The Best Clean Beauty Gifts for 2022

The Best Clean Beauty Gifts for 2022


Looking for the perfect gift for the clean beauty lover in your life? Look no further than Beauty by Earth. Using only the finest, natural ingredients, Beauty by Earth has something for everyone on your list this holiday season. Here are some of the best clean beauty gifts for 2022.

Finding the Perfect Clean-Ingredient Gift

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It's definitely where our heads are! What is the right gift? There are so many options! Let's explore by personna, babe

Gifts for Mom

Mom does A LOT for us! From taking care of us, to giving us sage advice, to just being a shoulder to cry upon, she's always there when we need her. That's why this ultra soothing, richly moisturizing face cream is the perfect gift for any mom.

BEst gifts for mom

Formulated with clean ingredients and organic oils, this subtly jasmine-scented anti-aging face cream helps to keep skin soft and hydrated all day long. It helps visibly revive and lift tired and dry skin. It's a perfect accutrement to mom's morning or bedtime skincare routine.


Gifts for Dad

Beauty by Earth's Peppermint Tea Tree Charcoal Face Bar is a great choice for dads looking to get their skin in top condition. It deep-cleans pores without stripping away essential moisture, leaving skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. If you're dad doesn't like a big fuss about his skincare, but wants something that gets the job done just right, this is the facial bar for him!

It helps keep his face clean while minimizing pesky breakouts from sweat, dirt, and oils on his skin (and/or beard).


Gifts for Brothers

For the brother who loves a good shave, Beauty by Earth's Shave bar is just what they need. This bar helps to protect skin while shaving and leaves it feeling smooth and moisturized. It's overflowing with natural goodness with ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil, ylang ylang, and coconut oil. But most importantly, it simply works. That's something your bro can get behind!

Shave Bar - Best gifts clean beauty


Best Beauty Gifts for Sisters

Give your sister a glow with the Glowing and Radiant Facial Oil! This ultra-hydrating facial oil works as a perfect primer before putting on your makeup. It gives you a dewy look while nourishing and moisturizing skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth all day long.

Dewy looking skin 

Best Beauty Gift Sets for Teens and Tweens

Facial tools are all the gen z / gen alpha rage! Give them a facial beauty tool set that will inspire a bit of self-reflection and tranquility. The set is complete with a jade roller, a jade gua sha, and finished off with a an ice roller. Not ony is it a real boost to their beauty routine, but it also helps them feel relaxed and centered.

Best gifts for tweens

Gifts for BFFs

Best clean beauty gifts for friends 2022

For best friends, Beauty by Earth has the perfect gift - their lip scrub! These delicious lip scrubs come in three BBE lip lover faves--vanilla, mint, and berry! Each exfoliates and moisturizes lips, leaving them soft and smooth.


Lip Scrubs!

Beauty Gifts for Aunts? Sugar Body Scrubs, Baby!

Coffee Sugar Body Scrub
It's time to get your aunt ready for the holidays with Beauty by Earth's body scrubs! Give the peppermint lover the Peppermint and Tea Tree sugar scrub. Got a coffee fanatic? Gift her the Coffee and Sugar body scrub. No matter which you choose, you can't go wrong with a body scrub. They help blur stretch marks, help firm skin, and exfoliate dead skin from your body. Best of all, they'll leave her feeling moisturized and luxurious, with rich oils that smell heavenly! That's how you get dewy skin!

Peppermint Tea Tree Sugar Scrub - Best clean beauty gifts for the holidays 2022

Gifts for Teachers

For teachers, it's all about the Ice Roller! They're tired. They're stressed. They get migraines after a long day at school. Give them an ice roller to use on their face, neck, shoulders, or back to relieve pain, loosen muscles, and help them chill out (pun intended!) It's the perfect way to help teachers feel their best throughout the school year. 

Gifts for Those with Dry Skin (*ahem* Lizards! *cough*)

Ah, lizard skin. We get it every single winter. The air is cold and dry and absolutely sucks the moisture out of our skin. If you've got someone on your list who lives in a cold climate, this is their perfect gift—Glowing and Radiant Facial Oil! It helps to retain moisture, leaving skin looking and feeling hydrated.


Gifts for those in Hot Climates!

Gotta a friend in Florida? Texas? Arizona? Mexico? Somewhere ridiculously hot and/or beachy? Then you've got to give them our cooling after sun spray! It's made with the natural cooling properties of peppermint and aloe vera, to refresh and restore skin after it's spent a bit too much time having fun in the sun. It leaves skin feeling fresh and slightly tingly—awakened and ready to hit the beach again! This spray goes on clear and is perfect for every skin tone.

