Why are our handmade bath bombs are the bomb!?

Why are our handmade bath bombs are the bomb!?


Winter is here and the chilly, rainy weather has us all longing for a nice long bath. And what's better than handmade bath bombs crafted with all natural and organic ingredients? Wait, they are good for detoxify, relaxing, soothing and moisturizing? Okay... be right back, I'm going to get the water running. Beauty by Earth's handmade bath bombs incorporate organic butters such as shea butter and cocoa butter and combine them with essential oils for a relaxing aromatherapy session while you soak. When you step out of the bath, your skin is left with a moisturizing coating of the organic oils and butters. And all this without the usual toxic ingredients that other major brands include (SLS, FD&C colors and chemical fragrances)? Yes! We still wanted our luxurious handmade bath bombs to have the bomb factor. So while ours don't provide a bubble bath, they surely entertain with the fizzy explosion when you drop them in the tub. And while they wont turn your bath neon pink, several of them have a light natural color provided by herbs and flowers. Whether you want the pack of 6, which makes the perfect gift by the way, or a single bath bomb - they come at a great deal. And, we have some exciting new scents that will be hitting the shelves in the Summer of 2016.

Just Relax? Bedtime Ritual? Which one of these handmade bath bombs suits you?

Turn an otherwise lackluster bath time into a relaxing aromatherapy session with one of the healing scents. The Set of 6 includes Just Relax, Bedtime Ritual, Relaxing Detox, Muscle Relief, Joint Relief and Get Well Soon. Each of these handmade bath bombs contain essential oils targeted at healing (the names are a giveaway), detoxifying clays, ground flowers and of course moisturizing oils and butters. And you better believe that our handmade bath bombs are safe for the kids. No toxic junk or irritants to worry about. So pick up a pack or your favorite scent (they are also available on Amazon). Or gift a special someone these handcrafted beauties for Valentine's Day. They are sure to love them! [ssba]

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