12 Delicious Vegan & Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

12 Delicious Vegan & Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes


Feeling like it’s time to switch things up this Thanksgiving? Babe, you’re not alone! If you’re ready to do something revolutionary (you know, like *not* cook a turkey this year), we’ve totally got you covered in the recipe department. Whether you are a vegan or simply want to try a few delicious plant-based meals this holiday season, you are bound to find some helpful inspo below. Ditch grandma’s stuffing recipe (you’re a rebel after all) and check out these 12 Delicious Vegan & Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes.

Forget prepping for hours (or days!) when you can put together a vegan feast in no time.

vegan thanksgiving recipes - 2021

Not only are plant-based meals better for a myriad of reasons (hello, less environmental waste & nasty emissions), they actually tend to be more convenient to prepare!

If you’re used to prepping for Thanksgiving dinner for what seems like weeks, check out this scrumptious five-course vegan feast that was prepared in 3 hours. You read that right. No, that was not a typo, babe.

With options like these, why bother wrestling with a turkey (and an oven) for hours on end. You’re about to have this vegan feast thing on lock, gorgeous.

The most scrumptious appetizer for your delectable vegan Thanksgiving dinner… Spinach puffs.

They are more delicious than they sound, we swear babe! And, they would make even the pickiest of eaters come over to the green side. These spinach puffs are flakey, creamy, and best served fresh out of the oven to really wow your friends and family.

What’s more, the best thing about this recipe is that once you’ve mastered the puff part of it, you can choose to stuff these babies with just about anything! Artichoke hearts, sweet corn, or even some vegan meat alternatives all work great in these delectable puffs.

Image of a vegan Thanksgiving recipe for spinach puffs.

Serve them up during cocktail hour to give your guests a taste of all of the vegan goodness that’s about to come their way! And although you likely won’t have any leftovers, you can totally freeze these little guys and defrost them later to enjoy if need be.

And while we’re on the topic of appetizers…

We know you’ve probably seen your share of cheese and meat plates. But babe, have you ever heard of a vegan charcuterie board? This is definitely a thing and *so* easy to put together. Plus, if you’re going to do cocktail hour right – you need one of these appetizers in the mix!

Image of a vegan charcuterie board.

Think olives, crackers, nuts, and fresh veggies. Then, load up your charcuterie board the way you typically would. You can even add in some vegan “sausage” for meat-loving guests. Trust us, they’ll be surprised at how tasty these vegan alternatives really are! The Very Good Butchers have a variety of choices that can easily be added to your Thanksgiving charcuterie board. Slice up the vegan options of your choice and indulge, girlfriend!

Image of vegan sausages from the Very Good Butchers.

Lentil loaf… because aren’t we all tired of eating meatloaf this time of year anyways?

Alright, we’ll admit it. Anything with the word “loaf” in it sometimes makes us feel a little questionable about how the recipe will turn out. But this next delicious and vegan Thanksgiving option is seriously tasty, not to mention nutritious.

Fresh out of the oven, this lentil loaf is warm and comforting, and *super* filling. This is mostly because lentils are packed with protein and make a great meat alternative. Pair that with some select spices and seasonings, and you’ll be impressing everyone babe.

The most delicious vegan mac & cheese you’ll ever have.

With this type of creaminess, who needs regular old cheese anyways? These dairy alternatives produce some impressive (and delicious) results, babe. Plus, this is the dish that will bring that extra bit of hominess and comfort to your Thanksgiving table. Because c’mon, that is a *major key* to slaying your holiday dinner party!

Pair this mac & cheese goodness with a few green beans and you’ll be like turkey, who?

Baked cauliflower mac & cheese… because one mac & cheese recipe for Thanksgiving just isn’t enough.

Everyone loves some comforting mac & cheese, so why not sneak in some veggies with it if you can? This baked cauliflower version is way easy to whip up and requires a little oat milk instead of dairy products for the sauce portion of its floorshow.

The finishing touch is definitely the addition of some sourdough pieces on top at the end, baked to perfection for 35 minutes. The textures in this dish are so rich, it could totally be served on its own. Alright, we’re getting hungry over here!

Don’t forget the mashed potatoes and vegan gravy!

Because babe, you can’t forget the classics. Just because you’re going vegan this Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean you have to ditch all of the recipes that have made your heart happy since you were a kid. Mashed potatoes and gravy definitely fit that mold and we are relieved to tell you that they can indeed be *totally* vegan.

