Easy Ways to Spread Encouragement

Easy Ways to Spread Encouragement


Around here, we think positivity is totally underrated. Looking on the bright side and always seeing the glass half full might not always be second nature to us. However, learning to be positive and encouraging can be, well… nothing short of life changing. Oh and, it’s definitely a skill that can be learned. If you’re looking for ways to feel good by spreading all the good vibes, you’ve stumbled upon the right post, dear. In this one, we’re sharing some of our favorite easy ways to spread encouragement. And hey, when you’re done reading, why not spread some more positivity by sharing this blog with the ones you love most. Trust us, you’ll feel good that you did.

Give someone a handwritten note.

In a world filled with automated messages and emails that are 90% junk, sending someone an adorable handwritten note is a small gesture that means a lot.

Spread a few kind words of encouragement to that friend that’s been going through it or that co-worker who has been swamped the last couple of weeks. It doesn’t take much to brighten up someone’s day and writing down something positive to them can truly make all the difference.

Pick up the phone and/or send that text.

Alright, we know. We don’t all have carrier pigeons to send off handwritten notes and sometimes, we simply aren’t in a position to physically give them to someone (hello, new virtual world!). If this is the case for you, don’t sweat it, sis. You can still spread encouragement with the help of (you guessed it) your phone.

Whether you decide to pick up the phone (which can be a preferred, more personal method) or send a positive text to someone who needs it, make it a point to use technology for positive benefits. We all know how much one kind text or call can change our mood for the day or motivate us to keep going. So if you’re thinking about reaching out to someone who is on a deadline or who has been training tirelessly towards a goal, don’t hesitate to reach out. Spread some encouragement to them because you’ll never regret doing so.

Support your friends in their new (and old!) endeavors.

Sending positive words is one great way to spread encouragement. But showing up is a whole other level of being that positive cheerleader you want to be.

If your friends are participating in events that are important to them, offer to show up and be there to encourage them! Or if one of your family members is taking up a new hobby, offer to go to a class or seminar that could help them improve. Words are great, but presence? Well, that’s even better.

Help a friend or family member accomplish a goal.

Nothing feels quite as good as knowing that you helped someone you care about accomplish something that means the world to them. Maybe your mom is training to run a marathon or maybe your bestie wants to make healthier choices. No matter what the goal is of those around you, make an effort to be someone who helps them accomplish it.

And if you’re not sure what goals people around you have, ask! Being a supportive, positivity-spreading goddess, isn’t always easy. But it is always rewarding. So don’t hesitate to ask people what it is they would love to accomplish in the short-term and the long-term. You’ll make them feel good by doing so, and you’ll know how to encourage them, too.

Participate in the “random acts of kindness” movement.

You may have seen some of these viral positive acts on social media lately. However, the truth is that you do not need an audience to do something nice for a stranger. What’s more, these acts do not have to be huge by any means. You can encourage someone you’ve never met by simply smiling at them. You never know what someone else is going through, and sometimes, something as simple as a kind nod can give someone the little bit of motivation they need to keep going with their day. Go on, give those smiles out by the dozen – they’re free!

Ask someone how you can better encourage them.

Finally, sometimes the best way to spread encouragement in a way that is meaningful is to ask those you love around you how to! Everyone views motivation and positivity in different ways, therefore asking and listening to how you can be a positive force in someone’s life is *crucial*. We’re all for learning, and all for spreading those good vibes, girlfriend.

Spread some more encouragement by sharing this post.

There you have it, sis. A few easy peasy ways to make someone’s day a little brighter by spreading some encouragement. And in turn, you’ll feel better, too – we promise. The best part about spreading positivity and encouragement is that it costs nothing yet brings a ton of beneficial side effects. Whether it is helping those you love to accomplish their goals or putting yourself in a better mood, you’ll quickly realize just how good it feels to practice spreading encouragement on a regular basis.

Palomas & Positivity,

Carey <3

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