What's Trending on TikTok for 2023? A Look at the Top Trends to Watch Out For

What's Trending on TikTok for 2023? A Look at the Top Trends to Watch Out For


2023 is the year of TikTok trends! From new platform features to an emphasis on long-form content, there's something new and exciting popping up on TikTok every day. Whether you're a tiktok veteran or completely new to the platform, it's definitely worth checking out what all the hype is about. To get you excited for the year ahead, here are some of the latest TikTok trends that you can start trying out in 2023. Get ready to make waves on TikTok!

What TikTok Says will work for 2023 . . . LONG-FORM CONTENT!

Love the it or hate it, TikTok gurus know that the algorithm is king. And this year, the king says long-form content will rule. What do we mean by "long-form"? Well, we're talking anything over 3 minutes in length. Think the early-days of Youtube. Gone the era when we could record a 7-second reaction and go viral. Now it's all about content that engages over time. Let’s talk about bath bombs… Here’s the tea… with bath bombs, you either love them (and I mean really, really love them) or you’ve never tried them in your life. A lot of garbage gets shoved in these babes, like glitter, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, and harsh chemicals. #s#skintokb#bathbombc#cleanbeauty ♬ Chill Vibes - Tollan Kim

This means that tiktokers need to produce engaging content that lasts longer than the seven-second reactions of the past if they want to make waves on the platform. And let's face it: long-form content is much harder than 15 seconds of cutely posing for the camera. The content has to capture an audience's attention or they'll just scroll on by...

Long-form content on TikTok

And yes, if you, like me, are thinking, "Wait, didn't YouTube just launch SHORT-form content (shorts)?! Is everyone having an identity crisis?" Yes, yes they did/are.

How to Create Engaging Long-form Content

So how do you accomplish this if you're not Harry Styles or a Kardashian? The answer is simple: create content that solves a problem. Social media is flooded with beautiful images and videos. We can't all compete with that level of WOW. But we can all share a solution to a problem.


Example: You're a content creator who loves baking and you want to create recipes for TikTok. Why not make step-by-step recipe videos? You'll be solving the problems of hungry tiktokers (and getting lots of engagement in return!). Or maybe you love baked goods but can't bake. *raises hand* Guilty! Show your flops. Everyone loves a good #nailedit.


Maybe, like us, you're all about Skincare and want to grow your #skintok audience? Create a routine video, with tips for tiktokers to maximize their glow. The point is that tiktok isn't about being perfect or having the most followers, it's about creating content that solves problems and provides value. That's it, boo!

 TikTok Trends for 2023

Whether you're making a video about how to do something, giving advice, or showing off a new skill, viewers will stick around if it's useful and entertaining. So if you want to make the most of tiktok in 2023, get creative and start solving people's problems. You never know, you could be the next tiktok sensation!


To make engaging long-form videos for TikTok, try to be as creative and funny as possible. For example, instead of just giving instructions on how to do something, tell a story about it and add subtle humor throughout. Make sure that the video is well-paced, with interesting visuals and audio effects that keep viewers entertained. #question from Wondering How to use a Gua Sha? We’ve got you, babe. Here’s everything you need to know about #skintok ♬ original sound - Beauty By Earth

The TikTok Challenge, Evolved

What do you get when you mix a successful tiktok challenge with gaming? A tiktok game challenge! In 2021, we're all about taking tiktok challenges to the next level. Think video games mash-ups and creative remixes. Get ready for some tiktok fun in the months ahead.

TikTok Becomes THE PLACE to Shop 

Live Streaming on the Rise as One of 2023's Hottest TikTok Trends

TikTok has come into its own, dethroning Pinterest as the #1 US shopping platform last year. With more than 16 billion views and counting, the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is proof that TikTok has changed how customers discover products. Scroll through this buzz-worthy tag to see package unboxings, shopping hauls, and product reviews from users who purchased items after seeing them on the app. Indeed – it’s no wonder why TikTok quickly rose in popularity as one of the world's most downloaded apps!

Early in 2022, the app rolled out new ad formats, added a Shop feature and catalog for merchants, and even partnered with TalkShopLive to make livestream commerce easy. All of this helped amplify that '#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt' phenomenon across billions of views and made TikTok an end-to-end commerce powerhouse. 