This vegan gravy is made with 6 ingredients and tastes just as good (if not better) as the regular stuff. All you need is:

  • 2 cups of vegetable broth
  • 3/4 teaspoon of onion powder
  • 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast
  • 1 tablespoon of soy sauce (or use tamari for gluten free)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour (or use brown rice flour for gluten free)
Image of another vegan Thanksgiving dish: mashed potatoes and gravy.

Add all of these ingredients to a medium-sized pot, bring to a boil, then whisk away for a couple of minutes. That’s it! Just like that, you’ve got vegan (and kid-approved) gravy! We should also mention that this gravy pairs swimmingly with that lentil loaf and the vegan stuffing recipe we are about to share with you further in this blog!

The sweet potato casserole recipe so delicious you’ll never miss the marshmallows.

This is the recipe all of your guests will be asking you for by the end of the night. Cozy, filling, and comforting are the words that come to mind when we imagine the smell of this delicious vegan sweet potato casserole.

Image of ingredients being mixed together to make a sweet potato casserole.

This is one of those classics that we had to find a vegan dupe for, and boy did we ever. The main difference between this plant-based sweet potato casserole is that it isn’t smothered in marshmallows, but in pecans and delicious herbs instead. It makes for a perfect fall dish, whether you’re celebrating the holidays or just enjoying a regular weeknight!

Why have turkey when you can make portobello steaks with lemon aioli?

Don’t worry, babe. This next one on our round-up of 12 Delicious Vegan & Plant-Based Recipes for Thanksgiving sounds a lot fancier (and complicated to make) than it really is. Not to mention, it is sure to impress your dinner guests and have them wondering why they ever loved turkey so much!

Portobello mushrooms are easy to prepare and can be seasoned up to be as flavorful as you want them to be. Moreover, you can quickly cook these guys on a small kitchen grill (no BBQ needed!).

Image of portobello mushroom steaks topped with lemon aioli.

The aioli is really what sends this vegan recipe over the edge. Paired with these nutrient-dense mushrooms, it really is a filling and rich dish that provides a welcome change from what we’re used to eating on the regular.

The Thanksgiving recipe you’ll want to pass down for years to come: Vegan focaccia stuffing!

All of the gems on this list of 12 Delicious Vegan & Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes are pretty remarkable for one reason or another. But we have to be real, here. After all, that is our signature style. Thanksgiving without stuffing just wouldn’t feel right. Therefore, we had to bring you the *best* vegan recipe for it.

Image of a casserole of vegan stuffing.

We love focaccia on a regular day. But use it to create this vegan stuffing and it takes this amazing classic to another level. This recipe resembles how you make regular stuffing, however, you simply need to replace the egg mixture that typically binds the ingredients with flaxseed and water instead. And of course, you’re using some delicious Italian focaccia bread instead of those regular old, sliced guys.

Did you really think we’d forget about dessert?

Girl, please. If there is one item on this list of 12 Delicious Vegan & Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes that we are sincerely looking forward to indulging in, it’s got to be this luscious apple pie. I mean, it is the holidays after all, so #treatyourself!

Image of a delicious apple pie.

There are loads of vegan dessert recipes out there. However, this apple pie requires only seriously simple ingredients and once you’ve got the crust down packed, it is pretty easy to put together. Plus, who doesn’t love a slice of apple pie to end their night… with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream #amirite?

End your night with this delicious vegan drink.

Looking for the perfect nightcap to end your Thanksgiving dinner festivities? We’ve got just the drink that you and your guests will love. It has all of the fall vibes you live for and is pretty healthy to boot.

This cinnamon latte isn’t for the faint of heart. Mainly because it is made inside of an orange. Now before you go thinking that this is completely insane, check out the video below. After that, tell us your senses weren’t tingling at the thought of all of those luscious scents and tastes mingling together!

Ready to cook up a storm this Thanksgiving, vegan style?

Thanksgiving table settings

Babe, there are so many more delicious vegan recipes where these came from. More and more people are opting for a meat-free holiday these days, and it’s a pretty cool thing to see. Even if you aren’t vegan or plant-based the rest of the year, consider opting for a few dishes that don’t require any animal products. You might be surprised to learn how scrumptious they really are, and we promise that you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. I mean c'mon, we wouldn’t do you like that after all!

Happy Thanksgiving, from our BBE family to yours babe <3.


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