TikTok Trend Review: Clean Look Makeup

TikTok Trend Review: Clean Look Makeup


Babe, what could be better than mastering a makeup look that has your glowing skin on display and that makes you look and feel *squeaky* clean? The move towards more natural, minimalistic makeup has truly taken off this past year and we are so here for it. From dewy skin to sleek hairstyles, this is one trend we hope is here to stay. And while we can’t deny how much we love scrolling through social media in search of the latest beauty craze, we must admit that not all trends are this great. So forget the complicated dance moves or gluing fangs to your teeth (we’re not kidding, that was a thing this year). Instead, sit back, grab a snack, and check out the latest and greatest TikTok has to offer in this review on clean look makeup.

Start your clean look makeup routine by prepping your skin with products that will make it glow.

With this makeup trend, the main star of the show is that beautiful skin of yours. With clean look makeup, there is no skimping on hydrating serums and moisturizers to make the skin look naturally plump and flawless. So much so in fact, that many babes choose to skip foundation altogether when creating their clean look. And while you don’t necessarily have to do this, we do recommend that you prep your skin like a queen before reaching for any cosmetics.

First off, get rid of any dead skin cells to start with a clean slate. You want your skin to glow as much as possible for this look, so reaching for a citrus infused cleanser is the best way to start off your skin prep. After that, you’ll want to apply products that will have you looking way hydrated without the oily factor. Because that wouldn’t be so clean now, would it?

Hydrate away for the best clean look makeup results.

Enter a few spritzes of Bakuchiol face toner, followed by its perfect complement: the Bakuchiol face serum. Babe, the reason why this dynamic duo works so well to prep your skin for your clean look makeup, is because it contains plumping hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that will make your pores look fab. Completing this quick routine will give you an instant glow, but with continued use you’ll reap some serious skincare benefits, too. Want to learn more about Bakuchiol, the natural alternative to Retinol? We’ve got you, gorgeous. Just click here.

Pro-tip: If you have the time and want to go the extra mile with prepping your skin, consider adding in a 10-minute hydrating facemask to your skincare routine. This will instantly give you tighter pores and help make the rest of your products work extra well. BBE’s option applies smoothly and is a breeze to rinse off. Meaning, you can get to the next steps of your clean look makeup in no time.

Emphasize your natural features by reaching for these clean look makeup essentials…

Your skin is prepped and glowing, and you’re feeling pretty good. I mean, who doesn’t feel on top of the world after completing their skincare regimen? Now comes the fun part, babe.

Here’s what we love about this viral beauty trend. You can decide to skip any of the steps below to make your routine more minimalistic. Or alternatively, you can add a few simple additions to your look, too. Think natural shimmer on the eyelids, or some highlighter to really make those cheekbones pop. You can even tweak this look depending on whether you’re headed out to dinner or staying in to catch up on a few of those Zoom meetings (because even though you can likely get away with not wearing pants to these, you might want to look just a little polished from the neck up, right?).

Reach for a tinted mineral sunscreen stick to even out your skin tone and to get that glass skin effect. You really can’t go wrong when starting with this base to your makeup, babe. Not only is this stick formula easy to apply and blend out with your fingertips. You’ll also be protecting that cute face from the sun’s harmful rays. And let’s be real, it doesn’t get much better than that. Lightly apply a few swipes of this stick to your t-zone and cheeks, then blend out. As we mentioned earlier, we prefer using the warmth of our fingertips for this part but you can also reach for a damp beauty sponge if you prefer.

More of a full coverage kinda babe?

No problem at all, girlfriend. You can totally incorporate your go-to foundation into your clean look makeup. And if you do, consider applying it with a jade roller or rose quartz roller! Not only will this feel amazing, but it will sheer out your foundation and make it look more natural, too. Which is what the clean look makeup trend is all about!

