Healthy Holiday Drink Swaps

Healthy Holiday Drink Swaps


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas - we’re getting in the spirit, babe! The holidays bring about so many things that we look forward to all year long. You know, like Hallmark movie marathons and an abundance of all things gingerbread. What’s more, we are sure that the amount of holiday parties you’ll be attending is likely already starting to add up (we see you, you social butterfly, you). We think the holiday season is a reason to indulge and to treat yourself to things you might not usually have on a regular basis (hello, peppermint latte mornings). However, we also think that no one asks to feel unhealthy or (overly) hungover for Christmas. That being said, we’ve lined up a few healthy holiday drink swaps that will make you feel good *and* filled with all our favorite things, fruits!

Holiday Drink

This holiday season, ditch the sugary mixes and use sparkling water instead.

In fact, keep this trick in mind no matter what time of year it is. If you love indulging in a cocktail here and there, paying attention to the mix you use can make a huge difference in how healthy-ish your alcoholic drink of choice is.

Sparkling water mixed drink

Whether you prefer gin, vodka, rum (or whatever else!) reach for flavored sparkling water instead of juice or soda as your mix. There is a slew of 0-calories options out there that can be used to cut back on your cocktail’s sugar content. Not to mention, that will *definitely* reduce your chances of being gifted a hangover in the morning, too. Not only is sparkling water a 0-calorie alternative, but it also helps to hydrate you, a win, win!

If you want some extra flavor, add some fresh fruit or herbs of your choice to your drink. We love throwing in some sliced lime, lemon, or raspberries to our sparkling-water-based cocktails. They make everything taste better and add some super cute decorative vibes to your glass.

Opt for this warm and spicy eggnog drink instead of after dinner spiked coffees.

Trust us, babe. We love a Kahlua-filled Spanish coffee to top off our night as much as the next girl. But if you’re looking to cut back on the alcohol après holiday feast, check out this next idea on our list of healthy holiday drink swaps.

Holiday eggnog drink

Forego the Baileys and thick alcoholic nightcaps for a festive (and alcohol-free) eggnog special. This drink is super easy to prepare, and even your kids will love it. All you need to do is warm up a cup of eggnog on your stove and add a dash of cinnamon and/or cardamom on top. If you want to be extra fancy, add some light whipped cream (homemade is healthiest) before serving. If you have a milk frothing machine, you can totally use this to warm up and prep your eggnog, too.

It’s easy peasy to make, as festive as it gets and will hurt a little less in the morning. You’re welcome.

Want to forget about alcohol altogether during cocktail hour? Kombucha is your friend, babe.

If you’re looking to cut back on alcoholic beverages this holiday season, we’re here to tell you it is totally doable. As much as the drinks are flowing this time of year, there are healthy alternatives that taste just as good and that can make you feel much better than that 3rd gin & tonic.

Kombucha holiday drink

Babe, hear us loud and clear on this one. Kombucha is your p-a-l. We know this drink is sort of an acquired taste but once you acquire it, it’s hard to resist! Kombucha is packed with antioxidants, does wonders for your gut, and is a powerful source of probiotics. What’s more, it has a somewhat sour taste that can essentially trick your mind into thinking it’s having a *healthy* cocktail.

Even if you don’t totally cut out alcohol this holiday season, consider reaching for a glass of kombucha at your next gathering or serving it up to your guests. Even if they don’t love it right away, we promise it will make for a stellar conversation piece!

Instead of traditional hot chocolate, try this hot raw cacao.

You can’t argue with us on this one. There is nothing better than curling up with a Christmas movie and a warm cup of hot chocolate on a winter night. However, this beloved classic is often loaded with refined sugars and therefore… not so healthy.

Don’t fret though, babe. There is a healthy alternative to this holiday go-to. In fact, you can even make it dairy-free if you wish. You only need two (or three) ingredients to make it happen. Check this out.

