22 the funniest memes for new years eve 2022!

22 the funniest memes for new years eve 2022!


As we ring in the New Year, many of us will be looking back on the past year and laughing at some of the memories. Maybe 2022 was a great year for you. Or maybe it was a collective garbage fire. Either way, what better way to commemorate those memories than with hilarious memes? Before the clock strikes midnight, sit back and enjoy some laughter with these funny memes, snipes, tweets, and more. Here are 22 memes that will have you laughing all the way into 2023!

The Funniest Memes for when you're still in shock from the trauma of December. . . 

my porch every december

Honestly, this is our inbox all year round. 😅


when your boss asks you what you think after youve been daydreaming the entire meeting about your amazon cart

me trying to fit all my engagements into december calendar

The "When the New Year's Number Glasses Just Keep Coming . . ." New Years Meme

a tweet that says Every year on new years I think theres no way they can turn this number into glasses and every year Im wrong

When you still haven't recovered from all that hectic Christmas Shopping . . .

I just went christmas shopping. Dont invite me back out till new years I need to recover

me trying to fit my amazon cart into my budget

When you're tired of being the main character in your life . . .

No more main character energy for 2023. . . I would like to be the side character. . ... let me shop up in a fun outfit and drop a devastating zinger and enjoy my low-stakes b plot..... let someone else do the self-reflection and growth part thank you.

When you're taking a realistic stance toward your new year's resolutions 

And let's be honest. . . aren't we all over the "lose weight!" and "change everything!" kind of new year's resolutions we're all so prone to make? How about a new year's resolution of self-contentment. 🥰 Of course, it's still a resolution, but maybe one we can actually keep for longer than a week?

When your love language is food meme.

my love language is cooking elaborate meals, screaming at everyone to get out fo the kitchen, then loudly announcing the food was NOT MY BEST and waiting for compliments


In 2022, this year, how we felt about. . . 

Laundry Day


Tax Day 

Getting Phone Calls (pls just text us . . .)

running away screaming from phone ringing meme

Our Kids' school projects . . .

running away screaming from my kids school projects meme

Leg Day at the Gym . . .

Tiny Spiders . . .

running away screaming from a tiny spider meme

Getting asked by relatives over Thanksgiving / Hanukkah / Christmas Dinner, "How's your love life going?"

Dental Appointments


The Funniest 1-Star Reviews We Got in 2022 (as Memes)

In case you're unclear, a sunscreen is working as it should if you're not getting tan (*i.e. SUN DAMAGE *) while using it. 🤣

Warning: our self tanner may make you look like you just got back from the beach.

Unscented products really don't have a scent. While this is perfect for those with sensitivities, it's not for everyone.

Please note, if you do a facial chemical peel, your face will turn red.

A Very Merry, Meme-tastic New Year's Eve to You!

Hope these memes had you grinning instead of groaning. I love some funny new year memes to get me in the mood to reset the calendar. Happy new year to you all!

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