This year, expect to see even more unboxings, product recommendations, demos, and deals on the app. Influencers, entrepreneurs and brands are all taking advantage of TikTok’s platform to promote their products – making it easier than ever for shoppers to find the perfect item.

Beyond product discovery, TikTok also has a huge impact on how customers experience shopping in general. Through AR filters, influencer campaigns, and even virtual try-ons, TikTok has opened up a world of immersive shopping experiences. In 2023, get ready to see even more creative partnerships and collaborations between influencers, brands and retailers!

So, if you’re looking to find the latest and greatest products or want to be part of innovative shopping experiences – TikTok is the place to start. With its ever-expanding reach, it’s no wonder why so many customers are turning to this app for all their shopping needs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next one posting about your latest purchase with the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt!

What about the TikTok Stich? Is it still a thing in 2023?

Oh, yes! And it's still just as fun and silly as ever. The tiktok stitch continues to be a popular trend on the platform. Whether you're transforming yourself into a celebrity or using tiktok-style editing effects to create some side-splitting content, the tiktok stitch is here to stay. So grab your tiktok stitch filter and get creative! #stitch with @lillibethchen trying to match these gorgeous vibes with a vegan iced coffee. Maube some day we’ll get to your level of aesthetic, lillibethche. ✨✨ #vlog #wintervibes #vlogaesthetic ♬ original sound - Beauty By Earth #stitch with @floqast ♬ original sound - Beauty By Earth

TikTok Says What's Up by Launching the TikTok Trend Report

The TikTok trend report is here to stay! This year, tiktok announced its very own trend report that will give TikTok communities an insight into what's trending in the tiktok world. (Now if that doesn't inspire positive change, what does?!) Anyone who's ever made a TikTok video is all too aware of the challenges of staying relevant on a platform that feels like it's moving at warp speed.


While other social media platforms are on the decline (sorry, Insta...), TikTok is driving innovation, unique video content, new ideas, user discovery, and community building. The report promises to keep TikTok fans up-to-date on current TikTok trends, and help tiktok influencers stay ahead of the curve.


"Today we're launching the TikTok What's Next Report 2023, our third annual trend forecast, designed to help marketers understand how consumers' wants and needs will change in the upcoming year and what that will mean for their strategies, both on and off of TikTok." (TikTok - What's next in 2023 Trend Report)

TikTok Trends - 2023 - TikTok What's Next Report 2023


For brands and creators struggling to compete in a vast ocean of content, the TikTok trends report sounds like a new possible pipeline for 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 ad revenue.

Enough with the Dancing Already. . . Give me some Actionable Entertainment, please

Dance and TikTok are the OG couple. As tiktok evolves, we're seeing more and more content that's not just about copying trends but creating new ones. So while those 10-year-olds showed us up with all their cool moves in past years, dancing isn't where it's at in 2023.


TikTok Trends in 2023

Actionable entertainment is quickly becoming the trend for 2023 with tiktokers offering helpful tips on topics like beauty, tech, cooking and gaming. This shift in TikTok content is giving way for tiktokers to become more than just influencers but content creators, inspiring tiktok users to explore and try out new things.


Remember - TikTok is all about having fun while creating useful and entertaining content that adds value to your viewers' lives. So make sure you stay ahead of the game in 2023 by exploring new ways of engaging with followers. Remember, if you'd be interested enough to watch your vids, chances are others will be too.


What's Happening With TikTok 2023


Learn a Language with TikTok

TikTok is no longer just for lip-syncing or funny videos - it can also be used as an educational platform. This year, TikTokkers are using the app to learn new languages, from Spanish to Italian and beyond. Think Dulingo but with a million times the content. So if you're looking to brush up on your language skills, tiktok might be the perfect place to start.


TikTok Creators Have Arrived and they're one of the biggest Trends for 2023

Content creators are taking center stage on TikTok this year. As TikTok becomes more popular, TikTokkers are finding their own niche and building an audience around it. So if you're a creator, now is your chance to shine! From beauty and fashion to cooking and gaming, tiktok creators are taking tiktok trends and turning them into something unique.

