7 Health and Wellness Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow this Fall

7 Health and Wellness Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow this Fall


These days, we are constantly bombarded with social media posts, videos, blogs – you name it! There is no shortage of health and lifestyle influencers floating around the Internet either. With the overabundance of social content daily thrown in our faces, it's easy to get overwhelmed. And when we think about the type of content in front of us, getting blue is all too common. That's why we think maybe it's time to revitalize your feed. Ready for some inspirational, joy-filled posts to fill your morning, half-awake scroll through Instagram? We've got ya, babe! We’ve lined up the Instagram accounts of 7 health and wellness influencers that ooze positivity, and that you MUST follow this fall season.

Joy-Boosting Screentime?

Self-care is always important, regardless of what's going on outside. And let’s be real, we all know that little screen time feature on our phones is through the roof lately. Contrary to popular belief, however, self-care is so much more than simply throwing on a face mask once a week. (Though we'd be remiss if we didn't note that our face masks are extraordinarily relaxing. 💁🏽‍♀️)

Whether it be the food we consume, the books we read, or in this case the kind of social media we expose ourselves to, self-care includes everything it is that we do to ensure we are happy and healthy. And we're talking about both physical and mental health. So let's dive in, shall we?

Follow Sarah, @sarahdbridgeman


Sarah is a holistic health coach and has a master's degree in Healthcare Administration and a Holistic Health + Nutrition Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, she decided to make a lifestyle change and positively contribute to healing herself from the inside out.

In a world of airbrushing and filters, Sarah truly believes in striving for progress, not perfection — which is totally refreshing. Her Instagram page is filled with motivational tips, videos, and advice on how to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. We also can’t get enough of her funny and relatable Tiktok vids that she shares via her page as well.

Why You'll Love @saradbridgeman

Whether it be healthy recipes or date night ideas – Sarah totally has you covered. We especially loved one of her recent posts on how to make a healthy PB & J. Her ideas for taking (not so healthy) classics and turning them into satisfying, nutrient-dense snacks are quick and easy. Not to mention they're just the inspiration we've been needing before we order takeout for the fourth night in a row.

Our fave health and wellness quote from Sarah:

“True health exists when we look at all the pieces, mind + body + soul.”


Totally agree, Sarah!

Brittney, @thebrittsterrr on Instagram

Brittney is a certified health and wellness coach and has worked as a singer and songwriter for over 10 years. She has a love and passion for yoga and clean beauty products. What also stands out about her is that she truly believes in the power of eating nourishing food that makes you feel good from the inside out. Brittney is constantly expanding her knowledge of the latest and greatest health products, and she always shares her newest finds with her followers. You can bet that this makes her Instagram page one of our favorite go-to places for health and wellness inspiration.

Why You'll Love @thebrittsterrr

Whether you decide to follow her to stay up-to-date on the best beauty and wellness products, or for her helpful tips on ditching toxic ingredients in your every day makeup products, Brittney’s page has a bright and uplifting aesthetic that is sure to boost your mood when scrolling through.

Another part we have to mention that we love about Brittney’s content is checking out her latest outfits and appreciating her laidback, feminine style. Her daily reminders to think positive and embrace growth sure don’t hurt either.

Our fave health and wellness tip from Brittney:

“When you’re dealing with uncertainty, choose to focus on the things YOU CAN control."


We’re not sure who needed to hear that but, you’re welcome.

Check out Alexis, @alexiskristiana

Alexis Kristiana is a first-time mom to a beautiful boy named Zion and a wife to her college sweetheart, Tolu. In her spare time, she's also a model and the owner of Liquid Gold Vintage, an online vintage shop curated especially for nursing mamas. She is committed to sharing her motherhood and breastfeeding journey, and her Instagram page is definitely a beautiful reflection of that.

She highly values the importance of choosing products that are free of harsh chemicals and of course, safe to use while breastfeeding. Alexis loves to share creative posts, and tips for busy moms who are looking for a little boost of inspiration to get through even their toughest days.

Why You'll Love @alexiskristiana

We loved one of her latest posts which featured helpful tips on how to workout with toddlers! Not only did it inspire us to get moving, but seeing Alexis and her family making the most out of a quick workout in the park was definitely uplifting and is the kind of relatable content we would love to see more of on social media these days. We definitely recommend stopping by her Instagram page, and checking out her Etsy shop for some beautiful and unique (yet nursing friendly) pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Our fave health & wellness tip from Alexis is to have healthy easy to grab snacks on hand and ready to go if you’re a busy mom:

“With these in my diaper bag, or refrigerator, I feel happy knowing that Zion’s getting great ingredients for a great cause.”


Follow Andrea, @organicbeautylover

Andrea is an organic beauty expert who embarked on making the switch to organic products in 2015. Though she had always enjoyed making her own beauty treatments at home, discovering how toxic some of her favorite products were inspired her to ditch them and make a change.

In 2017, this girl boss went a step further and created OBL CLUB, which is a product testing and review platform for organic beauty lovers. The best part about it is that anyone can become a member of OBL CLUB and have access to a vast database of organic product reviews. Oh and if that wasn’t already a great enough concept, we need to mention that access to all of what OBL CLUB has to offer is completely free of charge.

