This Not That: Earth Day Edition

This Not That: Earth Day Edition


There’s a reason why we love clean beauty and all things natural around here. It’s because at BBE, we seriously live for preserving this beautiful thing we live on called Planet Earth. And while you might think that buying a few clean products here and there is a minimal contribution to the environment, the truth is that every small gesture we make towards being a little more natural does pay off. Therefore, since we are into any excuse to be friendlier to Mother Earth, it’s only *natural* that we pay it forward with a little “This Not That”… Earth Day Edition!

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This Earth Day… Ditch the plastic party accessories.

Seriously, red solo cups are not even cute. Convenient? Maybe. But you can totally opt for reusable versions of this classic cup to make your small Earth Day celebration an eco-friendly one.

We’re super into the idea of celebrating to get all of your friends and family on board with Earth Day. I mean, what better way to convince people to care for the planet than to offer a few margaritas in the process? This Earth Day though, forget anything that is made out of plastic. In fact, ditch everything that is not reusable from cutlery to party decorations. There is a better way, babe!

If you haven’t already, use this celebration as an opportunity to invest in all things reusable when it comes to throwing the perfect party. You don’t have to look far to find cute eco-friendly plates, and cups that won’t end up in the trash after one use.

We say, make this small investment once and be the eco-friendly hostess with the mostess you were always meant to be.

Image of a set of colorful eco-friendly plates.

Think of your favorite eco-friendly charity.

If you’re not into throwing an Earth Day celebration this year, we get that. It is totally understandable if you are looking to be a little low-key in 2021, but still want to do something that will make you and the planet feel good.

If that’s how you’re feeling, we've got the move for you. Why not pick an eco-friendly charity of your choice and get all of your besties on board with donating? The best thing about this idea in our This Not That: Earth Day Edition, is that everyone can donate what they can, no guilt involved!

Finding a planet-loving charity is easy peasy, gorgeous. And once you do find an organization that floats your boat, you can spread the good word! Whether it’s planting trees or supporting a kick-ass environmental working group – there’s a charity out there that will help you put words into action when it comes to doing your part for the planet.

Image of two hands holding a small plant on a green background.

Take a walk this Earth Day instead of using your car.

This next idea in in our This Not That: Earth Day Edition blog is one we think you should incorporate into your life more than just on Earth Day!

You can start with once a month, and maybe work your way up to once a week depending on your lifestyle. Regardless of what you can manage, we think it’s *super* important to dedicate a “no driving day” into your life.

Gift your favorite person something that will have them preserving the environment, on the daily.

Whether it be a compost box or a bicycle – think of a way you can make your mark on the environment with your best friend!

Sometimes, you just need a little push! You know, to work out, bake that cake recipe you’ve been eyeing for weeks, or to be a little more friendly to the environment in your day-to-day routine! Think of one of your fave humans, and how you could make them a little more conscious of Mother Earth this Earth Day.

Does your mom need a compost bin or some reusable cloths? Or if you’re feeling super generous, check this idea out. Does your bestie or sister live in a central area where a bike could be the perfect solution to using the Uber app a little less?

Get to thinking, and figure out ways you can encourage those closest to you to preserve the earth on the regular.

Image of a woman with a red bicycle, standing.

Ditch the toxic cleaning ingredients, and make your own natural products.

If you’re the queen of clean – more power to you, babe. But are you cleaning your castle with toxic products? If so, take this Earth Day as an opportunity to scrutinize those cleaning products and make sure that you’re using solutions that favor the earth!

Making your own natural cleaning products at home is actually easier than you might think. Most of the time, your pantry will have you covered. All you’ll need is some baking soda, vinegar, and good old h20 for most of these eco-friendly solutions that will get your countertops gleaming.

And once you get really carried away with creating your own cleaning concoctions (not to mention storing them in *super* cute ways), you might want your friends and family to join in.

Have a make your own natural cleaning products get-together, and throw in some healthy snacks and/or cocktails. You'll make cleaning the eco-friendly way something that’s almost as exciting as Marie Kondo-ing your entire life, in no time.

Image of two natural cleaning products on a countertop, with citrus fruits surrounding the bottles.

Get your condo group or block together for some community gardening.