After Sun Cooling SPray

Gifts for CoWorkers

You've got a coworker you want to give something special to, but are not sure what? Give her a shower back scrubber and a peppermint tea body wash. These two beauties were absolutely made for each other. There's nothing quite as luxurious as showering with a back scrubber bubbling with oh-so-soft body wash made with obsessively natural ingredients. It's got just the right amount of peppermint to make you feel refreshed and awakened without being overpowering.

Back Scrubber and Body Wash

Gifts for the friend with the 12-step nightly skincare routine

If you've got a friend devoted to glowing skin, obsessed with face wash, crazy for all the tools, who has a draw full of makeup brushes, cabinet of nail polishes, and who believes in red light therapy, then this is the gift she's been dreaming of. Forget the lip gloss or sheet masks, this gift beauty set has all the essentials: The Hyaluronic Acid Quad Bundle.


It's got Hyaluronic Acid Toner, serum, eye gel, and night cream moisturizer—the perfect combination for a luxe skin care routine. Clean ingredients plus natural oils make this the ideal set to help her achieve the best skin of her life! Maybe that's why the Hyaluronic Acid line is such a beauty editor fave.


Gifts for the friend with the 12-step nightly skincare routine

These clean beauty gifts are sure to make anyone smile. No matter who you're shopping for, Beauty by Earth has something special just for them. So go ahead and show your loved ones how much you care with these fabulous clean beauty gifts! They'll love it!

Gifts for Makeup Lovers and the beauty enthusiast

If you've got a makeup lover on your list, you've got to gift them the Makeup Mighty Trio clean beauty makeup remover gift set! This set includes Beauty by Earth's Makeup Remover (smells sweetly of citrus!), Bamboo makeup remover wipes, and -plush, microfiber makeup remover wipes. It'll help keep their skin clean even after a makeup routine of epic proportions. It's essential for every clean beauty makeup bag! 

Makeup Remover with clean ingredients

Gifts for Kids Ages 3 - 10

For kids, it's all about the Bath Bombs! Beauty by Earth's bath bomb gift set is filled made with natural, plant-based ingredients. It leaves out the toxic junk like artificial colors, glitters, and fragrances so they're safe for kids to enjoy. They make a great gift for any kid who loves taking bubble baths. They'll be so relaxed, even a slumber party will be lights out, no pillow talk included.


Gifts for Fussy Teens

Do you know the three ways to make a teenager super mad?

1: Tell them you love them.

2: Compliment their hair.

3: Look at them.

We're kidding! We're kidding!

But really, it's hard being a teen. There's so much going on inside and you feel like you can't get a little space. Well, you don't need to shop the Sephora collection to get your teen a gift she'll love. For Teens, you can't go wrong with the limited edition Jade or Rose quartz rollers. These are beautiful, totally insta-worthy, and ready to play back up to your teen's leading role.

 Jade Roller

Plus, the naturally cool-to-the-touch stone will help relax and calm your stressed teen (win!). Have her put it in the fridge for extra cooling effects after every use. See? Aren't you glad you didn't just go with that rainbow brush set? Yes, she's glad too ;)

Gifts for Your Lawn Person

You don't have to look far for an amazing gift idea - Beauty by Earth has it all. For your hardworking lawn buddy, why not introduce them to Beauty By Earth's facial Sunscreen SPF 20?

SPF sunscreen - best clean beauty gifts 2022

This zinc oxide mineral sunscreen is made with natural and organic ingredients like, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera, jojoba esters, and more. It's free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and sulfates so you know your lawn buddy is getting the best protection available. Plus, it smells great! The light citrus scent will keep his mood high while he keeps up with your lawn care needs!


Gifts for College Students

What says "college life" more than burning the midnight oil, amiright? Give your college student some coffee bean eye cream to brighten and awaken his eyes. Beauty by Earth's coffee bean eye cream contains caffeine that helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. It's the perfect pick-me-up for those late-night study sessions!

best gifts for college students


Gifts for New Moms

New moms are filled with awe, joy, excitement--and let's face it--exhaustion. That's why we recommend dry shampoo and a boar brush for your new mom. It's the perfect gift, practicality paired with self-care. She's gonna need a quick fix when she's making that last-minute run to the store for diapers and hasn't had a shower.

 Gifts for New Moms

This limited edition Dry Shampoo and Boar Brush will help her maintain healthy hair—giving her hair the lift, volume, and freshness she's looking for. It's perfect for all hair types and even helps those little hair ties stick in hair without sliding out (Yay!). It's exactly what she needs to look good and feel great!


Gifts for Neighbors

Sunscreen for Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a neighbor try a spray mineral sunscreen to fight winter skin sunburns! It's perfect for all skin tones and skin types--even those with sensitive skin! Beauty By Earth's spray sunscreen is made with clean ingredients so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin. It's got SPF 30 protection to keep your skin safe even on hot hot days. It's also lightweight and fast-absorbing, meaning it won't leave you white.

