7 Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

7 Skincare Tips for Dry Skin


Ah, winter. The dreamy cottage getaways, easy excuses for staying in with a hot cup of tea, and the cozy ambiance in your home that is so effortlessly created thanks to those cute flakes falling from the sky. At least, that’s the idyllic winter some of us wish we could appreciate. With colder weather comes dryer skin, along with the quickest way to make you long for summer. If your skin is feeling the temperature change, or you deal with irritating dryness no matter what the season, BBE’s got you covered with 7 Skincare Tips for Dry Skin. We promise these easy hacks will have you well on your way to turning unwanted dryness into dewy, enviable skin – without needing a plane ticket to the Bahamas.

Revise your current skincare routine

Your skincare routine should get a revamp with each season, the same way your wardrobe does. If you wouldn’t wear a pastel tank in January, why would you put a lightweight moisturizer on that pretty face of yours when it's cold out?

Our skin is highly impacted by the elements. Moreover, changes in temperature can make your once seemingly normal skin now dryer than All-Bran. No offense to All-Bran lovers, but they’re just not the texture we're going for when it comes to our faces.

Switching up some of your facial products can play a huge role in getting your skin back to normal. Check out these easy switches you can make to get rid of dry patches, fast.

  • Use a milk or cream cleanser instead of a gel-based face wash. You’ll be infusing your skin with moisture from step 1 of your skincare routine. Most importantly, you’ll decrease the chances of your cleanser drying out your skin.
  • Switch from an astringent type toner to a milk or cream toner. Keeping with the same consistency switch as the tip above, think of whether your toner is working for you or not. Toners can definitely dry out your skin during the colder months. However, this doesn’t mean you should skip this step altogether. Opt for a toner that has moisturizing properties, and still keeps your pores in check.
  • Switch up your typical moisturizer for a richer, more hydrating cream. If you’re used to using lotion, make sure you pick a cream as a moisturizer. Lotions are higher in water content. Therefore, they don’t do as good a job at moisturizing dry skin as cream does.

Girl holding up beauty by earth's balance & restore facial oil

Double up on serum under your moisturizer

Whether you're reading these 7 Skincare Tips for Dry Skin because your skin needs a bit of help feeling hydrated, or you're dealing with severe dryness - this next hack applies to everyone.

If you’re not using a serum already, we highly recommend you add one to your skincare routine like, right now. Why you ask? Well, for so many reasons.

Serums add a serious layer of nourishing properties to your skin, and are a major key in preventing signs of aging. If wrinkles aren’t a concern for you yet, think brightness and evening your skin tone as two important reasons why you want to add this extra step into your routine, ASAP.

If you’re on the dryer side though, serums can definitely deliver added moisture under your favorite face lotion or cream when you need it, on top of all the added benefits we just mentioned above. Convinced? We thought so.

Choose a serum that is rich in antioxidants, and that will easily absorb into your skin (we recommend this one, that is safe for even the most sensitive dry skin). The last thing you want is a product that is too thick, and that makes your moisturizer pill when you apply it on top of your serum.

Use a serum under your moisturizer morning and night if your face tends to be noticeably dry. If you don’t need this much hydration, simply reach for your serum during your nighttime routine so you can wake up moisturized, and glowing.

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Use a gentle scrub to get rid of dry flakes

The next trick in our 7 Skincare Tips for Dry Skin might sound a little scary if your skin is already feeling irritated and flaky at the touch. Don't be intimidated! This next hack is so necessary to mitigating dryness.

No matter how much effort you put into moisturizing, applying product over dry and dead skin cells won’t work. We know, it’s confusing (hello, we’ve definitely tried to use Vaseline for dry spots in times of desperation).

However, using a gentle, natural scrub once a week may do the trick in nixing your dry skin. Getting rid of dry flakes will make all the difference in making your moisturizer more efficient. This is because your moisturizing products will actually be able to penetrate your skin. You know, instead of getting caught up in those pesky dry layers. Make sense? Cool.

Hand scooping out peppermint tea tree body scrub

Consider using a face scrub high in nutrients, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Be gentle in your application, and follow-up with your toner, serum, and moisturizer immediately after you’ve scrubbed off all that unwanted dryness.

