New Years Goals: This Not That!

New Years Goals: This Not That!


With the year finally coming to a close, you may be wondering how you can get off on the right foot to 2021 before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. And while we all love a good New Years bash, we know this year is going to be a little bit different. But hey, we love small and quaint gatherings and for more reasons than one! Having a smaller New Years Eve celebration this year presents the opportunity to be even kinder to the planet, and we are so into that. If you’re wondering how you can throw a beautiful *little* party this year while being environmentally friendly, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading below for our New Years Goals edition of our This Not That series.

A New year

DON’T use disposable New Years decorations! Use reusable décor for years to come!

We wanted to include this hack first in our This Not That, New Years Goals edition because honestly, we think everyone should get behind it! Here’s one trick we think everyone can use for more than just the New Years holiday!

Forget purchasing decorations that are garbage by the end of the night. Think about what a waste of money and time this is, each year that you throw an event. More importantly however, this also has its impact on the planet. Creating more garbage is so not cute, and besides – there’s a better way to get your house looking fab without it!

Image of decorative reusable drink tags on a table with two bottles of wine, and 3 glasses

The cool thing about New Years, is that it’s all about lights and sparkle. There really is no need for a big, plastic, cheesy Happy New Years sign! Instead, add some beautiful string lights to your living room or kitchen (wherever the party is happening!) and re-use these babies later.

We love having these in a bedroom all year long because they create quite the relaxing ambiance. I mean, would you rather have these cute lights in your life all year, or obnoxious balloons that read 2021? We thought so.

Image of a bed adorned with dim lighting around it.

You can also create some beautiful centerpieces by using ornaments you may have used on your Christmas tree! If you’ve got some silver and white ones – even better for your New Years Eve theme!

Image of silver and white ornaments placed in a glass jar as decorative New Years centerpiece idea

Oh, and DON’T use disposable plates and cups! Do the dishes instead!

Ok ok, we know how much this next one sucks – but the truth is disposable plates and glasses need to become a thing of the past!

And while we do agree that cleaning a bunch of cups and plates is daunting, you can feel good knowing you’ve done your part in not creating excessive waste this holiday season by bucking up and washing those dishes girl!

Encourage your guests to use the same glass when possible all evening in order to minimize clean up. The same goes for those cute appetizer plates you’ve had tucked away in your kitchen cabinet all year. If you want to avoid the who’s glass is this anyways mix up, opt for these fun and decorative drink tags that are also reusable for your next get together!

Image of a New Years Eve buffet table with a bottle of champagne.

DON’T buy a new outfit! Wear something you already have for New Years instead!

Forget hitting up the mall on Boxing Day, and forget fast fashion. Plus, let’s be honest here – most of us are totally staying in for New Year's this year! So stop stressing about what to wear, and dig through that closet of yours girl!

While we love a good sequin number once in a while, there is no need to go out and buy one (especially this year)! Borrow something from one of your girls, or improvise with what you’ve got. Add on some cute accessories, and you’ll be the belle of the *little* ball without compromising on your eco-friendly values.

If you really want to go a step further in encouraging your guests to follow your lead, why not host a PJ New Year's Eve party? You can be sure that your friends will be in their comfiest clothes, which they likely already own!

photo pretty girl with long hair in marsala sweater on grey wall . she wears knitted hat, holds camera in hands and

DON’T go wild on food prep! Plan ahead for less food waste instead, and achieve your eco-friendly hosting New Years Goals!

If you’re a fan of the This Not That thread, you’ve for sure heard us go in on how important it is to stop food waste, and our New Years Goals edition is going to be no exception.

Not only is food waste so harsh for this beautiful planet of ours, but it is also one of the most common mistakes we make that can easily be corrected. Planning meals ahead and ensuring there isn’t an abundance of waste at the end of your holiday events has a seriously positive impact on the environment, and your wallet. The best part is, meal planning ahead of time is a simple hack, and with a bit of practice, we promise it will become second nature to you!

We’ll break it down simply here. The decomposition of food waste creates some serious greenhouse gas, specifically called methane. Let’s just say, this stuff is way more powerful than carbon dioxide – making it terribly destructive for the environment. If you want to get all of the low down on food waste though, click here to brush up.

