Fall Haul! This NOT That Home & Beauty Swaps from Toxic to Clean

Clean Beauty Talk

Fall Haul! This NOT That Home & Beauty Swaps from Toxic to Clean

You know it’s fall, y’all, because pumpkin spice everything has taken over. Suddenly Target’s shelves are boasting all-things-pumpkin and #PSL is trending on our feeds. And what better way to jump in the season than showing you our favorite clean and green fall hauls! Better still, we’ll show you toxic products to throw out and our must-try swaps that will leave you and yours safe and healthy all season long. Join us as we highlight the best product swaps from toxic to clean, one #psl at a time. 😘 🍂 🎃 🥧

Clean Beauty Talk

The Five Best Vitamins for Your Skin

Vitamins are essential to keeping your skin radiant. They speed up your skin’s healing process, help protect your body from free radicals, and just with the overall look and feel of your skin. Check out the deets on these 4 vitamins that are beneficial for your skin!

End Human Trafficking

BBE Central

Human Trafficking in the 21st Century And What You Can Do To Help End It

This form of modern-day slavery permeates nearly every country in the world, generating billions in annual revenue. But why is human trafficking still happening? And what can we do to stop it? Jump in with us as we explore the ins-and-outs of this dark, pervasive industry.

Clean Beauty Talk

Q+A with Paula Bailey — Self-love and Being Unapologetically YOU

Over the month of September, we’ve been focused on natural beauty, body positivity, and the power of self-love. Self-love is a hard journey we all must learn individually, but with age comes wisdom (and lots of laughter). We learn to see what’s truly important and worthy of our attention. Recently, Our Social Media Manager, Reilly, interviewed her grandmother Paula to uncover answers to these questions. Paula is a 78-year-old, retired 5th-grade teacher, who thrives on empowerment and sharing the importance of unapologetically being yourself. Jump in with us as Paul shares her own personal growth journey.


6 Ways to Feel Happier During Quarantine — A Curated List of Mood-Lifters

We’re all home a lot more these days than we used to be. We’re baking bread, embarking on ill-fated DYI projects, and Zooming everything from ballet recitals to 2nd-grade math. But that doesn’t mean it has to suck. Sure 2020 has been a bit rough, but fear not! We’ve curated a must-try list of mood-lifting social accounts, books, podcasts, and music to help you kick those blues.

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