Make friends with your neighbors for this next idea on our This Not That: Earth Day Edition list. And we don’t mean just sharing a cup of sugar. What we’re talking about here is joining in on some community fun. You know, all the while helping to preserve this little thing called "Planet Earth" that we are so obsessed with.

Gather up those who live close to you! After that, put your heads together into creating a communal garden where you can all grow the spices and veggies you want. Not only will this help diminish your carbon footprints. It’s also an awesome way to get to know your neighbors and forge new friendships!

Pitch in for the materials, or find a spot that is ready to be planted on – and get busy babe! You’ll have a ball getting to know the guy in apartment 112, or you may just meet your new bestie who has a puppy the same age as yours. All and all, you’ll be improving the state of your social calendar and helping the earth. Talk about multi-tasking you little girl boss, you.

Image of a communal garden.

Have a “save electricity party”… no for real, these are dope.

Think ambiance, candles, and saving the planet.

This Earth Day, turn your space into an energy-saving paradise. Have your girls over for some eco-friendly fun! Show them how easy it is to save our planet, and our electricity bills! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Unplug appliances that you aren’t using (i.e. the coffee maker, the milk frother, the whole mini-Starbucks you have going on in your kitchen – you get the idea).
  • Turn off lights in rooms you aren’t in.
  • Unplug your straightener, and then calm your mind. Sorry, we had to mention this one.
  • Not using your computer? Turn that off too, babe.
  • Take your chargers out of the wall if they aren’t in use.

Doing all of the above is an easy way to make a big impact on the environment. What’s more, encouraging your squad to do the same makes an even bigger difference! The more babes that conserve energy, the better!

Image of candlelit mason jars on a wooden table.

Shop for gorgeous cloth towels, water tumblers, and everything else that gives you an excuse to care for the planet this Earth Day.

This next idea on our This Not That: Earth Day Edition blog not only helps preserve the planet, but feeds our guilty shopping pleasure as well.

What better way to be eco-friendly than to shop for items that make being environmentally conscious easy, and trendy. We’ve lined up a few of our favorite earth saving products, right here.

  1. The cutest tumbler, ever.
  2. Dish towels that would make Martha jealous.
  3. Reusable wine glasses that are bougie AF.
  4. Microfiber cloths that will work better than paper towel.
  5. Reusable snack bags that will have you thinking Ziploc who?
  6. Plastic-Free exfoliators work just as well as other scrubs but they don't add microplastics to the oceans, BIG PLUS!
  7. Choose bamboo-based brushes over wooden alternatives. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth!
  8. Glitter and dye-free bath bombs don't pollute our water systems.
  9. Washable bamboo pads to get your skin squeaky clean, naturally.
Image of the eco-friendly BBE reusable bamboo pads.

Be the girl who faithfully brings her reusable coffee cup to her local barista.

Last but not least to wrap up our This Not That: Earth Day Edition blog is high on our list of priorities this year. As you probably already know, we love our coffee. On top of that, we’ve made a point to use our java obsession for the planet’s greater good!

We know it might be hard to remember to do this every time you’re craving a vanilla latte. But hear us out! Bringing a reusable coffee cup into your favorite local coffee shop is good for everyone. Moreover, your drink stay warmer longer, and you’ll be creating less trash and waste for the planet. Moreover, many coffee shops now offer incentives for bringing in your own reusable cup. And trust us, a little discount on your morning jolt of energy sure adds up after a few weeks!

Consider keeping a reusable cup in your car or purse. This way, the next time the need for a pick-me-up hits you, you’ll be *environmentally* prepared!

And honey, that espresso tastes way better in a cup that won’t end up in a landfill - we promise.

Image of 3 eco-friendly reusable coffee cups in different sizes.

Ready to save the world one cute tumbler at a time?

Listen, we know how much you have on your plate girlfriend. And thinking about the environment may seem like one more difficult task to add to your never-ending list of responsibilities. However, we hope this This Not That: Earth Day Edition blog gave you a few small ideas that can help you change the environment around you in a big way.

Think of it this way. One less glass of Pinot from a solo cup means one chicer party and one less piece of plastic in the ocean.

Cheers & (environmental) Change,

Carey <3.

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