@holisticallyfitbabe NON TOXIC TANNING by #tanning #cleanbeauty #amazonfinds ♬ original sound - holisticallyfitbabe

Live Streaming on the Rise as One of 2023's Hottest TikTok Trends

Live streaming has become one of TikTok's biggest releases in 2022. We're betting these lives will play an even bigger role in 2023 as more and more people jump on the live-streaming train.

How to Effectively Live Stream on Tiktok

The TikTok live streaming feature has been a huge success, and we expect it to get even more popular this year. Here's how to start your own tiktok live stream:

@stylasocials Examples of what you can sell on TT Live included! 😌 Thank me later 💸 #makemoneyontiktok #passiveincome #tiktokcontentcreator #stanfam ♬ original sound - Tyla 👱🏼‍♀️ TikTok Strategist

Step 1: Open the tiktok app and tap on the “Live” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Choose a title for your live stream.

Step 3: Tap the “Go Live” button to start streaming.

Step 4: Interact with viewers and encourage them to comment or like your tiktok post.


You may be wondering how to make your tiktok live stream stand out from the rest. The answer is simple: focus on engagement and interaction. Make sure you're asking questions, responding to comments, and working hard to build a connection with your audience. Remember you should be seeking authentic conversations not constantly shoving your personal brand or advertising messaging down your followers throats. Every creator has their own spin on live-streaming, so make sure to attend a few yourself and take notes.


What made you bored?


What made you interested?


How long did you stay?


Did you want to engage with the Creator?


Was the experience meaningful, producing any positive change in your perspective? Can you guess their hyper-niche interests or target audiences based on their live?

Be a detective for a day and we're sure you'll become a TikTok lives pro in no time!


Making Space for Authenticity on TikTok (while everyone is shoving out more and more paid content)

One of the keys to being successful on TikTok is your ability to convey authenticity. Sure, you might be a brand, a single mom, an aspiring content creator trying to promote a specific product to your followers. (Nearly everyone online is promoting something, babe.) But if you go hard and heavy on selling, people just won't buy. Worse, they won't even show up to listen. That's why pushing your story first is vital.


If you've read the book "StoryBrand" by Donald Miller, you know what we're talking about. People buy the story NOT the product. Oftentimes, there's nothing particularly unique or noteworthy about a best-selling product. It just tells a really good story. As Miller says, "If you can make people care, they will be more likely to buy."


Show, don't tell

That's why tiktokkers who focus on being authentic and real tend to do better than those just pushing products. People want to see you as a real person with thoughts and feelings of their own. They want to connect with someone who is open about their flaws, honest about their successes, and vulnerable enough to share it all honestly with the TikTok community.


So if you're looking to stand out from the TikTok crowd this year, put authenticity at the forefront of your strategy. Show people who you really are, what makes you tick and why they should follow you. This doesn't mean TikTokkers should only post about their own lives, but you've got to show a little authenticity if you want anyone to care. For authenticity, you need to post more than just videos that sell.

How to Make Your TikToks More Authentic

  • Share your story and journey
  • Showcase your unique talents
  • Let followers in on what you're thinking/feeling
  • Ask for feedback/opinions on topics that matter to you
  • Have conversations with people who have different perspectives than yours
  • Share a "Day in the Life" video collage of 1 sec snippets every once in a while
  • Answer questions posed by your audience
  • Try LOTs of different styles, sounds, and angles of videos. See what resonates with your audience.
  • And most importantly, don't be afraid to fail. You're going to make a lot of videos that no one watches. That's o.k.! Just keep trying you're sure to break through.
Wellbeing your way on TikTok
Little Luxe on TikTok

TikTok as a Search Engine and the Rise of TikTok-SEO

If you've been on the app recently, you know this trend has been emerging for a few months now. It's no longer just about lip-synching or funny videos - tiktok is now a source of information, advice and entertainment all rolled into one! TikTok's new emphasis on SEO is giving it a growing community of gen z (*cough* and their parents *cough*) who are turning to the video app for answers over more traditional search engines like google.


