Cucumber Skin Care Benefits For Calm, Hydrated Skin

Cucumber Skin Care Benefits For Calm, Hydrated Skin


If you're like most people, you probably think of cucumbers as a healthy snack or addition to a salad. What you may not know is that there are many cucumber skin care benefits! Keep reading to learn more about cucumber benefits and how you can use them in your own skincare routine.

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All About Cucumber & Cucumber Skin Care Benefits

Want to know more about cucumber? Here's the 411.

This vegetable that has been used in various cultures for thousands of years. There are records of cucumbers being used as both food and medicine that date back at least 10 millennia CE in Egypt! Early Egyptians believed that cucumber skins were a cure-all that could treat burns on hands or feet, (yes) keeping the skin cool. Cucumbers were likewise eaten in parts of India, Greece, and North Africa because of their strong diuretic abilities. In the United States, cucumbers were a part of many people's diets in the early 1800s. To treat sunburns and poison ivy rashes, they were pickled in brine as well as served in iceboxes.

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Cucumber is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family of fruits. It contains nearly 300 nutrients and phytonutrients that contribute to its wide range of benefits. And, they're 95% water!

Did you know? The cucumber's scientific name is Cucumis sativus. If you're wondering, it comes from ancient Greek and means "cultivated".

Cucumber Skin Care Benefits

Cucumbers + Aloe Vera Gel 🤝

Not only are cucumbers delicious but they're also super nourishing for your skin! When applied topically, the ingredient cucumulosic acid naturally reduces inflammation and redness.

Like aloe vera, cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties which treat sunburn, rashes, and irritations—producing a more even skin tone and cooling effect.

They have a cooling effect and reduce redness and puffiness, calming damaged skin of all the stress. Caffeic Acid—a powerful antioxidant—helps to control acne, moisturizes sensitive and dry skin, and protects your skin from free radical damage.

Your Youth Elixir? Cucumber Juice

Well, it turns out that cucumbers are a great way to infuse life into the skin. They're rich in antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). Not only does this protect you from the free radicals that cause aging, it helps prevent pigmentation problems caused by sun damage as well!

In addition, inflammation fighting vitamin C provides protection against collagen destruction and gives us healthy, vibrant, glowing skin again. Cucumber skin care benefits included boosted skin elasticity. We've included it in our anti-aging cream to really hone in on cucumber's time machine abilities.

The Solution For Dull And Lifeless Skin

Cucumbers are the perfect natural remedy for puffy eyes and reduces dark circles and other signs of fatigue. This ability to reduce swelling around your eyelids will have you looking bright eyed in no time!

They're also an excellent source of vitamin C and B which can treat dull skin and boost skin hydration.

Cucumber Slices Germs

Cucumber skin care benefits continued: they're nature's natural de-germulator.

Cucumbers contain antiseptic properties which means they can kill bacteria or microbes on your skin’s surface. Meanwhile, they're not disturbing your delicate acid mantle, giving you clean and healthy looking skin cells. Cucumber extract is an ingredient in our makeup remover in order to cleanse off makeup as well as any grime and germs from the day.

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You can't go wrong with these guys! They're not just good for making tasty snacks, cucumber skin care benefits are aplenty.

From fighting germs and keeping your complexion looking young & fresh - what more could you ask from one easy-to add ingredient? So start incorporating them into your skin care routine today. You'll see how awesome this fruit really is for taking great care (and loving) our own natural beauty.

Want to explore the ins-and-outs of some of our other ingredients? Here's a recent round up we did on pomegranate. :)

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