From Workout To Work - How To Get Ready in 15 Minutes

From Workout To Work - How To Get Ready in 15 Minutes


Are you ready for some fast beauty tips?

Of course you are. You're busy. I'm busy. We're all busy. Sometimes (or if you're me, most of the time) you just have to get ready fast.

So what do you do if you have fifteen minutes to transition from working out to looking ready for work? How do you go from wrangling the kids to date night with only a few minutes in between? And can you make it happen without resorting to toxic chemical ingredients?

Of course you can. Here's how:

4 Fast Beauty Tips That Will Have You Looking Fabulous in No Time

Tip #1: Dry Shampoo. I never go anywhere without a bottle of dry shampoo. If my hair is looking drab or a little less than fresh, I just spritz it on and massage it in. I love it for after the gym and traveling, but it's just as useful for busy mornings. If you only have a couple minutes to disguise a bedhead, just pull your hair back into a ponytail, spritz on some dry shampoo, and use your fingers to create volume around your crown. Gorgeous! And as an added bonus, every time you use dry shampoo you skip the conventional hair washing routine, which can actually damage your hair if you do it too much.

Tip #2: Streamline Your Makeup Routine. Don't have time for a full face? Stick with a few tried and true products. If I'm in a rush I'll usually put on a facial moisturizer, SPF BB cream, mascara, and lip color. That's all it takes to look put together (and protect my skin) in less than five minutes. Cream cosmetics can also be a lifesaver if you're cramped for time. Put together a "go-bag" with a few of your easiest to use products to make sure you never have to scramble when time is tight.

Tip #3: Cleanse with Face Wipes. Cleansing face wipes keep your complexion looking clean and bright without any water, soap, or drips. You can find disposable cleansing wipes that use all natural ingredients at many stores these days. Want a more earth friendly solution? Make your own! I love these instructions for how to make your own reusable face wipes - check it out over at Live Simply.

Tip #4: Freshen Up. Nothing says "I totally spent more than five minutes getting ready" like a fresh, bright, dewy complexion. That's exactly what you'll end up with if you use a spray-on facial toner. Spritz it on while you're on the go to quickly freshen up your look no matter how rushed you feel. I like the Beauty by Earth toner because it includes rose water. Not only does it freshen my face, it leaves a light aroma behind too.

These four fast beauty tips are usually all I need to look (and feel) great when I'm on the go. But what about you? Any ideas to add to the list? How do you handle it when you have to look good in a hurry? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and SPF,


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