Beauty by Earth Donates 8,000 Masks to Hospital Fighting Coronavirus

Beauty by Earth Donates 8,000 Masks to Hospital Fighting Coronavirus


Medical workers are among the brave souls at the frontlines of the pandemic, giving their all to ensure public wellness. But, the unprecedented event has left many hospitals without the necessary supplies. To support the overwhelming need for more PPE, Beauty By Earth donated masks to one of the many hospitals facing the Coronavirus.

Surgical masks being delivered to BayCare Health's St. Joseph Hospital

On April 30, 2020, Beauty by Earth donated 8,000 surgical masks to BayCare Health's St. Joseph Hospital.

BBE Pres. Prudence Millsap helped hand-deliver the masks to the emergency room alongside Nationwide Title Clearing. In addition to Beauty By Earth's contribution, NTC donated $25,000 to the hospital.

Medical personnel said they were grateful for the gesture, saying it was nice to know that people care and were thinking about them.

BayCare Health's St. Joseph Hospital is located in Tampa, FL, a city under Hillsborough County jurisdiction. The county has experienced more than 1,000 diagnosed cases of COVID-19 as of May 1.

Beauty By Earth hopes that in donating masks for the Coronavirus effort, others may feel inclined to give back as well. So, lend a hand where you are able. Not sure what you can do? Here are some great examples:

  • Make a donation - whether it be your time, voice, or something tangible
  • Give blood
  • Stay home
  • Send your support via letter or social media to frontlines workers

The Beauty by Earth staff would like to say, "Thank You", to all of our heroes on the frontline of this pandemic. We appreciate you more than you know.💖

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