gift your Thanksgiving hostess one of these eco-friendly must-haves.

Maybe you’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year. Or maybe you are, but you’re attending more than one-holiday party. If you want to bring your hostess a cute token of your appreciation while being kind to the planet, we feel that. Check out these next eco-friendly Thanksgiving ideas.

Gift an item from one of the many fabulous fall trends that are here this season. From cozy scarves that your hostess will keep for years to come, to cruelty-free nail polishes that will give her an excuse to have some much-needed me-time post-Thanksgiving cleanup. There are *tons* of eco-friendly gifts you can purchase that won’t create excessive waste or hurt the planet.

We even love the idea of gifting a candle that comes in a jar that can be repurposed long after its wax has melted away. Alternatively, you can gift a candle that has already been repurposed using recycled material. These are super unique, and you’re supporting an environmentally friendly brand! Check these out.

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly swaps that can inspire your gift-giving habits this Thanksgiving, we have so much more where that came from. Give our fall edition of “This Not That” that is packed with clean swaps a read, right here.

This Thanksgiving, show your gratitude by giving back to your community.

Between all of the cooking and planning for this beloved holiday, it’s easy to forget about taking a little time out to give back to the community. However, Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to help a family in need or to contribute in your own small way to the world around you.

This year, consider volunteering at a local shelter or providing a hot meal to someone who really needs it. Or, donate to a charity that is close to your heart. There are *tons* of organizations in every state that can help you do just this. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you did babe.

After all, being blessed enough to be able to help others around you is something to be thankful for in itself.

From our family to yours, have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday babe.

We hope that some of these eco-friendly Thanksgiving ideas gave you the inspiration you needed to show the planet a little love this holiday season. What’s more, we definitely hope that you choose to create your own environmentally friendly traditions that can be recreated for years to come.

Caring for the planet and making an effort to be eco-conscious doesn’t have to be hard, babe. In fact, the tips & tricks above show that it can actually be better for the environment and for you and your family. Not to mention, implementing these habits can be pretty fun if you ask us.

Let us know down below how you keep your green goddess status during the holiday season. And of course, tell us about what new ideas you’ll be trying out this year.

All of the love & all of the stuffing,

Carey <3

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