TikTok Trends 2022

TikTok Trends 2022


TikTok took the reign again for the most downloaded app of the year, which may come as no shock for some of us. Whether it's filming videos, watching them for a laugh, or using them for marketing purposes, TikTok has found a placement on most of our phones and we're not mad about it. Regardless of that increased screen time notification, TikTok is here to stay! With that said, let's take a deep dive into our predicted trends for TikTok in 2022!

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt Trend

If you've fallen victim to a TikTok purchase or two, babe, us too. With viral TikTok trends like #tiktokmademebuyit and #amazonfinds - we can't help but add to cart when a good home hack comes around or that trendy leather jacket at a steal of a price. We expect to see no change in these types of videos this year and if anything, more of them! At this point you can almost use TikTok like a Google search type of platform, allowing users to find new products from beauty and skincare to personalized goods. It's been a great way. for small businesses to reach new audiences and show off their craft!

There are so many amazing product recommendations and must-try viral products that came out of 20221, we're definitely excited to see what comes around this year. So next time you're in the market for an Ice Roller to help jump start your 'that girl' routine, well, #beautybyearthmademebuyit. 😉

Ice Roller

Our wish list is definitely growing, what are some of the best purchases you've found on TikTok? We'd love to know!

This one is no surprise! We've seen transitions to be a consistent trend on TikTok every year as they adapt to viral audios and songs. We definitely see transitions continuing to be one of the more popular 2022 TikTok trends. The editing skills are unmatched on this app, we have seen some of the most flawless and quick cuts. Even Shay Mitchell has her fun -

We definitely recommend trying a few transitions out, it's a great way to keep your audience engaged and show off that new makeup look you mastered or a cute #OOTD. Get creative with it, and from the queen of transitions herself, check out annaxsitar for transition inspo!

You know we wouldn't leave you hanging without beauty trends! We love all things beauty, wellness, and skin care and we've got a good feeling about TikTok and the beauty movement. With pages like CrueltyFreeMakeup, HydrationCeo, and RudiBerry sharing educational, fun, and product swap-type content, skin & beauty products have taken over a large part of TikTok trends. A new passion for skincare and being confident in your own skin is a trend we're definitely behind! Whether you're an expert or beginner, you can find product recommendations for just about anything! Check out RudiBerry's 2022 product tips for beginners -

We're totally obsessing over this TikTok trend and it's a great way to potentially find your next skincare favorite. For all things Beauty By Earth, you can find our TikTok here! Self Tanner content for days, babe! Maybe this is our year of virality, now that's a TikTok trend we would love to see.

Strong Brand Voices Trend

Lastly, we've seen brands emerge on TikTok with loud, sassy, and bold brand voices. It's created a new wave of brand-to-consumer relationships that has started a domino effect for brands to get creative and witty on their pages. Brands like Duolingo and RyanAir have made an environment for brands to be more playful with their audience.

@duolingo I will not be taking further questions at this time. #duolingo #dulapeepforever #dualingo #whoisjackharlow ♬ original sound - Jack Harlow

Alongside brands and their quick humor, we predict there to be more behind-the-scenes content, allowing audiences a more inside look behind the brand or their production line.

We're here for the playful content and excited to see smaller business launch on TikTok this year with more personal videos. It's such a great way to reach new audiences and show a little bit more personality behind the company!

What trends are you most excited about this year? Anything specific you're hoping to see? We are looking forward to all the viral sounds and new trends that come with 2022. The best part about TikTok trends is they can be shaped to best fit your personal brand or identity, get creative with it! It's amazing the type of creativity that's out there, TikTok has really allowed users to express themselves in ways they haven't been able to before. We've shifted the way we use social media, formed connections, and created new communities that will last a lifetime.

May your transitions be seamless & your FYP be perfectly curated,

Off to create viral content (...🤞🏼)


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