Now You Can Have Perfect Natural Curls Without The Fuss

Now You Can Have Perfect Natural Curls Without The Fuss


So You Want Perfect Natural Curls?

Is your unruly hair your ‘mane’ problem every day?

Seriously though, many women with natural curls find themselves in a losing battle trying to gain control over their thick, unmanageable hair. Curly hair is sensitive to changes in humidity, prone to breakage, dryness and frizz (a.k.a. the Lion’s Mane). These are just a few reasons why natural curls have earned a bad reputation throughout the years.

After trying their luck on expensive creams and salon treatments that only last for a few weeks, most women just give up and revert to their good old flat iron. We can’t blame them – not everybody has the time to spend more than a few minutes fixing their hair every day.

We here at Beauty by Earth believe that even the unruliest of curls can be tamed with a little love from Mother Earth and a few new tricks we have up our sleeves. In this post, we’ll show you how to take advantage of your natural curls by changing the way you care for your mane. After all, it all boils down to having healthy hair.

Going through the shampoo and conditioner aisle in your local drugstore can be a harrowing experience. It is easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of products on the shelves. We’re sure you’ve tried your luck on a number of shampoos and conditioners marketed for ladies with curly hair. The truth is, no matter what the labels say there isn’t any shampoo or conditioner that can truly make your curly hair any less unruly.  With that being said, we recommend you also try products made for dry and damaged hair because these products contain with moisturizers and other hair-taming ingredients may work wonders for your curly mane.

Everyday washing and styling tend to take their toll on any hair type, especially those who have dry and damaged hair. Shampooing too often makes hair drier and more brittle than ever before. Subjecting your strands to curling irons, flat irons and blow driers regularly can damage the hair from the inside, making it even more uncooperative.

In addition, styling products such as hair sprays, serums and mousse leave residue which weighs hair down and makes it impossible to style.  Residue is the reason why many women resort to shampooing their hair twice which is a big beauty no-no.

PROTIP: Use a nourishing shampoo every other day or every three days depending on how your hair behaves. Massage the shampoo into your damp scalp for about two to three minutes to loosen residue then work your way down to the tips.

When it comes to conditioning natural curls, apply the product only from mid length to the tip. Conditioning too close to the scalp weighs hair down and tend to make hair look too greasy. You see, there are already oil glands in our scalp that are meant to naturally condition hair; this is why applying conditioner too close to the roots can lead to oily and lifeless locks.

PROTIP: While leaving shampoo in your hair should be limited to a few minutes, the exact opposite should be applied to your conditioner.  Keep your conditioner on for as long as you can in the shower to allow the product to work its magic on your strands. This trick will help you keep frizz under control.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s go to into how you can achieve healthier curls.

Damaged hair, whether its straight, natural or treated is irresponsive to any treatment you throw its way. Before you can achieve beautiful natural curls, you must first ensure that you have the healthiest hair possible. Aside from a healthy diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle, an all natural treatment like Argan Oil is key to achieving your best curls.

Argan Oil To Natural Curls Is Like Water To The Sahara

Argan oil is made from the kernels of the Argan Tree. It is one of the most sought after natural oils in the market mainly because it has proven its effectiveness against a number of skin, hair and nail dilemmas.  Argan oil has been used by native Moroccans for centuries for anything from dry skin to rheumatism. It contains a lot of goodies from Mother Nature including Vitamins E and F, fatty acids Omega 3 and 9, and other natural emollients that gives you supple and well-nourished skin.

Unlike other products that only work on the outside layer of the hair strand, Argan oil is able to penetrate deeper- working from the inside out to give you lasting relief from frizz and tangles. It’s hydrating and moisturizing properties smoothes and protects your hair the natural way. You can find out more about the many argan oil benefits in this great article: Argan Oil: The Dermatology Review

We use Argan oil regularly to protect our hair from getting permanently damaged from using heat and chemicals to style our strands. We all know that dry, damaged hair is prone to breakage and Argan oil contains anti-oxidants that repairs and strengthens damaged hair. Another thing that we love about this oil is that it locks in the hair’s natural moisture and gives it a healthy sheen. It’s non-greasy, so you can say good bye to your oily scalp as well. Hands down, Argan oil is the best decision you could ever make for your natural curls.

Argan Oil has developed a cult following around the world - be careful though – not all argan oils in the market are created equal. Because this substance is expensive, some companies resorted to adding chemical fillers in their product. So before you buy a bottle, make sure that there is only one ingredient on the label – 100% pure extra virgin Argania spinosa L a.k.a. Argan Oil. Because we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, we made sure that our organic argan oil is made of only the purest argan oil we can find.

Another thing we believe in here at Beauty by Earth is exchange in abundance. We love going the extra mile for our customers and we always try to over-deliver - which means you always get a little bit extra! So, when you purchase a bottle of our pure argan oil you'll see that we’ve included a tube of our iconic lip balm as well as an E-book that contains everything you need to know about this wonder oil - including over 20 recipes and applications for skin and hair care.

Show your natural curls some love with this no-fuss, all natural solution to unmanageable, frizzy hair.  Your best hair ever – all thanks to Beauty by Earth’s 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil.

Inspire Beauty, Naturally! 



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