TikTok SEO eill help you reach your target audience. When people search on TikTok your video will pop up first if you use these methods and make good videos. Of couse the more popular your video is, the higher it will rank SEO wise. 🤍

♬ Easy Lovers - Piero Piccioni

The TikTok algorithm has made searching tiktok easier than ever before, by removing much of the text length restrictions on posts, allowing a TON of hashtags, adding in a native form of captioning, a question/answer feature, and a text-to-voice option. This is allowing tiktokers to use TikTok as an information hub, and TikTok-searchers to find what they're looking for quickly. For instance, TikTok-ers are using tiktok to find recipes, medical advice, DIY tips, and more. Layering TikTok's advanced algorithm on top of these trends means tiktok isn't just for entertaining content but for useful information about all sorts of topics.

@stylasocials All things ‘how to grow with SEO & keywords on TikTok’ with a ✨ sprinkle ✨ of JUST how well your videos/account can start performing if you make these adjustments 📈 Have you noticed the new update I share at the end? 👀 #tiktokseo #keywords #seoforbeginners #seomarketing #seostrategy #contentcreatortips #growyourtiktok #stylasocials ♬ original sound - Tyla 👱🏼‍♀️ TikTok Strategist

How to use TikTok SEO to grow your following

If you're looking to use tiktok as an information source, tiktok-seo will be your best friend.

1: focus on creating content that has relevant keywords and hashtags and offers useful information or advice.


2: Tell your followers they'll want to bookmark or save this video for later


3: Add a title to your video... like literally on top of your video


4: Add captions to your video


5: Speak or use a voiceover in your video


6: Add a long-form description that's rich with keywords relating to your topic


7: Use polls or answer real questions to further drive engagement


8: Try more behind the scenes video content

Teach people things on TikTok spend the morning with our founder, prudence & a GRWM! #morningroutine #grwm #skincareroutine #cleanbeauty #spendthedaywithme #morningvibes ♬ original sound - Beauty By Earth

TikTok is the place to be this 2023 and tiktok-seo / new search capabilities are allowing tiktok users to reach more viewers than ever before. So if you're looking for a way to get ahead in tiktok, start optimizing your tiktoks for tiktok-seo!

Go Viral This Week - Secret TikTok List

On TikTok in 2023, It Takes a Village ... er TikTok Community

People on TikTok have the unique opportunity to experience something special: discovering an entire community centered around a truly niche interest. This can be invaluable in expanding horizons while exploring and bonding with those who share similar passions - making it one of social media's greatest gifts!

@kaiyagthomas beauty by earth does me so right 🫶🏻😌 not only does it look good on my skin, it actually smells good, it moisturizes so it takes less time, there are no harsh dyes (or dyes at all!) or chemicals, it’s all natural, and last such a long time 🤍 #beautybyearth #tanning #selftan #fyp ♬ Solitude (Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation) - M83

The world of TikTok is like a tapestry with hundreds upon thousands of mini-communities each bound to help you explore your passions, ignite interests, and live life on your own terms. On this unique platform the sky really is the limit as users are 1.8 times more likely than other social media networks to discover what they truly love (TikTok Marketing Science Global Entertaining Ads Study 2022 conducted by Marketcast)!


Here lies an opportunity for those who want something different - unleashing their inner maverick among supportive peers and inspiring role models who remind them that nothing's off limits when it comes to being just themselves! And with the new GEO-location features on TikTok, users can prioritize local content by searching by location.

A Space for Joy?

TikTok is bringing together individuals from every corner of the globe to create a vibrant community based on mutual interests and inspirations. Here, people can satisfy their curiosity while engaging in meaningful conversations with new friends! Together they build connections that transcend cultural barriers—a truly special thing indeed!


This year, TikTok is emphasizing the platform as a space for joy, a place where everyone—from your 80-year-old-grammie to a trend-setter with a million followers—can enjoy the ride.


It's about new trends that promote organic content, introduce people to new ideas, a go to spot for broadening other's horizons, where users discover ways to unlock their potential. If that's not meaningful self care, we're not sure what is!


TikTok Ads are Evolving to be Better than Ever

The TikTok advertising game has been changing rapidly, with TikTok ads now offering more ways to reach your target audience than ever before. Now at the dawn of 2023, TikTok ads have become even smarter and more effective, brining in incredible business results. Here's how businesses are harnessing new features to amplify their TikTok presence:


What's new to the platform for TikTok businesses?

1: TikTok Insta Pages - Sleek native landing pages and shopping experiences

make it easier than ever to showcase your brand's products, while improved targeting options mean you can hone in on the exact audience you want to reach.

