Argan Oil Recipes – Our New E-Book!

Okay, we have been holding out on you for some time.  But the word is now out.  We have just released our completed e-book chock full of Argan Oil Recipes!  We are giving this e-book away as an additional gift for those who purchase our Argan Oil on  This is of course in addition to our Lip Balm that we give away also.


Argan Oil Recipes Cover

Our e-book is full of fun DIY argan oil recipes including:

– Diaper Cream

– Baby Oil

– Belly Butter

– Argan Oil Shampoo

– Leave-In Conditioner

– Hot Oil Treatment

– Face Masks

– Lip Scrub

– Lip Balm

– Treatment for Cracked Heels

And oh so much more.

None of these argan oil recipes contain anything even remotely toxic and we even included links to where to buy most of the ingredients that we have tested and like.

Just for coming to our blog, and so you have a taste of our recipe book, here is our Diaper Cream Recipe:


Diaper Cream with Argan Oil

Let’s have a look at an easy way to make your own, completely non-toxic , diaper cream that is extremely effective and beneficial to your little one.  We should add that this can really be used on any rash – not just the little ones.

You will need:

Glass Bowl, Glass Container for Storage and a Hand Mixer (or fork)


1 Tbsp           Beauty by Earth Argan Oil

2 Ounces     Raw Shea Butter (we use Better Shea Butter)

1 Ounces      Aloe Vera Gel (we like Lily Of The Desert Inner Fillet)

2 Tbps          Zinc Oxide Powder (we use Better Shea Butter)

10 Drops     Organic Tea Tree Oil (Desert Essence)

10 Drops     Organic Lavender Essential Oil (We like Aura Cacia)


Add all oils to the glass mixing bowl.  Using low speeds to start, with your hand mixer blend all ingredients together and continue to whip the oils until peaks start to form and you have a light, fluffy consistency.  Add the Zinc Oxide powder slowly and blend it in.

How to Use It:

Apply cream liberally to diaper rash and cover all nearby areas as well.



Our e-book also contains an Essential Oil Guide so that you can add your favorite essential oils to the recipes.  It explains the benefits of each of the oils.

Well there you go.  Try these recipes out and tell us what you think!



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  1. Hello, I just purchased your Argan Oil on Amazon and I am wondering how to access the e-Book. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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