If you want more info on how to safely use a face scrub depending on your skin type, click here.

Dryness affecting more than that pretty face?

Now of course, we know that dryness doesn’t only affect the delicate skin on our faces. If the skin on your body is also looking a little thirsty, the same scrub rule applies.

Opt for a natural yet effective scrub at least once a week in your shower routine. This will have the same effect as using a scrub on your face. You’ll be buffing away dead cells, therefore allowing your body moisturizer to actually penetrate deeper into your skin. Not to mention, you’ll definitely enjoy how spa-like this step makes your self-care ritual.

Follow-up with your fave body lotion or cream (depending on the intensity of moisture your skin needs). After that, enjoy a silky and hydrated new layer of skin.

Avoid scented laundry detergent

If you struggle with dry skin on your body, we recommend you consider more than scrubs and moisturizers. In fact, this next tip just might surprise you on our list of 7 Skincare Tips for Dry Skin.

Like it or not, when our skin is dry it is sensitive. Meaning, heavily scented or highly chemical laundry detergents can seriously affect it. If you’ve tried everything in your bathroom cabinet to get rid of dry skin, and you’re still itchy – you might need to look for solutions in your laundry room.

Opt for a clean laundry detergent that is made with safe ingredients. We love this one, that is totally safe for sensitive skin. Give your skin some time to adjust, and you’ll likely notice how using a more natural laundry detergent can help soothe your itchy skin.

Molly's Suds laundry powder

Apply your moisturizer as soon as you’re out of the shower

For real. Dry off quickly, and apply your moisturizer to your face and body as soon as you’re not soaking wet.

While you’re still damp and your pores are open from a warm shower, your skin is at its optimal time to receive some added moisture. Forget waiting for a while after you’re out of your bath to follow up with your moisturizing products, and you’ll appreciate how much more effective they are.

The benefits attached to applying your moisturizer right after your shower are numerous. Trust us, this simple hack might be just what you need to cure all of that annoying dryness.

Wanna do more than moisturize? Drink more water and say goodbye to dry skin

We know, it’s a tale as old as time. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you how important drinking water is in getting you that glowy, dewy skin you’ve been dreaming of. And furthermore, what kind of natural beauty gurus would we be if we didn’t encourage you to nourish your skin from the inside out?

If your face, body, or lips are cracked and dry despite all your moisturizing efforts – you're not drinking enough water! Drinking water has a critical effect on moisture levels in our skin. If you’re not getting those 8 glasses, you’re not doing that beautiful dermis of yours any favors!

We’re always honest here, so we’ll admit that only drinking water is not enough to cure dry skin. You need to combine this tip with proper products such as those mentioned above, and our next hack.

Invest in an air humidifier

Finally, don’t dismiss how important the air in your home is to make sure you’re glowy and hydrated.

If the air in your apartment is dry, girl no amount of moisturizer will save the day! Don’t stress, it’s something that is totally easy to fix, almost instantly. Consider investing in an air humidifier to help you say goodbye to dry patches, for good.

A humidifier can help with dry sinuses, allergies, and even lessen the chances of you catching any airborne viruses, #yesplease. Humidifiers are also more affordable than you might think. What's more, they can make a significant difference in alleviating the frustrating symptoms of dry skin.

So switch on your humidifier at night, or during the day. Take note of the impact it has on your face and body. You’ll breathe easier, and your skin will be happier.

We know dry skin sucks, no matter how good these tips were!

We can't put it any other way! But dry skin doesn’t have to be a permanent annoyance, beautiful. Go ahead, incorporate some or all of our tips above! We are sure that with a little consistency, you’ll notice a real difference in the texture of your skin in no time.

On the real though, if you’re dealing with more intense dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, we definitely recommend that you check in with your doctor. The reason for this is that your skin issue may need more medically focused solutions.

We know how much the irritation of dry skin can affect your mood and your overall wellness, so don’t delay if your skin is having this kind of impact on you. Your doctor can prescribe medicated ointments, and more potent creams to help with any serious dry skin conditions. Over the counter options are available for these types of concerns, but consulting your Doc is unquestionably your best bet when it comes to severe skin illnesses.

Until next time, keep hydrated, keep glowing, and keep it natural. BBE loves ya <3 .

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