Down to Earth (Day)

Down to Earth (Day): How we're working to make the earth a happier, healthier place


We believe in helping people and the planet thrive. That's why we are always on the lookout for opportunities to create a positive and lasting impact. Because we know that a little bit of work can make a world of difference. This Earth Day, come along with us as we show you some of the ways we're working toward helping our planet flourish.

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Loving the Planet

We're dedicated to making the earth a healthier, happier place than we found it. Here are a few ways . . . 

Plastic Neutral 

Every year, we invest thousands in ocean and beach cleanup efforts. As a certified plastic-neutral company, we clean up 1 lb of plastic waste from the environment for every 1 lb we generate.

RePurpose Global - Plastic Neutral _ beauty by earth

Reef-Friendly SPF

We love our oceans and coral reefs. So we only use ingredients that won’t kill native aquatic life. Our SPF is made from mineral sources exclusively. Wind-Powered HQ - We believe in renewable energy. That’s why our offices and warehouse is powered by wind. Sure, it costs more, but we think it’s totally worth it!

Wind-Powered HQ

We believe in renewable energy. That’s why our offices and warehouse is powered by wind. Sure, it costs more, but we think it’s totally worth it!

Recyclable Packaging

Our Kraft boxes, glass bottles, and tubes are recyclable. We intentionally avoid certain papers, inks, and plastics so that you can easily recycle your empties.

Recyclable Kraft Boxes

What Are Kraft Boxes?

Kraft paper boxes come from the German word for strength. They are made using natural wood fibers and recycled paperboards. The boxes undergo a unique process that results in a brown-colored material similar to standard cardboard boxes, but with heightened durability. The key to kraft boxes' sturdiness is the amount of sulfur used during the production process. This also enhances their density, adding another layer of protection, while remaining an eco-friendly option.

If companies prefer a different color, there is always the option to bleach the fiber and turn it white. However, we believe there's beauty in the natural brown hue as it provides a more rustic look.

Eco-Friendly Green Bag 

Our special shipping bags are designed to breakdown in landfills. You can check ‘em in the trash knowing in 6 months or so, they’ll decompose.

Recyclable bags

Zero Animal Testing 

We are BIG animal lovers at BBE. While our staffs’ debate over which is better, Cats or Dogs continues, there‘s one thing we all agree on: No Animal Testing Ever! That’s why we’re Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free. (Pssst - the correct answer is “Dogs!”)

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Keeping Our Word

Our Promise to you

Plant-Based Ingredients. No Harmful Toxins or Chemicals. Never Tested On Animals. Affordable Prices. Environmentally Sustainable. All Formulations Made in the USA. Plastic Neutral.

Always made without these toxins: Sulfates · Parabens · Phthalates · Synthetic Dyes/Fragrences · Triclosan · Petroleum · Gluten