Why You'll Love @organicbeautylover

Andrea’s Instagram page truly has something for everyone. We can certainly appreciate her love of beautiful non-toxic makeup looks juxtaposed with stunning ocean views. Be it her gorgeous travel videos, or her numerous recommendations for organic skincare — her page is definitely addictive. (In a good way, we promise!).

Our favourite health & wellness quote from Andrea:

“Cut out that toxic bs and make space for reaching your highest good.”


Cheers to that sister, we hear you!

Check Out Amanda, @elysewellness on Instagram

Amanda is a Registered Yoga Instructor and holds a certificate degree in Integrative Nutrition from the University of California San Diego. Tired of always getting conflicting health and diet advice and over the countless fad diets and failed nutrition plans, Amanda created a different kind of space with Elyse Wellness.

At your fingertips, you’ll find health and wellness tips and advice that have actually worked for her. She believes that wellness should be practical, not hard (finally, THANK YOU!).

Why You'll Love @Elysewellness

On her Instagram page, Amanda shares a ton of healthy recipes both dairy-free, gluten-free, and even some that are Paleo approved! Her daily no-nonsense tips on what you really need to know about how to improve your health are right to the point and are always easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

We love how simply she puts seemingly complicated things like how to deal with elevated levels of cortisol (a.k.a. stress), and how to increase your metabolic rate. On top of all that, we really recommend following Amanda to get consistent recommendations on health and wellness supplements, beauty products, and even apartment décor.

Our fave health & wellness quote from Amanda:

“My approach to eating, working out, and living makes looking and feeling how I want, easy.”


Now that’s an attitude we can definitely get behind.

Follow Carly, @paradisefitnesswithcarly on Instagram

Carly is a self-love and confidence educator, and let’s just say that we truly love what she’s doing. After struggling with an eating disorder throughout high school, Carly decided to shift her thoughts.

She changed her lifestyle and prioritized her mental health as well as her physical health. As a result of all of this life-changing goodness, she has now created a platform to help other women heal their relationships with food. Her goal is to help people develop healthy lifestyles with exercise, nutrition, and most of all through self-love.

Why You'll Love @paradisefitnesswithcarly

Carly’s posts are relatable, inclusive, and make you feel like you should give yourself that self-love and appreciation that we sometimes forget we need. Her Instagram page really is a feel-good spot. On any given day, you'll find anything from motivational quotes to the cutest workout gear. (And hey, we won't tell even if you end up getting here gym ensembles just to lounge about the house. 😘) If you like what you see, you can even check out her podcast and hear a little pep talk!

Our fave health & wellness quote from Carly:

“Keep your chin up, love yourself relentlessly, and remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”


Aww shucks. . . Thanks girl! 🥰

Check out Karalynne, @just.ingredients on Instagram

Karalynne is a certified nutritionist, mental health advocate, and a busy mom of 6 (that is not a typo; yes, 6 kids!). Yet she still finds time to prioritize making healthy choices for her family. (HOW?!) She began her healthy lifestyle journey over 15 years ago after battling severe depression. Today, her goal is to help inspire others with healthy eating and living tips.

Why You'll Love @just.ingredients

On Karalynne’s Instagram page you will find countless product and recipe swaps for healthy alternatives to some of your everyday (not so great) habits. From body wash to self-tanner, we love how Karalynne takes no shortcuts when it comes to finding the best non-toxic alternatives to our favourite everyday beauty products.

You’ll also have access to a ton of healthy alternatives to common kids' snacks, home fragrances, and even pregnancy products. Our favorite part? Karalynne’s Instagram posts are educational yet incredibly useful. Nearly every post leaves you thinking, "Wow, I've got to try that!" We recommend screenshotting your faves so you can always refer back the next time you’re at the grocery shopping. Because let's face it: there’s a healthier alternative to Eggo’s and Just.Ingredients knows just what it is.

Our favorite health & wellness quote from Karalynne:

“I believe that nature provides the necessary nutrition in order for people to live healthy, happy lives full of energy.”


YES, so do we! ☺️

Keep Following Inspiring Voices in Health and Wellness on Instagram

We’re sure you’ve already gone ahead and followed a few of these ladies as you read through this article. (And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!) Whether you’re admiring Andrea’s latest self-care trip or finding comfort in Alexis’ wellness tips, we hope you’ve found inspiration. We think you'll love how each of these amazing women infuses your Instagram feed with brightness and positivity.

On our side, we’d like to leave you with these parting words: please just remember that overall, it’s only social media. Try to use these ever-evolving platforms to inspire you. Search out content that energizes you. And above all, seek content that makes you feel good.

Envying someone else’s Instagram life is no way to live. Plus, deep down we all know that all those flawless, “I woke up like this” posts are complete fabrications. It's all a serious manipulation of filters, angles, and miraculous lighting magic. So choose some joy, follow positive wavemakers, and remember: you’re fabulous just the way you are! No filter needed.

Yoga stretches and juice cheers,


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