Face Oil or Moisturizer First?

Face Oil or Moisturizer First?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably know all about face oil. This highly coveted product has taken off as one of the most popular ways of making your skin glow. From exceptional hydration to anti-aging properties, this additional step in your skincare routine is so worth it. So how does this face oil thing work? Will my skin actually be oily? Will my foundation slip and slide all over if I use this first? What about my moisturizer, is it still relevant? Girl, we get it! You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. We’re about to answer one of the most asked questions by beauty junkies and skincare newbies alike: face oil or moisturizer first?

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Hang on a second, what is a face oil?

Simply put, a face oil is a glorious product that helps strengthen the outer layer of your skin. It is of course, more of an emollient than your regular cream or gel-based moisturizer.

Typically, your face oil will also be packed with nutrients that are more concentrated than a traditional moisturizer, meaning you reap a slew of benefits from using one on a regular basis. If you’ve really hit the face oil jackpot, you’ll reach for one that is plant-based and free of harsh chemicals.

You know, sort of like this gem right here.

Photo of the Glowing & Radiant Luxury Face Oil from BBE.

What’s the difference between a face oil and a moisturizer?

Aside from the obvious difference face oil and moisturizer have inconsistency, the ingredient list is what really sets these two essentials apart.

Which should I use first? Oil or Moisturizer

Your tried and true face cream will usually boast hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides. These properties play a pivotal role in making your skin supple, and soft. A face oil, however, will be made from natural oils that can derive from plants or even nuts. Essentially, face oil houses a ton of nourishing ingredients that can make a significant difference in the texture and appearance of your skin.

Do I really need both a face oil, and a moisturizer? Won’t my skin be too hydrated?

Girl, please! Too much hydration? Like my mother used to ask me, “would you rather be a juicy grape or a dried-up raisin”? A.k.a. drink your water, and apply that moisturizer religiously!

In all seriousness though, we think using both a face oil and a moisturizer has a myriad of benefits. And although both products do hydrate your skin, they ultimately play a different role. By incorporating a nourishing face oil like this one into your routine, you’re ensuring your skin is being nourished on a whole other level. What’s more, you’re applying natural and effective ingredients that will improve the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dark spots.

Chart listing all of the benefits of the BBE Balance & Restore Oil.

Here are our face oil tips for any skin type, even yours gorgeous.

Normal/Combination babes: Consider using a face oil once a day, preferably at night.

Oily or acne-prone beauties: Like our babes above, use your face oil once a day, and don’t skip it! We know using an oil-based anything on your skin when you have a breakout may sound scary. But even the oiliest of pretty faces needs that hydration in order to not overproduce excess sebum. If you're worried about feeling greasy, opt for a lightweight natural moisturizer as part of your skincare routine.

Dry gals: Double up on the face oil, baby. Incorporate this holy grail product into both your morning and night time routine, and watch those dry patches disappear.

Sensitive friends: Make sure you’re choosing a natural, non-irritating face oil like BBE’s. Monitor how much hydration your skin needs, and assess whether using twice a day is necessary or not. If you’re opting for the once a day application, do like your normal/combination girls and apply at night to wake up glowing.

Ok spit it out, which one comes first?!

Ok, ok. We saved the answer to your burning question for last. You might be surprised to learn that unlike a serum, your face oil should go after your moisturizer. Meaning, it should be the very last step in your skincare routine.

Image of the BBE Glowing & Radiant Luxury Face Oil

Check this out. Face oil acts as a magic sealer if you will, that locks in all of the amazing benefits from your skincare routine. Additionally, it is important to know that no products can penetrate oil. That means it is virtually useless to apply anything on top of your face oil, because it won’t properly sink into your skin. That oily goodness though? It can easily still reach your skin even if you have moisturizer on underneath of it. Therefore, you’ll get all that nourishment your pretty face so deserves.

To break it down simply, your routine should go a little something like this. When you’re done cleansing, toning, applying serum and eye cream, and moisturizer – in comes the cherry on top that is face oil. All you’ve gotta do is pat a small amount into your skin to seal the deal, and get to glowing babe.


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Yvonne morales on

I would like to try i and I’m gonna buy It sounds very interesting what I read from my skin are they are natural

Camille @ BBE on

Hey Sarah! The balance and restore oil is currently out of stock. Hang in there, we’re working on getting more in!

Sarah on

Hi are you guys out of balance and restore oil or did you discontinue? I love this product I have oily/ combo skin and acne but it balances me so well .

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