This NOT That: Detox Better

This NOT That: Detox Better


As regular consumers of all things beauty and health, we here at BBE are all too familiar with the faulty wisdom that exists in regards to self-improvement. That's why we're introducing "This NOT That", a series of posts dispelling popular rumors while offering actual advice. Today, we'll be covering the dangers of detoxing.

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Detox. From juice to beauty, this buzzword excites those who crave a little change in their life. I'll admit I've been tempted by these promising lifestyle guides before. I can you not be? They're practically everywhere on social media, and any trick that can get me a flatter stomach or better hair is welcomed.

Unfortunately, these "detoxes" can be clouded in misinformation, leading to dangerous dieting, frustration, and more. All is not lost, though. There are changes you can make to your routine that can actually work to cleanse your body for the better.

What is "Detoxing" Anyway?

Prior to its association with health trends in recent years, detoxing used to refer to ridding the body of excess poisons, toxins, alcohol, and other substances that can disrupt your internal system. Nowadays, you'll see it represented as a cure-all for things like fat, headaches, energy, etc.

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A Couple Most Common Methods (And Their Risks...)

Because detoxing is such a blanket term, there are many different avenues and programs available. Just a couple of the most notable ones include: juice cleanses, dietary supplements or general diet choices, colonic irrigation, and fasting.

Juice Cleansing

While juice can boost antioxidants and micronutrients in the body, it can often lead to intense hunger and increased sugar levels. (This is especially evident if the juice is the only thing you are consuming over the course of days, depriving yourself of important things like protein and fiber)

Dietary Supplements

Supplements are thought to introduce important nutrients into your system. And, while this can be true in some instances, others can do more harm. Effects can range from irregular heartbeat to elevated blood pressure. Furthermore, the legitimacy of claims and content by certain brands is debatable as their reviewal by the FDA remains pending.

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Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is a doozy. To put it plainly, it's the cleansing of the colon by inserting water up your bottom. People have cited a number of unsettling side effects from the procedure, including cramping, diarrhea, infection, and more.

This NOT That - Your Detox Reimagined

Now that we've gone into the nitty-gritty of popular trends, you're likely wondering if there's a way to safely cleanse your body. Well, there is! Follow these graphics for some advice that'll actually make a difference.

Clean over Cleanse

Graphic comparing Whole Foods to pre-packaged juices

Instead of splurging on an expensive juice cleanse program that'll leave you restless and hungry, put your focus on whole foods! You'll get the satiating fiber and nutrients that juices tend to lack, and options abound.

Movement, not Magic Pills

Graphic comparing various exercise methods to a supplement bottle

There are so many supplement brands that promise to make you skinny, burn fat, etc. Unfortunately, many of them use ingredients whose safety is questionable. It's understandable that a lot of people end up taking these pills, though, as it's often hard for people to have the time or will to get active.

Taking baby steps such as a walk in the morning, a bike ride around the park, or a quick yoga session will help you to make the transition. Not only that, you'll begin to notice a boost in energy and stamina as you begin to get out more.

Making healthful changes doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" scenario! You don't need to pressure yourself into such drastic measures in order to achieve your goals.

Natural Products

Image comparing Beauty by Earth products to Dirty Dozen ingredients

One way to "detox" your body is to swap out your products for ones that have natural ingredients derived from the earth. Icky chemicals like those in the Dirty Dozen can have long-term, negative consequences when used topically. Beauty by Earth believes you don't have to sacrifice safety when it comes to skincare. Make the switch, and you'll see the difference.

Want to know more about the Dirty Dozen? Download our free guide here.


It's important to take online fads with a grain of salt. Sure, some of them might not be all that bad, but what's most important is that you listen to your body. You shouldn't feel pressured into participating in frivolous detoxes because they're on-trend. Instead, find some ways to implement healthier changes to your lifestyle. Take it at a pace that is comfortable and accessible.

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