Pro-tip: Speaking of sheering out foundation to make it look more like your real skin, check out this hack. We love adding just a few drops of facial oil to our foundation to make it blend seamlessly into the skin and for some added nourishment. If you’re on the dryer side, 2-3 drops will work best for this trick. But if you’re more of an oily babe, 1-2 drops is more than enough facial oil to add to your foundation.

When it comes to creating your clean makeup look, don’t forego concealer.

In all of the research we did to bring you this TikTok Trend Review on Clean Look Makeup, we noticed one thing most babes had in common. They did not skimp on applying concealer to brighten up the undereye area and to look fabulously awake. You can also apply a few dabs to any problem areas or anywhere your face could use some brightening. Oh and ps. If you do plan on applying any shadow or products to your eyelids, you can use a few light dabs of concealer first as a base. This will prevent creasing and help your eye makeup last longer.

Bronzer is your bestie with this makeup look. A little contouring never hurt anyone, baby. And because clean look makeup seeks to emphasize all the beauty that is already there, this step is way crucial. Apply a bit of bronzer to highlight your cheek bones and overall face structure. This step will have you looking glowing and healthy, in a cinch.

Another *crucial* pro-tip: We had to include this amazing hack in our TikTok Trend Review on Clean Look Makeup! If you’re a busy babe or simply want to take this natural makeup look to the next level, consider contouring with self tanner. Not only will this make your face contours appear more pronounced naturally, but it will save you the whole bronzer step altogether. You’re welcome, gorgeous.

Follow up with some natural toned blush to make those cheeks look flushed and gorgeous. Rest assured that you can definitely skip this step if you feel like the bronzer or self tanner contour was enough. However, if you *live* for a bit of blush, we get that too! Opt for a rosy colored blush that is universally flattering.

Keep your brows simple with a little brow gel and some soft sculpting.

You may have heard about the laminated brow trend. This brow style pairs swimmingly with a clean makeup look, but you can totally opt to clean up your brows how you regularly do, too!

And of course, make your lips look hydrated and revived with some nourishing lip balm.

And honey, there’s only one lip balm you need in your life. Any of BBE’s organic options will have your pout feeling hydrated and looking plump. Say goodbye to cracked or chapped lips with the help of moisturizing jojoba oil and organic beeswax that will protect that delicate skin. This step is the cherry on top of any clean makeup look!

Tame flyaways and get your hair looking sleek to really master the clean look.

So you’ve got your glowing skincare routine on lock and you’ve mastered the makeup portion of the clean look floor show. Now, you’re ready to tame those locks, babe!

Similarly to what we mentioned about the skin at the beginning of this TikTok Trend Review on Clean Look Makeup, your hair will also work better if it is healthy and nourished. That being said, adding in a quick aloe vera hair mask to your beauty routine won’t only make your locks look more luscious. It can also help them cooperate a little better when it comes to styling time. And babe, we’ll take all of the help we can get in that section of the beauty department.

Once you’re done giving your hair that extra bit of TLC, it’s time to make it look sleek and (you guessed it) clean. These clean look hairstyles are *super* easy to recreate. Not to mention, they are perfect for the babes who struggle with making their locks look polished. All you’ll need is a few hair ties, a brush that won’t let you down (sorta like this gem, right here), and minimal styling products to keep everything in place.

To tame those small baby hairs, you’ll need a spoolie brush wand and a bit of hair wax. You can also use some good old coconut oil for this trick if you wish as well. Just be sure to only pick up a minimal amount of it to avoid making your hair look greasy. Because, I mean, that would be the total opposite of clean, right?

Loving the latest TikTok beauty trend?

Babe, we knew you would! Let us know down below what your fave part of this TikTok Trend Review on Clean Look Makeup was. Not only is this kind of glam way easy to master, but it also complements any babe’s glowing skincare routine. Plus, we know about all of the hard work you put into curating that regimen. So why would you want to hide your gorgeous skin under excessive makeup? Clean look makeup will only emphasize that cute face of yours by allowing your real skin to shine through. And we can definitely get behind that.

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