Raw hot cacao drink
  1. Warm up your milk or dairy substitute of choice. You can use a small pot over your stove to do this, or a milk frothing machine if you have one.
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of natural, raw cacao to your liquid of choice. You can of course add more or less, depending how sweet you like your hot cocoa.
  3. This part is optional, but you can add a bit of stevia or agave nectar to this hot drink to make it *extra* sweet. Hey, we’re not judging!

And just like that, you have a delicious hot chocolate made with natural sugars that tastes just as good as the other artificially flavored stuff. Look at you, you healthy holiday drink swapping goddess, you.

Love your lattes? Try this healthy holiday latte made with tea!

If you’re the babe who *loves* her lattes, we can relate! But if you want to make your holiday peppermint latte a little healthier this year, consider using tea instead of espresso shots and syrups.

You can make a tea latte with any tea of your choice. It simply requires brewing your tea, then adding your warm milk or dairy substitute of choice. Need some more inspo for this one? We love the following tea latte combinations.

  • Earl gray with unsweetened almond milk
  • Matcha green tea with vanilla oat milk
  • Peppermint tea with cashew milk
  • Rooibos tea with half & half cream
Latte made with tea

Not only does tea have so many benefits, but it is also an easy way to cut back on your caffeine intake. All you need to do is opt for caffeine-free options! And there you have it, you’re well on your way to making yet another healthy holiday drink swap a reality.

Do the holidays make you want to reach for a chai? Go for golden turmeric milk instead!

If you haven’t heard of golden turmeric milk babe, we’re about to put you on to something delicious and nutritious. They don’t call this milk golden for nothing, and you’ll love what this drink can do for your body. In fact, there are so many benefits we love about this warm cup of golden goodness, that we went ahead and listed them here.

  • Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants (and you already know how much we love these).
  • It can help reduce inflammation and make you feel less bloated (and who doesn’t want that, especially during the holidays).
  • Turmeric can lower your blood sugar levels.
  • Turmeric has antibacterial properties that can help you fight off pesky infections and bacteria that would otherwise make you sick.

If that extensive list wasn’t enough to spike your curiosity about this golden milk, we can’t relate babe! The positive effects this spice can have on your health are numerous, and making it into a drink is *super* easy to master. We especially love this 5-minute vegan recipe, right here.

Turmeric Milk Tea

Love your wine no matter what holiday it is? Try a spritzer instead!

Similarly to what we mentioned at the beginning of our healthy holiday drink swaps list, sparkling water can go a long way if you’re trying to cut back on alcohol this season. And if you love your wine (sis, we hear you!), consider making it a spritzer here and there to minimize your alcohol intake.

White wine pairs swimmingly with sparkling water and is an easy way to dilute your drink. If you prefer red, consider adding flavored sparkling water to your glass along with a splash of fresh lime. This makes for a sangria-type cocktail, that you can enjoy sipping on throughout the night!

Holiday Spritzer

And if you want to go completely alcohol-free, reach for non-alcoholic sparkling wines. You can often find varieties of this stuff at your local grocery store, and it is a great option to have on hand for some of your guests who want to avoid getting a little too lit during your annual holiday bash.

And finally, curate your own mocktail station for healthy & guilt-free drinks this holiday season.

Babe, we know you remember how much you loved a Shirley Temple when you were a kid. The cherries, the colors, let’s be real – this drink was iconic and made us feel all grown up when we ordered it!

You can make your very own mocktail station this holiday season. Have an assortment of sparkling water, natural juices, and add-ons (duh, the cherries) available for your guests to make their very own non-alcoholic beverages. Kids and adults alike will love this added touch. Plus, it’s another way to make your drink consumption a little healthier this year. And hey, for those who want their drinks spiked, simply include a bottle for self-serving to give them the option.

Holiday Cocktail Bar

Healthy holiday drink swaps for the win, gorgeous.

We know the holidays are a time to enjoy yourself with family and friends and to let loose. After all babe, you work hard all year and you so deserve to have this chill time to yourself. And with all the healthy holiday drink swaps out there, you can totally have your cocktail and drink it too. Not to mention, feel amazing in the morning and ready to wrap up those last Christmas presents (and that 16th Hallmark movie).

Cocktails near & Christmas cheer,

Carey <3

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