But the reason it's been featured over and over again as a fan-favorite among clean mineral sunscreens? It's scents! Your neighbor will love the unusal and enchanting scents of vanilla coconut, peppermint geranium, or vanilla mint. Do they hate scents? Give them unscented. Easy peasy!


Gifts for the Self Tanner Beauty Lover

If you're looking for a gift to help the beauty lover in your life achieve her dream glowy and smooth skin, give her a round dry brush paired with your choice of Beauty by Earth's best selling self tanners. Choose from the clean ingredient Body Lotion, Face Lotion, Facial Mist, Serum, Drops, Mousse, or Body Spray!

Self Tanner Drops Before and After by Beauty by Earth

No matter which you pick, beauty lovers agree, these are the best picks for a gilded body that looks natural. (Psst, if you're unsure of which tanner to purchase, we recommend the OG Self Tanner body lotion. It's ultra hydrating with shea butter and coconut oil to make skin glow from the inside out).


Gifts for Grandma

For grandmas, something extra special like Beauty By Earth's restorative hydrating clay mask would make them feel loved! The mask helps nourish tired skin – providing moisture-rich hydration that lasts all night long. She doesn't want a hi tech device. Grammie wants a little R&R, a glass of red, and great skin from this clean ingredient mask. And let's be honest. Doesn't she deserve supple skin? We think so!

 Clay Mask

Gifts for your Employee

Shopping for your employees can be a game of mental gymnastics. Should you go with hand cream and a nail file? Maybe something that promises to visibly lift skin? Eau de parfum? A gift card for a gel manicure? Should you give up and do a safe luxury hand soap? It's o.k. We all can feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of shopping for someone who works for us on the daily, but it doesn't have to be complicated (or a generic gift card).

 Got all your gifts yet? Best gifts for employees

We recommend opting for a lip balm gift set for your can-do employees! Man or Woman, these are the perfect (and useful!) gift they've been needing. Filled with plant-based ingredients and natural butters, these lip balms are perfect for anyone with lips. That's probably why it's consistently rated as one of the best beauty gifts of the year! You don't have to be a beauty enthusiast to appreciate a hydrated lip! This lip set is truly a winner!


Gifts for Skiiers and Snowboarders

If you've frequented the snowy peaks for skiing or snowboarding before, you know just how miserable dry, cracked lips can be. For the winter athlete in your fam, give some SPF lip balm in Pina Colada or Key Lime. Infused with natural and organic ingredients, these lip balms offer SPF protection without garbage chemicals, dyes, or filers. They're a stocking-stuffer-must for winter sports lovers and that outdoorsy family member!

The best gifts for outdoors people

As one reviewer notes, "Now I am left with soft, kissable lips that my girlfriend will certainly enjoy, and I will not have to worry about the condition of my lips anymore."

The Perfect Gifts For Everyone's Beauty Routine

So no matter who you're shopping for this holiday season Beauty by Earth has something special that they'll love. Get the perfect gift today with Beauty by Earth's clean beauty products. Shop now and get 30% off with code HOLIDAYGLOW! Happy Shopping!

Best gifts for the holidays

The Gift for You (shhhh, it's o.k.! It's 55% off)

O.k., you've purchased all the clean beauty gifts, the self tanner, the coffee eye cream, shave bars, body sugar scrubs, that clay mask set, some cuticle oil for your bff's gel manicures, a few cleansing balms, a "magic" serum or two, and even limited edition eye shadow set. Now it's time to give yourself a little treat! Sign up for the Essentials Club and design your perfect, (yes P-E-R-F-E-C-T) beauty box. Think cruelty-free, full-size bottle, think all things beauty. That's what we're talking 'bout.

Never Pay Too Much for Skincare Again! 

The Essentials box set features your picks and yours only. Want only self tanners? Bingo! You got it! More of a face wash, deodorant, body wash, and moisturizer kinda gal? Yup, it can do that to. The kit includes exactly what you select, no more or less. Best of all, you're saving up to a whopping 55% off retail prices. Swap products with just a click. Modify or skip shipments or cancel your subscription at any time. It's really that simple. Your skincare routine is about to seriously level up!


And if you're feeling the spirit of giving, this holiday, gift a pre-paid subscription to a family member or loved one. It's hands down one of the best beauty gifts you can give, as it ships multiple times throughout the year. It's a great way to make give a self care gift that just keeps on giving.


Sign up now and for a limited time get $20 off your first Essentials Club box with code BBEBOX20!

 A gift for everyone on your list

The Beauty by Earth Gift Guide for 2022 has something for everyone on your list this holiday season. Whether it's a facial oil for your sister, a shave bar for dad, or a lip scrub for BFFs, Beauty by Earth has you covered! Get shopping now and take advantage of their Black Friday Sale - 30% off with code HOLIDAYGLOW. Happy Holidays!



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