The Cleanser Your Oily Skin’s Been Missing: BBE’s Peppermint Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash

The Cleanser Your Oily Skin’s Been Missing: BBE’s Peppermint Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash


Hey, does summer have you feeling a little, um, oily? Or are you an oily-skinned girl all year long? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post. Anyone with this skin type faces the following question *all* the time: how can you avoid having too-oily pores without over-drying them? We know just how hard this skincare conundrum can be. Therefore, it’s only natural that we’re here to let you in on a product that will change your beauty routine for the better and make your pores sing.

In comes BBE’s Peppermint Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash…

You know, to kick off your oily skin routine just right. Cleansing is a major key to controlling the overproduction of sebum in your skin and to keeping dirt and bacteria at bay. Because after all, those nasties bring about the breakouts you can so live without.

BBE’s Peppermint Tea Tree Foaming Wash is gentle, effective, and loaded with essential oils that will nourish your skin without ever leaving it feeling tight. We packed this bad boy with organic aloe vera leaf juice that can calm down breakouts in a cinch. Brimming with antioxidants Vitamins A & C, and enzymes, aloe vera also fights inflammation and soothes irritated skin. Moreover, this foaming wash contains (you guessed it) the natural antiseptic that is tea tree oil. Tea tree works wonders for fighting and preventing acne. It also has anti-inflammatory agents that work to clear out all the bacteria and oils that can lead to acne. That being said, using this foaming wash is an oily-skinned beauties dream and the perfect way to cleanse morning and night.

Some cleansers that claim to be geared towards oily skin types can strip your moisture barrier of the essentials it needs to properly regulate oil production. On top of that, they often contain harsh drying ingredients that then give you that too tight feeling we mentioned earlier. BBE’s foaming wash, though? Not a chance.

So you’ve cleansed your little heart away. What’s next?

So glad you asked, gorgeous. There are a few items we recommend especially for oily skin, and this blog post just wouldn’t be complete if we left you hanging after cleanser (a.k.a. Step 1).

Once you’ve cleansed your cute face, gently pat it dry. After that, give it a generous spritz with BBE’s Rose Water Toner. Not only will this work to close up your newly squeaky-clean pores, but it contains witch hazel which is another superstar for oily skin. With hazel relieves inflammation and skin irritation, fights acne, shrinks pores, helps remove excess oil, wards off infections and protects against skin damage. Oh and in case that list of benefits wasn’t enough to spark your interest, witch hazel also leaves skin feeling *totally* light and refreshed.

After your toner has sank into your skin and dried (this only takes a few seconds, i.e. the amount of time it takes you to watch a TikTok trend come and go), you’re ready for Step 3 in this oily skincare routine.

Rose Water Facial Toner

The cherry on top of any oily skin routine: BBE’s Oil Control Moisturizer.

When it comes caring for oily skin, this next piece of advice might surprise you. Don’t ever skip moisturizing. We know it seems counterintuitive. “Why am I applying more oil and moisture on my skin that is already oily AF?”. Well, we’re about to tell you why.

Stripping your skin of the moisture and nourishment it needs will only make your pores produce more oil. Yep, even oily skin needs moisture. Therefore, when you fail to give it this hydration, you’re actually making the issue worse. Your pores go into overdrive trying to overcompensate for the lack of moisture, and you in turn look not so matte (or acceptably dewy – you know, whatever you prefer).

So to top off your oily skincare routine, reach for none other than BBE’s Oil Control Moisturizer. This formula is *so* lightweight and unbelievably refreshing on the skin because of the peppermint oil it contains. Additionally, it contains Niacinamide which is a multitasking hydrator that leaves your skin looking bright, plump, and glowy. How does it work? It helps your skin produce more ceramides which hydrate and support your skins barrier. With consistent use, you'll notice tightened pores, improved elasticity and overall skin texture.

There you have it. The routine that summer won’t stand a chance against.

And hey, if you deal with oiliness no matter what the season – this simple routine will work all year ‘round, we promise. 

When it comes to dealing with overly oily skin, be disciplined about cleansing and don’t ever feel bad moisturizing. Your skin needs this nourishment no matter what texture it feels like. What’s more, you’ll notice the oil production subsiding after a few weeks of sticking to a consistent cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine.

Trust us. In no time you’ll be feeling dewy (never oily) and totally glad that you clicked add to cart on the peppermint tea tree foaming face wash where it all started.

Carey <3

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