Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally

Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally


Here Are Some Smart, Easy Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes Naturally

Let’s get real: most of us don’t clean our makeup brushes as frequently as we should. But even though it might seem like such a tedious chore, it’s important that makeup brushes are kept clean and to clean makeup brushes naturally, using non-toxic products. Dirty brushes can result in irritation, infections, and even premature aging. Finding ways to clean your makeup brushes naturally may sound like a lot of work. But thankfully, there are safe and effective ways to clean your makeup brushes with natural ingredients.

Use natural soaps

One easy way to clean makeup brushes naturally is with organic ingredients, using natural soaps from non-toxic beauty brands. The ingredients in synthetic cleaning agents can be quite harsh on the skin, so opting for natural alternatives can help you avoid allergic reactions. An organic face wash is ideal, or even an organic makeup remover, but you can also use a natural dish soap, which is particularly effective as it can strip your brushes of pesky oils from your makeup.

Make your own makeup cleanser

In a pinch? You can easily make your own organic makeup cleanser with ingredients you already have lying around your home. All you need is olive oil, Castile soap, some vinegar, warm water, two bowls, and a washcloth or towel.

First, pour a small amount (one teaspoon will do) of olive oil on a clean washcloth. Press your dirty makeup brush against the oiled cloth until its bristles are cover in oil. Keep brushing the bristles on the washcloth to break up the grime and old makeup. Then, combine Castile soap and warm water in a bowl and wash your brush in the soapy solution, running your fingers through the bristles to dislodge the dirt. Afterwards, pour half a cup of vinegar in another bowl. Dip your brush in the vinegar to disinfect the bristles.

Brush care tips you need to remember

When you clean your makeup brush naturally it helps preserve the health of its bristles, as harsh chemicals can easily dry them out and make them brittle. But besides using natural cleansers, it’s important that you know how to wash your makeup brushes properly. After all, good makeup brushes are an investment, and you want them to last for as long as possible.

When washing your brushes, make sure that you don’t get the handles wet, as the moisture could seep into the wood and metal, causing it to rust and crack. After washing your brushes, use a clean towel to gently squeeze out the excess water. Then, place them on a brush rack — bristles down. Don’t place your brushes in a cup, as the moisture can damage your brushes’ handles. If you don’t have a brush rack, you can lay your brushes on a flat surface, propping the handles up with a rolled up towel so that the moisture goes away from the handles. Take the time to clean makeup brushes naturally once a week, and your skin will thank you for it.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any additional tips on how to clean your makeup brush naturally.

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