Holiday Gift Sets 2018 - Your Gift Giving Guide

Holiday Gift Sets 2018 - Your Gift Giving Guide


Holiday gift shopping? I've got you! It doesn't matter if you're shopping for your best friend or need something to bring to a workplace Secret Santa: everyone loves a gift set. What's more, everyone loves a holiday gift set full of indulgent body and face care products. It's tough to go wrong with anything that fits that description, but here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing. Happy gifting!

Holiday Gift Sets 2018: 4 Unforgettable Ideas

Bath Bomb Gift Set: Who doesn't love a warm, relaxing soak? The only thing better is several warm, relaxing soaks. A bath bomb gift set gives someone you love just that. Take Beauty by Earth's bath bomb set for example. It has six different bath bomb flavors just right for six different occasions. Whether your recipient is feeling sick, sore, tired, stressed out, or indulgent, there's a bath bomb that will suit them perfectly.

Lip Scrub Gift Set: Is a Beauty by Earth lip scrub gift set the perfect holiday gift? Well, let's see. Each set contains three different lip scrub flavors: mint, berry, and vanilla. Each lip scrub contains a perfect ratio of sugar, flavor, oils, and extracts: everything you need for naturally soft and healthy lips. And to top it all off, each scrub is suitable for all ages, genders, and skin types. Tasty, natural, and good for anyone? Sounds like a perfect gift to me.

Lip Balm Gift Set: Is there someone on your list whose lips need more than a little love? Time to bring in the lip balm gift set. Take a look at Beauty by Earth's: it has 12 different lip balms, all of which are formulated to protect and nourish your lips naturally. What's more, there's a whole box full of refreshing flavors, including peppermint, asian pear, pomegranate, vanilla, and honey. It's a year's worth of lip balm all wrapped up in a cute little box.

Face Care Bundle: Can't decide which kind of face care products you want to give to someone on your list? Give them all! This holiday gift set has everything you could ever need to keep your complexion at its best. Each bundle includes makeup remover, facial cleanser, facial scrub, hydrating face mask, facial toner, facial sunscreen, and two konjac sponges. Every product in this bundle is made from natural ingredients: nothing sketchy, irritating, or toxic.

Which Holiday Gift Set is Right for Your List?

Who do you have on your list who would love a holiday gift set? Let me know in the comments below!

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