So plan ahead this year, and send leftovers home (in reusable containers of course) with your guests. Not only will your friends appreciate it, but the planet will thank you too.

DON’T use harsh chemicals to clean up the party mess! Use eco-friendly, natural products instead!

Actually, forget only considering this next one in the context of our This Not That, New Years Goals edition. In fact, don’t use harsh chemicals to clean up anything ever if you can!

We know New Year's Eve can create quite the mess in that little condo of yours. And don't feel alone if you’re still wondering how to get those sparkles out of your hardwood floor long after January 1st. However, there is really no need to use products that house harsh chemicals with the abundance of natural and safe cleaning agents now available for purchase!

For a list of non-toxic household cleaners you can incorporate into your everyday cleaning routine, click here. Alternatively, you can make your own cleaner with a few simple ingredients you likely already have in your home. You can even scent your natural cleaning concoction with your favorite essential oils for the ultimate fresh and clean smell.

So get those dear pals of yours to give you a hand with clean-up after midnight strikes, and introduce them to the more natural way of making your stove sparkle. They’ll thank you, we promise!

DON’T drive! For more reasons than one…

We hope this one’s a no-brainer for most of you, but please don’t drive if you don’t have to! And most importantly, never drink and drive no matter how much that Uber surge cost is at!

Not only does ditching your wheels ensure you can cocktail it up to your heart’s content, but it also means you’re reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. Use public transportation or carpool with a friend if you can, and plan to do so in advance. It’s safer, it’s cleaner, and you’ll be glad you did after that 4th glass of champagne.

Two champagne flutes clink glasses at Christmas or New Year's  party, warm golden background with blurred lights

Carpooling and taking public transportation has a ton of benefits for both the environment and you. Forget looking for parking or your car at the end of the night, and incorporate this super easy This Not That New Years Goals hack into your life!

DON’T overuse electricity! Set the mood for New Years Eve and save the environment by using more candles instead!

Picture this. Your guests walk into a cozy, warm, inviting New Year's Eve atmosphere. All you need is to add a few cocktails, a killer playlist – and you’ve got yourself a 2020 approved holiday gathering.

Forget having all the lights on in the house, and add candles to create a chill vibe in your home on New Year's Eve. Not only will you save on that pesky electricity bill, but you’ll actually be doing your part in conserving energy and protecting the planet at the same time.

Image of a wine glass on a candle lit New Years table

Using less electricity has so many positive effects on the environment, including reducing the amount of toxic fumes that are released by power plants. And seriously, how easy is it to just flick off those entrance lights, or light a deliciously scented candle instead? We recommend a lightly fragranced soy candle to really set the tone the minute your guests walk in.

Don’t worry, we see you flicking those switches to off. You’ve got this, babe.

DON’T send your guests home empty handed! Gift eco-friendly New Years party favors instead!

What kind of This Not That, New Years Goals edition would this be if we didn't include this next one? No plastic bags needed here, girlfriend! Send your guests home with cute party favors, the eco-friendly way.

We love the idea of sending your friends off with a little parting gift. You know, to help them remember the celebration you just had! If you’re great at baking, why not send them off with a mason jar of your favorite homemade treats?

Image of two cookie filled mason jars

Not much of a Betty Crocker? Consider gifting a champagne flute that they’ll remember your party by every time they take a sip out of it. You can purchase inexpensive and beautiful glassware, and simply put a few candies inside for an added decorative touch. And if you need to bag anything at all, opt for an eco-friendly and reusable one! Your pals can keep the bag, and it acts as a little secondary gift to them!

Trust us when we say that your guests will love the thoughtfulness. And on top of that, you’ve made your mark as the hostess with the mostess without creating any environmental harm. #NewYearsGoals.


One last thing… DON’T forget to have a blast at your New Years party

In the midst of all your careful planning to be eco-friendly during your New Year's Eve gathering this year, we hope you find time to enjoy the company of your close friends and fam. And we definitely hope you enjoyed our New Years Goals edition of our beloved This Not That blog series!

Let us know how you host an eco-friendly party, and how you do your part in protecting the planet during the holiday season! We love learning new ways to be environmentally conscious, and that includes hearing from you babe! Until our next, This Not That blog, keep up all your planet-saving endeavors babe. We see you, you environmentally friendly goddess, you. BBE loves ya <3.

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