A Healthier Alternative to Easter Eggs - Bath Bombs

A Healthier Alternative to Easter Eggs - Bath Bombs

Ah Spring. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and my kids are enjoying a break from school. Spring also means Easter is on its way, and if you're like me you're looking for an alternative to Easter eggs. Watching your kids hunting for candy is definitely a fun family memory, but you can have just as much fun looking for treats that aren't filled with sugar. The same goes for gifts you give to family and friends. What is my favorite alternative to Easter eggs this spring? Bath Bombs.

Bath Bombs as an Alternative to Easter Eggs?

Yup, you heard right! Just think about it. Or, even better, take a look at one. They're big, round, and wrapped beautifully, so they're absolutely lovely to receive and unwrap. Their pastel colors make them look perfect in an Easter basket. Actually, they look a little like Easter eggs to begin with, so it makes sense that they'd be such a great visual alternative! Even better, natural bath bombs don't have any of the toxic chemicals that you'll find in conventional bath products - just simple ingredients that are great for the skin and your overall health. And trust me: there's nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than sinking into a hot, aromatic, bath-bombified (is that a word?) tub. I'd take it over candy any day. Kids love bath bombs, so they're a great way to make sure their Easter morning is fun without overwhelming them with sugar. I like using them just as much in baskets I give to my adult friends and family. Whether you want to say "happy Easter" or just "I'm thinking of you," they're an awesome alternative to sweets and candy. I love the Beauty By Earth bath bombs, as they are non-toxic, large in size and contain the best Organic ingredients, to help relax, detox, soothe your skin or even rejuvenate sore muscles and joints. I hope you and your family are enjoying this Spring to the fullest. I know I will be! And let me know what else you like to put in your Easter baskets besides candy - I'm always looking for new ideas.

Happy Spring!

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