@tiktokforbusiness Introducing TikTok Instant Page, here to make moving from in-feed ads to sales lightning fast. #WhatsNewOnTikTok #tiktokmarketing ♬ original sound - TikTok for Business

2: Re-posting TikTok videos to your followers (i.e. suggested content)

TikTok's new feature allows you to easily share TikTok videos from other tiktokers with your own followers. This critically gives the original video and creator more visibility while allowing you to offer more unique content to your followers. This is a great way for smaller creators, micro influencers, and just ordinary users to start seeing real growth in their following as well as adding more exposure to their content.

3: TikTok Creator Marketplace - where brands and creators collab

Tiktok's new creator marketplace makes it easier than ever to connect brands and creators, allowing them to quickly find each other and collaborate on projects.


4: TikTok's Best Performing Ads

Browse the top-performing ads on TikTok by location, industry, goal, or keyword. (Yup, that's us featured there. . . gees, you guys! We're blushing)


These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TikTok advertising. With TikTok's ever-evolving features, businesses have access to even more powerful tools for creating and managing TikTok ads. It's no surprise that tiktok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms—with TikTok ads, businesses have access to an engaged and enthusiastic audience waiting just for them!


And with other platforms increasing cost for the same results, it's no wonder why business marketing gurus along with many brands are repeating, "Try Tiktok ads if you want to achieve success!" It just makes social media marketing sense. No town hall meeting required.


A Quick Look Back at TikTok's Year: 2022

It was a big year on TikTok, from ideas transcending cultures to tiny clubs, to life hacks, to community-built ideals and debates, to even stories of personal hardships, there was a lot to watch in 2022. Check out the videos that made up some of this year's most memorable moments shared by TikTok.

United States

  1. @amauryguichon - Constructing a very large chocolate giraffe
  2. @chipmunksoftiktok - Squishy's back after hibernation!
  3. @rosalia - You can say a lot with the way you chew gum
  4. @blondebrunetteredhead - A deadpan take on "Jiggle Jiggle" by the leads of Riverdale
  5. @little.blooming.women - “I’m just a baby!”
  6. @schmoyoho - The beloved Corn Kid gets remixed
  7. @lizzo - Lizzo helps us learn the choreo for "About Damn Time"
  8. @itsmrfinn - A teacher's elaborate yearly school musical reveal
  9. @jimmydarts - Helping Tom get back on his feet
  10. @meltandpour - The ultimate showdown: lava vs. ice


Around the world

  1. @ox_zung - The Stitch expert shares tricks that made us gasp!
  2. @rosalia - Rosalía shows us all how to slay
  3. @lav_sings - Wows us with her #DesiTok singing skills
  4. @robertirwin - The Aussie conservationist rescues a baby blue-tongued lizard in the outback
  5. @thammachad - An iconic Thai creator receives an award in all their glory


This year, TikTok taught us how to make home-cooked delights and embrace our inner beauty. Here are some of the Top things we all learned on TikTok:

United States

  1. @oursignedworld - How to get the attention of someone who is hard of hearing
  2. @cookingwithlynja - How to make three types of grilled cheese
  3. @brunchwithbabs - How to (easily) carve a pumpkin
  4. @getaheadwithnick - How to nap like a Navy Seal
  5. @davidsuh - How to pose with "short kings"
  6. @charlesgross - How to keep your lips moist with olive oil
  7. @lizzardbird - How to bind a book
  8. @gavinflo - How to stop slicing golf balls on the golf course
  9. @rob_skate4life - How to do a varial on a skateboard
  10. @tiasamudaa - How to contour with powder


Around the world

  1. @efritaasmr - Anyone up for a corn dog?
  2. @oursignedworld - A daughter learning how to get her deaf father's attention warms our hearts
  3. @shinanova - Learning how to communicate through Inuit facial expressions with Shina and her mom Kayuula
  4. @satisfcapybaraying_pottery - Fitting a Capybara into a ceramic mug
  5. @mirendarosenberg - Lady Tallow sparking the #TallowTok trend!

So there you have it - tiktok trends for 2023. Now that you know what's hot, it's time to get tiktoking! And if you need help getting started, tiktok has plenty of resources to help you make the most out of tiktoking this year. Happy tiktoking!




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